#009. Best Business to Start with 2K in Kenya, Mandera County.

If you are in Mandera County and you want to start a business that would make you at least 2K daily then these are some of the businesses to consider starting in 2021.

Note, you will need 2K or less to start these kinds of businesses in 2021. And, most of that starting capital will go to internet subscriptions and nothing more.

1. Editing and proofreading business

If you are good at English or Arabic or even Swahili, consider taking these jobs. They don’t require any upfront payment and are very lucrative.

Mostly, your job will just revolve around reading and removing mistakes from text documents.

2. Resume writing

You can make so much money from the comfort of your home in Mandera just by writing resumes for job seekers.

Remember, in 2021 simplicity is more when it comes to writing resumes.

3. Social media management

Earn by helping overwhelmed companies keep their social media pages active.

4. Bookkeeping

Make money by doing bookkeeping jobs for small companies in Garissa.

5. Data Entry

Take data entry jobs to make money working online.

6. Affiliate marketing

This is where you sell other people’s products or services for pay. As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to make any upfront payment.

7. Consultancy business

Other than working online, you can also make money in Mandera county by working as an external consultant to small and medium enterprises in Garissa.

8. Tutoring

You can make money online teaching English, Swahili, or Arabic languages.

9. Become a personal trainer in Mandera

Help other people achieve their physical targets by training them in Mandera county.

10. Build websites for payment

On average, you will earn $500 making websites for institutions and at least $300 developing websites for individuals.

Also, depending on the content management system (CMS) you use for the website, you can earn more or less.

Ps. You can start these businesses in any part of the country. You don’t necessarily have to be in Mandera to start a business in Kenya with 2K.

Use the comment box to suggest more business ideas for this county.

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