11 Best Online Surveys For Kenyans

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Your opinion matters
Your opinions matters.”

Did you know that in Kenya, you can use your opinion to earn passive income without having to leave your home?

Well, that statement is entirely true.

And to help you out with the details, I have compiled a list of 11 best online surveys in Kenya that are currently hiring.

To get started, you only need to have a reliable internet connection and a few minutes per day to complete the survey. Just like that and you get paid.

Here’s where to find such surveys in Kenya:

1. iPoll.

iPoll will pay $5 upon signing up.

Additionally, you get access to surveys through their mobile app as well as their official website. For this reason, iPoll attracts thousands of survey participants year in.

Once you join the iPoll app, you can start participating in surveys and get paid through PayPal.

In case you are stuck somewhere or just sitting doing nothing, open your ipoll mobile app and complete surveys.

Visit Website.
  • Earn up to $1,000 daily
  • $10,000 Demo units await.
Welcome to a NEW world of trading.

What kind of questions are on iPoll?

Well, it turns out, on iPoll, you will be answering questions about products and services you already know and use, places you are visiting daily and stuff like that. Could be a simple question about Blue band, or Google or OMO.

Now, go turn those thoughts into cash. Download the iPoll App.

2. PaidViewPoint.

PaidViewPoint gathers for global survey takers, making it one of the best online survey companies for Kenyans.

Right on their platform, you’ll have access to both online and mobile surveys, so the choice is yours; pick one most convenient for you.

And with their email notification, you’ll keep getting reminders as soon as a survey is available.

This allows you to never miss a chance to make money online in Kenya.

Here’s a little trick to earn more on PaidViewPoint:

These guys have something they call Trait Surveys where you stand a chance of bagging anything between $0 – $3 and $0-$10 on hay days.

As a loyalty reward, the company implemented a program where your earnings increase gradually, and so does your Traitscore.

The hack is to strive for Traitscore of at least 9000 because it comes with a catch:

  • If you get there you’ll have access to maximum surveys monthly translating to more earnings.
  • You join PaidViewPoint elite 10%. This tier has more earnings per answer.

Additionally, once you’ve established yourself with PaidViewPoint in Kenya, invite your friends and family to even rake more money.

3. Triaba Kenya.

Triaba is offering you up to Kshs 325 per survey you complete. Most Kenyans working online probably use this survey site.

All you have to do is participate in as many surveys as you can to accumulate at least Kshs 1K so you can be allowed to make a withdrawal.

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  • Earn up to $1,000 daily
  • $10,000 Demo units await.
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A thousand shillings threshold is easy to hit, which means once you start participating in Triaba surveys, it won’t be long before you make a withdrawal.

4. Clear Voice Surveys.

You are already online, right?

So why not make money while at it? Because making money online is what Clear Voice Surveys helps its members with.

The platform has a lot of earning opportunities such as online surveys, focus groups and also product testing opportunities.

And as a reward for your participation, you’ll receive Amazon gift cards, sweepstakes entries, as well as restaurant gift cards.

As a plus, the company is a member of Clear Voice Research; a certified research organization helping people to communicate to the world their brilliant products or service ideas and get paid for it.

5. Palm Research Kenya.

Palm Research Kenya has partnered with elite research firms to bring you the Best Online Surveys For Kenyans.

In fact, the company has paid over $1.25 million to its survey participants to date.

Once you join, there are several survey opportunities you can choose ranging from:

  • Daily paid surveys.
  • Ad-hoc paid surveys – this has a higher earning rate but only accepts a specific demographic.

Sign up with Palm Research Kenya now and get paid to take surveys, review products right from your living room, and participate in focus groups

6. Mobrog.

It is a survey site owned and run by a German research firm known as Splendid Research and probably one of the Best Online Surveys For Kenyans.

Mobrog pays you between $1 and $3 to participate in two ways:

  1. Online surveys– answer survey questions right from Mobrog online platform. Better yet, you receive an email notification every time a survey is available.
  2. Mobile surveys– best for those who wish to install apps. Simply go to PlayStore and download the Mobrog app and get started immediately.

Either way you choose, Mobrog will pay you to help companies improve their products and services

Quick note:

Mobrog pays through PayPal.

7. SurveyTime.

Operated by Persona.ly, SurveyTime pays at least Kshs 100 every time you successfully complete a survey.

In fact, this is the only survey panel that gives their users instant surveys and instant rewards.

Talking of rewards, here are some of the rewards you can get from SurveyTime

  • Cash paid directly via PayPal.
  • Online shopping vouchers.
  • Amazon gift cards.
  • Walmart gift cards.
  • Bitcoin payments made via CoinBase.

With SurveyTime, you can use their online platform or download an app. Also, get notified every time new surveys are added by enabling email notification.

8. Ipsos i-Say.

I-Say is an online survey reward program available to over 3 million community members dedicated to providing opinions and unique ideas.

It is run by Ipsos, a reputable global market research firm.

You earn i-Say points every time you complete a survey, and the amount of points varies from survey to survey.

To receive rewards, you must have accumulated at least 500 i-Say points where you can redeem them for any of the following rewards;

  • PayPal cash payment.
  • iTunes gift cards.
  • Prepaid credit or debit cards.
  • Movie vouchers among others.

Depending on how your profile matches up with the surveys, you can expect to receive at least one survey per month or as many as eight. Typically, each survey can earn you between 10-100 points.

9. Opinion Space.

OpinionSpace is one of the Best Online Surveys For Kenyans.

You can start earning in 3 steps

  1. Sign up by verifying your email and completing your profile.
  2. Start participating in surveys both online and offline by activating alerts and earn points.
  3. Bag rewards in form of cash directly to your phone or shopping vouchers.

Join them to get paid surveys in Kenya.

10. Opinion World.

This survey site has been in this business of market research for some time now. As their panelist, you stand a chance of making money online through paid surveys.

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Also, you receive constant email notifications as soon as surveys are available. Each time you successfully complete a survey, you receive rewards in the form of cash via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

11. Univox Community.

As a member of the Univox Community, every contribution you make earns you reward points. Later, redeem these points and claim any of the following:

  • Cash via PayPal.
  • Virtual Master Card.
  • Amazon gift card.

Once your threshold hits 2500 points or Kshs 2500, request a withdrawal or rewards.

Final thoughts on the best online surveys for Kenyans.

In today’s business world, companies thrive by receiving and acting on customer feedback. This is very crucial for business growth.

Therefore, companies are throwing in thousands of shillings to incentiveze people like you to participate in surveys.

Join the above sites and get paid filling surveys in Kenya.

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