Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya That Will Make KES. 2,000 Daily in 2021

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How much do you love the idea of starting your small profitable business in Kenya in 2021? A business that can make you 50,000 shillings monthly or KES 2,000 daily & you still get to work on your own terms, schedule & in-most cases; with no starting capital?

Have you considered how many such options you have – to either improve your personal finances; enhance your savings plan or even jump to financial freedom?

Well, in this post we will discuss some profitable small businesses in Kenya that you can start for profits, as a side hustle or as a fall back for when you retire or stop working.

Most of these small businesses are profitable, require little or no capital to start-and-can be done from any part of the country.

Are you ready?

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Here goes;

Best Business to Start in Kenya 2019.

Did you know that the most profitable business in Kenya that most people started in 2018  were;

  1. Bakery stores.
  2. Fruit vending.
  3. Brick Making.
  4. Professional cleaning services.
  5. Farming.

among other untapped small businesses.

Just so you know, so many people made a killing in the informal sector running a profitable business or two in 2019.

2021 yet brings other smaller yet scalable-and-profitable business ideas to pick and start as soon as on January 1st, 2021.

1. Start Selling Shoes-and-Handbags. 

Just to be on the same page, this is a profitable business that I have done for almost three years now. And in all honesty, it pays.

To bring you to speed on my involvement, I started selling shoes when I lost my first job as a sales manager at company X. You don’t find so many people switching off form employment and sticking to business after getting addicted to salaries, but I did.

I started my first shoe store in Kisumu – in  Fontanella Market Shop number 3 A  – With the name Jakes Footwear on Facebook – Now Kisumu City Business Club.

Like all startups, there were no sales at inception. I felt frustrated to the point of giving up after operating for about 2 months.

Then a miracle happened.

Or maybe, I was overworking. Jake’s Footwear started getting hits and orders. I guess it’s because of our new sales strategy that put vigorous Facebook marketing in the middle of all our online campaigns.

In 2017 we made KES. 1.8 M in sales.

It is hard to believe that we (my wife-and-I) started the business for less than Ksh. 20,000 Here are our sample products as seen on our Facebook page in 2015: –

Profitable business ideas in Kenya

If you intend to get into shoes and bag sales business in Kenya; get it from me – it is profitable. Start writing your business plan today.

2. Trade With The Olymp Trade Trading Platform on Your Phone.

If I’m neither running errands nor writing on this blog or others, I’m trading Options with Olymp Trade. Do you know what trading is?

it is the action of buying or selling goods-and-services as put by google dictionary.

Profitable businesses in Kenya

Except, if you are trading on the financial markets what you will be buying-and-selling is not referred to as a good or service but as an asset.

Olymp Trade has two assets that you can choose to trade on with Options. Namely:- Currency pairs-and-Commodities.

From my experience, trading options is the easiest way to make money online because: –

  1. There are ready training materials to start you off – Read – Olymp Trade for beginners  to learn the basics of trading and how to execute your first trade.
  2. The investment amount is tiny. It is $1 at Olymp Trade and you will walk away with 92% in profits if your forecast is correct.
  3. The deposit amount is tiny. Only $10 if you want to trade with real money.
  4. When you open a new account you get $10,000 training units. You can use these demo units to sharpen your trading skills for when you want to trade with real money.
  5. You can trade from anywhere within the country.
  6. It’s a fun and convenient way to make money online.

If you want to start trading in 2020, use this form to create an account.

Note that if we trade together you can make a minimum of KES. 2,000 daily and we will trade for under 45 minutes daily.

Learn more about Olymp Trade.

Here are my winnings from Olymp Trade.

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3. Affiliate Marketing in Kenya.
profitable business ventures in kenya - Affiliate Marketing

Infograph by ZacJhonson.

Affiliate marketing is another popular and profitable business that so many people did in Kenya in 2018. If you want to start a business in Kenya at zero capital then I’d gladly point you to the affiliate direction.

As an affiliate marketer, you only need to have friends on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (any social network) name it, and to be willing to introduce new products to these people for payment. When they buy.

Great companies like Jumia and Kilimall already pay millions to affiliate marketers in Kenya and on other African countries. Myself included.

If you missed it, here’s how I make money promoting affiliate products on Facebook Groups.  Interestingly, it pays more than you will ever earn on your best salary job.

Here are a few affiliate companies to open accounts with to start making money online.

  1. Kingfin Affiliate (If you want to promote Forex Products).
  2. Kilimall Affiliate (For all the great products which you’d wish to sell on Facebook).

Remember, with affiliate marketing, you will earn even when you are sleeping. Provided people buy products through your links.

To turn this profitable business venture into a full-time job, create a WordPress website for free to promote products on your website too.

4. Start A Hardware Store.
profitable business in kenya - Start a hardware store

Mutai Hardware in Kericho Kenya

Do you know how to start a hardware store business in Kenya?

