3 Insanely Actionable Ways to Grow Your Blog Faster in 2020

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In 1994 the very first blog was created in the US by Justin Hall, a freelance journalist at the time.

Being the only blog in the world then, it is easy to assume that he got all the traffic for himself. Of course – assuming most homes in first-word countries were already using the internet and they knew how to access his blog.

Fast Forward 

Almost 3 decades later we have more than a billion blogs on the internet and everyone is scrambling for the little traffic there is to share.

Looking at it form where I sit, it is almost impossible to start a new blog and rank shortly.

Not to worry though, there are lots of proven ways that have worked for bloggers in the past, and if implemented right on your blog, you’ll start getting traffic too.

In today’s post, I have prepared for you a list of actionable ways to grow your blog faster.

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It doesn’t matter that it’s new or old and snailing as a sloth.

As a matter of fact, these are the same techniques used by industry experts to grow new websites to generate thousands of views and visits every month.

But how much will these ideas cost you to implement?

Interestingly, I’m giving the list out for free. It will cost you nothing to read through to grow your blog.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

#1 The Number 1 Way to Grow Your Blog Fast is Through Guest Posting 

Now that you have a brand new blog up and ready, it’s time to rump up the traffic.

Because as sure as death, when no one is reading your articles you are as good as dead.

So what’s the best way to generate traffic instantly than getting out there and posting on your peers’ blogs?

That’s right. You can drive initial traffic to your blog through guest posting.

Guest posting is the act of posting on other people’s blogs. Of course with there permission.

Guest posting helps generate traffic back to your website when readers click links on your bio or on the article you wrote.

Factually, this process is two-way traffic. You can choose to guest post on other blogs or even invite other established bloggers to guest post on your blog.

Either way, you benefit. Either with a free article or with free natural links.

How to guest blog on other blogs

As I mentioned earlier, guest posting is a sure way of generating traffic to your new blog without spending money.

But before that, there’s one thing you need to know.

You DO NOT want to go out and guest post on just about every website out there, you need a strategy.

The site should be related to your niche. Not the exact match, but you should at least have some form of connection.

For instance, if your blog is all about making money online, look for websites related to that niche like finance blogs, personal development blogs, etc.

Why you should pay attention to relationships

There a couple of reasons why you should only guest posts on blogs related to your website.

First, when guest posting, you are seeking a new set of eye-balls (readers) for your blog. And if you post on the wrong niche, there’s a high chance you won’t get that because they are the wrong audience.

Secondly, you will probably be allowed to link back to your website which translates to a backlink in SEO terms. Google uses such links to rank websites.

This means that if your links are from unrelated niche to yours, they might not be as effective.

Make sure you are linking to quality websites only.

Seeking guest blogging opportunities

Now that you know why guest posting is important, let’s look at how to land that juicy opportunity.

It is simple though:

  • Pick a website you’d like to guest blog on
  • Email the owner asking if they can accept your article

But wait.

Avoid spamming people’s email boxes with lame emails begging for a guest posting opportunity.

Remember I told you to be strategic. So here’s how:

First, study the website. Read through a couple of their articles so you get the tone, type of articles, as well as their writing style.

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Next, draw one or two blog post ideas then shot them an email pitching these ideas.

Don’t know what to say?

I got you. Here’s a guest posting email template that’s killing it for me right now.

[ Hello, [Name]

I’ve been an avid reader of [Blog Name] for some time now – and I enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis.

I’ve been researching on an idea for a blog-post about [Blog Post Title] – and then I thought that this could be a great contribution for your audience.

The summary of the post that I’m writing is…

[Bulleted List or Paragraph Summary of Your Post]

I’ve also published several successful guest posts on some big blogs like [Blog Name 1], [Blog Name 2] and [Blog Name 3] – which I have linked below:


What do you think? Should I write it up and send you a draft?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards,
[Your Name]

What you can learn from this example:

  • The email is straight to the point
  • Saying something nice about the owner and meaning it
  • Shows that you care and actually read their blog

Since you will be emailing a lot of blog owners, I suggest you keep track of your pitches on a spreadsheet.

Discovering blogs that accept guest posts

I think you will agree with me when I say this:

Not all blogs on the web accept guest posts. Since the entrance of sponsored posts, a lot of bloggers have ditched unpaid guest posts.

Who can accept a free post on their blog when someone is willing to pay for the same? Crazy, right?

So, then how do you discover the remaining few who still accept free guest posts?


  • Use Google to search for these phrases: Submit a guest post, guest post, guest post by, accepting guest posts, guest post guidelines
  • Know any prolific blogger? Search, ‘ guest posts by____(name of that blogger) then pitch your guest post to that website as well
  • Go to Twitter and search, ‘Guest post.’ This brings us the latest tweets by bloggers. Follow the links to see who is accepting guest posts.

How to invite guest bloggers to your blog

If you have committed yourself to guest blogging, there will be limited time to write your own. When that happens, it is time to open the gates for guest bloggers to post on your blog.

Better yet, you can invite those who’ve accepted your guest posts to post on your site. This way, you post on each other’s blog, sharing the traffic.

