#006. Top 10 Food Business Ideas for Kenya. Taita Taveta County.

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Taita Taveta is a beautiful county with lots of beautiful places to visit and thousands of activities to do.

But, on the way to these beautiful places, during site visits, and after site visits, travelers may want something to eat and/or drink.

If you have an entrepreneurial mind, consider starting these small business ideas in Taita Taveta in 2021.

  1. Bakery – You can start a small bakery business to feed the region and to feed visitors of this magnificent county.
  2. Food truck – If the county government allows, start a food truck business in Taita Taveta and try to locate the business where there is a lot of traffic.
  3. Start a cooking class – As a tour experience of Taita Taveta county, you could start cooking classes to teach tourists how food is made the Taita Taveta way.
  4. Start a meal delivery business – If you can cook good food in Taita Taveta, consider selling your food to offices. As a plus service, offer free delivery.
  5. Supply hotels and restaurants with organic foods – This is another business that needs low capital to start and you can make so much money doing in Taita Taveta.
  6. Start an energy drinks business. It may come in handy for tourists.
  7. Sell ice cream – Surprisingly, there are ice cream vendors who make as much as Ksh. 10,000 daily selling ice cream on the streets. Join the bandwagon. I’m sure you can make more.
  8. Start farming – Farming is one of those business ideas you can start in any County in Kenya. And unlike most small businesses in the country, it is easy to start and it is lucrative.
  9. Sell boiled eggs and smokies – This needs no explaining. It is one of the trending businesses in Kenya and it is also easy to start.
  10. Blog about food and recipes.

At Truehost or Kenya Web Experts you can start your food blog with as little as Ksh. 2,000.

*Risk warning:

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