#007. New Business Ideas to Start in Kenya, Garissa County.

Garissa town is the capital of Garissa county.

Being a town in the Northeastern part of Kenya, it is easy to pass it as another town with no tangible business opportunities.

But shock on you, Garissa is actually one of the best-positioned counties for small businesses in the Northeastern region of Kenya.

Think bhajia business, chips business, Kibanda business, eggs and smokies business, Mpesa business… name it all. You can start it here and thrive.

What other business ideas are good to start in Kenya. Garissa County.

  1. Water Vending Business – Make/buy a 2 wheeled water vending cart and use it to supply water.
  2. Sell Air conditioners – If you ask me which counties are the hottest in Kenya, Garissa will most definitely top my list. You can start a business selling air conditioners and you will thrive.
  3. Start a restaurant – There is demand for kawaida foods like ugali, kienyeji, well-cooked samaki… name it. You’ll mostly sell to visitors in the county.
  4. Keep goats– If you have land in Garissa you can keep goats for their meat and milk. You’ll definitely make money doing this.
  5. Private security firm – Offer private security for payment.
  6. Start a wholesale/retail store for electronics and electricals.
  7. Sell new clothes – If you have enough capital to start a boutique business, go ahead and start your business in Garissa county. You will be surprised how well it could do.
  8. Become an artist – Music, comedy, voice-over, art and craft artists… they are needed in Garissa just as much as they are needed in Nairobi. Please don’t leave your County to go do the same thing elsewhere. Just do it from there.
  9. Start a bakery business – You can start baking from home or just get a physical place altogether.
  10. Start a hair salon business in Garissa.

Would you like to add more business ideas to this list?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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