Never mind, here’s what you need to know: –

Owning a hardware is a sign of success. In fact, if you are a rich man in Kiambu, chances are you own a pick-up vehicle, own a coffee plantation but most importantly; have a hardware somewhere in town.

So, what goes into starting a hardware store?

Is it the business startup overheads or the inventory or both? I recently asked a friend who works for Jubilee Jumbo Hardware – the biggest hardware supply store in Western Kenya. And this is what he said, “Both”.

To save you the trouble of research, my friend also said that KES. 20,000 was enough for the startup. You will get most of the materials on consignment deals – if your business is registered.

However, you’ll need a great location within your estate or town to meet your daily targets of Ksh. 10,000 a day in profits.

  • Best Businesses to Start in Kenya -Join The Motorbike Transport Business .
profitable businesses to start in Kenya 2019 - boda boda business

Mediamax Photo.

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Boda Boda or motorcycle transport business is another profitable business to start in Kenya and earn handsomely. If you ride your bike yourself there is certainty that you will make 1,500 shillings daily in passive income.

However, you can give it out to Boda Boda riders within your town-and-make KES 500 daily. Your choice.

Second-hand bikes go for as low as KES 30,000 on OLX.

Request a Business Plan on How to Start a Bodaboda Business in Nairobi – Kenya

5. Best Businesses to Start in Kenya – Start a Fast Food Business in Kenya .

Starting a fast food business in Kenya needs very little money. As a matter of fact, 1,000 shillings is always enough -and- if you sell everything that you’ve made for the day, you can end up with at least Ksh. 600 in profits.

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And remember, making great food is key to customer retention.

As proof of concept, read the story of Winnie Angaya – a 28 year old who started her food business in Kenya With Ksh. 1,000 Only -and- she now earns KES 100,000 plus monthly.

6. Best Businesses to Start in Kenya – Start a Tents For Hire Or Tents For Sale Business. 

profitable businesses to start in Kenya

By now you must be asking how many businesses I have or operate. The answer is, I run anything I can get my hands on. Tents for hire -and- tents for sale is just one of them.

But how much do I make monthly -and- what was my initial investment?

At the moment I have 4 double pyramid tents. Like what you see in the picture. A single pyramid tent -and- a gazebo tent.

It cost me KES 450,000 to start up the business in May 2018. That’s because the cost of making a double pyramid tent is KES 80,000, KES. 55,000 for single pyramid tents -and- 35,000 for gazebo tents.

The rest of the cash went into paying rent for our place in Kisumu – along Nairobi road – Nyamasaria- Opposite KAG Church.

Mostly, all the tents go out for hire at least 4 times a week bringing in KES. 52,000 weekly.

If you are interested in this business Venture, contact me on 0708655398. And we will not only make for you quality tents for the best price but guide you though doing the business.

7. Buy Wholesale Clothes in Eastleigh Nairobi-and-Sell at Retail.

If starting a cloth business in Kenya in 2019 is what interests you then you may want to know that the best place to get your supply is Eastleigh.

However, you may also want to explore other supply stores in OTC Nairobi, Kamkunji, Gikomba, The stage Market among other places known for cloth supplies in Kenya.

An interesting insight about this business is that it leaves larger margins of profits making it OK to sell at least 3 pieces to earn KES. 2000 daily.

You can use Facebook to promote your products if you don’t already have a physical store. Plus, it saves on startup cost.

8. Join Rideshare If You Have a Car.

In case you have a car, use it for rideshare and earn money driving.

Join Uber, Taxify, Mondo; name it and make money while at it. If you don’t like the rideshare terms, advertise your car for hire services on PigiaMe or your social networks and wait for clients to call. I doubt you won’t make KES. 50,000 monthly if you are persistent.

9. Start Poultry Farming in Kenya.

Chicken farming - profitable business to start in Kenya

What’s the cost of starting poultry farming in Kenya?

If you have a capital of KES. 20,000 and you would like to start a reliable business with guaranteed profits then poultry farming should be at the top of your list.

Decide to either go poultry farming in Kenya Kienyeji or exotic. But if you ask me I’ll say, go Kienyeji and start small. Each chick goes for KES. 100.

You can either buy from KALRO or Kenchick.

Spend the other KES. 10,000 for feeds-and-medication.

Kienyeji chicks have 99% chances of survival. If they do survive to maturity-and-you sell them in 4 months you will be left with KES. 30,000 profits

An alternative is to keep them for their products. You’ll, however, need a larger population to get more profits.

Bonus List – Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya in 2019.
  1. Start a Barbershop or a salon.
  2. Run a Car-wash in your neighborhood.
  3. Start a Grocery Store (Grocery stores are the most profitable small businesses in Kenya ).
  4. Become an Academic writer (No Capital needed to start).

It is now your time to add to the list.

Comment with a profitable business that you feel I should include in the List -and- I will update it ASAP.

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