#001. Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas for Kenya. Mombasa County.

Mombasa, also known as county 001 is the second-largest city in Kenya and the only city in the coastal region.

As of 2019, it had a population of 1.208 million with most of its people residing in the city.

Mombasa is famous for its luxurious hotels, world-class beach resorts, and its historical significance.

It is the most popular tourist destination in Kenya and a good place to do business both for local and international entrepreneurs.

But what are these small profitable business ideas to consider starting Mombasa in 2021?

  1. Start a tour and travels business in Mombasa – Being a coastal city and popular tourist destination, it would only make sense to tap into this market. And what better way is there to start a business and become profitable than to go for a share of the existing market?
  2. Export and Imports business – Tourism aside, Mombasa is also known for its large ports that bring in and ship goods out of the country. If you can handle the imports and exports business efficiently then Mombasa is the place to base your business in 2021.
  3. Hospitality business – Have I already mentioned that Mombasa is popular for its historic sites and beaches? This means thousands of tourists flock to the region year in, year out. And if you want to start a business and to become profitable then a small business in the hospitality industry would be ideal for Mombasa in 2021.
  4. Car bazaar – sell new and used cars.

  5. Use your car for uber – Yes, this is another easy way to make money in Mombasa and probably just as profitable as selling Madafu. Do you have a car and are searching for a small business to venture into in 2021? This is it. Become an Uber/Bolt driver.
  6. Sell solar products – The climate in Mombasa is also hot and good for solar production. And with the rising costs of electricity in Kenya, you can easily make a killing selling solar products in the region. Plus, it is not very costly to start this business or to become a sales representative for established companies.
  7. Sell water and beverages – Being a hot place, it is highly unlikely that you will not find clients for your business. You can also sell fruit salad and fresh juice. We will buy… hehe.

  8. Open a curio shop– Did I already mention that most people in Mombasa are tourists? Did I also mention that tourists leaving the country like to take souvenirs? If you love art, start a curio shop in Mombasa to take a share of those profits.
  9. Start a hotel booking site in Mombasa – There are very many small hotels in Mombasa that you can work with, give them publicity and clients to earn a share of their profits.
  10. Start a travel blog for Mombasa – You can also start a blog to share useful information about the region. You can promote hotels, restaurants, local businesses or use Adsense to earn money with your blog.
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