#003. 2021 Business Ideas in Kenya, Kilifi County.

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There is no denying that Kilifi beaches are beautiful, their hotels gorgeous and its climate favorable for many small businesses in Kenya.

But what are these business ideas to consider in 2021 for the old town of Kilifi?

  1. Start a poultry farm – you can buy 1-day old chicks for local hatcheries then sell, slaughter, or use them for their eggs.
  2. Lease your vehicle to taxi companies – If you have a car and would like to earn some passive income off it. Consider leasing to taxi companies for monthly payments.
  3. Matatu business – There are buses which transverse Kilifi through to Mombasa and back, if you think they make money and would like a share of those profits, buy yours and have it do the same business.
  4. Massage parlor – Do you have Ksh. 500,000 to Ksh. 1,000,000 that you’d like to use for business? Consider opening an executive massage parlor in Kilifi. It will be worth your while.
  5. Barbershop – Unlike in the upcountry areas, people living in the cost grow hair very fast. Do you know what that means? You could get a regular clientele for your barbershop in Kilifi in 2021.
  6. Become a wedding planner in Kilifi – Yes, you can also make money planning weddings in Kilifi.

  7. Start an online shop to sell arts and crafts – Instead of competing with the thousands of Masai markets and curio shops in Kilifi, consider going online to tap on the online market too.
  8. Sell second-hand items – You can get some of these items from households that want to declutter and resell to households that need the same items.
  9. Become a uber driver – If you have a car and you would like to make some passive income in Kilifi, consider becoming an Uber diver. The proceeds will not be much but at least you will have an extra source of income.

Do you have any questions regarding business ideas for Kilifi? Leave your comment below.

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