Allowing guest posts on your blog has a ton of benefits

  • You get great content with a distinct touch other than your own
  • You expose your blog to new audiences (both blog readers and social media)

Experts like Neil Patel recognize the power of guest posts. Don’t overlook it if you wish to grow your blog faster in 2020.

#2 – Grow a blog faster: Create content that readers want to read

Another sure and free way to grow a blog faster is to post great content that readers crave. Content that is actionable, fun to read, and help them solve major pains in their lives.

To achieve that level of content, you need 3 things:

  • Know who your target audience is
  • Research what they are looking for
  • Come up with content ideas that meet their needs

That sounds simple till you actually start doing it.

Know your audience

You already know that before you start blogging, you need to pick a niche. I trust that you know what your niche is.

Inside your niche, there are readers, so answer these questions

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they like to read?
  3. What challenges are they facing?

Such and other questions will help you understand your readers deeply. This prepares you for the next step

What does your target audience want to read?

To answer this question, you need to know what challenges they are facing daily. This is something you can ask them directly through a simple survey or go to Google and look at the type of searches they do through the Keyword Planner Tool.

You see, understanding your readers’ struggles give you ideas on how you can leverage content to help ease that.

Get inspiration from your peers

Chances are, you are not the only one blogging in your chosen niche. There are other established bloggers out there.

Why not visit their blogs not to copy but to get inspired.

For instance, if you find an article about business ideas, you can write your post on how to run a successful business.

See? Inspiration.

And with this wealth of information in your fingertips, go back to your blog and start writing and see your blog grow faster.

To recap, here are tips on how to write blog posts that people actually want to read:

Writing posts that get read

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  • Know your audience – age, gender, occupations, pain points, etc.
  • Choose topics that interest both the reader and you. Write about something you enjoy too.
  • Find your writing style and voice
  • Make that intro great
  • That title better be catchy and to the point

Do that and you can grow a blog faster than a fighter jet!

#3 – Grow a blog faster: share your blog on the top three social media channels

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are what I call the three biggest social networks for blog traffic.

If you want to see your blog grow faster than your wildest dreams, make sure you have a presence in the trio channels.

Here’s how.

How to grow your blog using Facebook

  • Post short and sweet updates on your Facebook page. Such posts generate more engagement and hence more traffic back to your blog. Use less than 140 characters
  • Use large and attractive images. Such images receive 120% more engagement than small images
  • Ask thought-provoking questions. This will generate curiosity and more click through
  • Post quotes from your articles. This gives your fans the taste of your post
  • Use Facebook ads to promote your blog post. This will cost you money but will generate a ton of traffic

Try these tips and see Facebook increase your blog traffic.

How to grow your blog using Twitter

  • Use shorter tweets (71-100 characters)
  • Ask for retweets
  • Schedule your tweets so they can go out at the right time.
  • Always include an image
  • Tag influencers on your tweets
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Run Twitter ads. This is optional though.

Twitter is the best option to generate blog traffic.

Using Pinterest to grow your blog

Pinterest is a social media channel that allows its users to share visual content and discover new content by posting (pinning) videos or images on their boards.

These boards usually contain pins of the same theme. This makes it best for generating traffic to your blog.


  • Create a board for your blog. Your followers will find it easier and even follow your board.
  • Start pinning images or videos related to your blog niche on these boards. Then link back to your articles
  • Use captivating images. Pinterest is all about using images.
  • Engage your followers on Pinterest. Follow them back, pin often, ask questions

Stay up to date with latest trends

What works now may not work tomorrow. Social media changes like every day. If you don’t pay attention to trends, you are at risk.

Also, look at what is trending on these sites I have shared with you. Use those trends to gain more exposure for your blog.

Another thing, staying relevant and on top of your fans’ minds on these social media channels will take much of your time.

This is why I use tools social media management tools. These tools save me time and do the donkey work.

For instance, I use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance. With it, you schedule a whole month’s content.

Other tools include:

Do not assume other social channels

Now that I have mentioned that Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the best to grow your blog traffic, it doesn’t mean that you ignore the other social media channels.

The likes of Instagram can drive sizable traffic to your blog, especially if you are a lifestyle blogger.

You see, you do not own any traffic coming from social media. This means that if they make a small change to their platforms you will lose.

So what do you do?

Invest in your own source of traffic. I am talking about email marketing. It is an asset that no one will take it away from you.

The truth is, having your readers’ emails is the only sure way to have consistent traffic to your blog since whenever you publish a blog post, with a click of a button, and you can reach all of them.

Final thoughts on how to grow a blog faster in 2020

3 Insanely Actionable Ways to Grow Your Blog Faster in 2020

Without traffic, you don’t have a blog.

Therefore, everything else falls into place once you take care of your readers. But having readers doesn’t end there.

You will need to think of ways to have them coming back to your blog. Once you have steady traffic, you can now think of how to monetize your blog.

I want to hear from you, which one of these strategies of how to grow a blog faster have you tried or will start with now? How did it go? Let’s talk on the comments.

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