#002. Business Ideas to Start With Little Capital in Kenya. Kwale County.

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Kwale is a small town in and the capital of Kwale County, Kenya.

Just like Mombasa, Kwale is a coastal town known for its tourist attraction sites, and hotels. But perhaps what we all know Kwale for is its beaches such as the Diani beach.

With that in mind, which small profitable business ideas should you consider for Kwale town?

  1. Sell swimming costumes – Most people go to Diani to enjoy the beach, as such, the business of selling swimming costumes would be ideal to start with low capital.
  2. Make and sell liquid soap – This is another easy-to-start business that requires little capital and an easy-to-learn skill. If you are interested in learning how to make liquid soap in Kwale, watch this DIY video.
  3. Waste recycle business – Come up with innovative ideas that do not require huge capital to manage wastes in Kwale county. If it works, bring in more partners to make a profitable business.
  4. Start a Tuk Tuk business– Like, in all busy towns in Kenya, transport is needed. If you have a Tuktuk and you live in Kwale, use it to offer transportation to tourists.
  5. Start a Mpesa agency – Mpesa is still one of those small businesses that you can start in Kenya with small capital. Do you have Ksh. 50,000 and you would like to start a profitable business in Kwale, consider putting your money in the Mpesa business.
  6. Sell cereals – If you have Ksh. 100,000 and would like to start a profitable business in 2021, consider putting your money in the cereals business.

  7. Start a water bottling plant – Now, this business is not cheap to start but if you ask me, I’ll say you can make so much money doing it.
  8. Sell Fast foods – Just like in Mombasa, a fast-food business would do well in Kwale if human traffic is anything to go by.

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