American Quid Review | Scam or Legit Investment Plan?

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I was idly surfing the internet the other day when I came across this ad. American Quid. Invest from Ksh. 1,000 to earn up to 2.2% interest. I obviously got curious and opened a new window to search this product, company or service — in-depth. Because, honestly other than Zimele Money Market Fund, which other fund could be so confident to promise a guaranteed return on investment in Kenya?

Even if it is just by a ton of a percentage? It needs guts!

And guts’ what American Quid showed in their ad. So I googled, American Quid + “Review” to find out what exactly Kenyans are already saying about the product.

Because come on, you know I’m that person. 👿 

I invest in anything provided it promises some sort of return. Perhaps the reason why I have tried all sorts of businesses and investments.

Failed. Tried again. Gave up in the middle. Tried again. And made it with a gig I did not think legit.


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  • Trade with $1
  • Up to 98% RoR
  • $10 Min Deposit
Get FREE $10,000 in your demo account.

Much as the first comment I see on google is about some crazy bankers who died with crypto passwords of akina sijui who (and how that’s even possible I don’t know); I continue to search. Because again there is no way I’m ever gonna review any financial product on this platform without solid proof that it is either legit or fake.

After an intensive search I realize that American Quid is somewhat new in Kenya.

And the memories of losing Ksh. 50,000 in public likes come back to me.

I remember having the urge to withdraw all my money in one day and the feeling that I should just continue to make more.

And I remember choosing to continue to an unforeseen loss.

Regrets aside, these are the lessons I learnt after losing money in public likes: – 

1. As an investor you can make or lose money 

2. When your gut feeling says, “invest in this company, product or multi level marketing initiatives;” give it a try.

3. But when that same gut feeling says, “Withdraw the profits + capital (EVERYTHING) and run.” Then brother, you should respect the feeling and run as fast as you can. 

RememberRunning from the stock markets saved Joseph Kennedy in 1929. Read the fork lore of 1929 market crush (when you find time).

After taking one too many notes from American Quid Website, this is what I have to say.

My Honest American Quid Review.

American Quid is an Online Capital and Investment Management Service Provider for Spot Trading of Digital Assets.

The platform provides short-term investment plans of between 30 and 90 days where investors earn guaranteed daily profits of up to 2.2%

How Does American Quid Work?

American quid requires that you create an account to start earning. This can be done on their website’s sign-up page.

Personal information required for registration include: – email address, phone number, name and password.

After you key in the details and click the sign up button, you’ll see this message appear on top of your browser –

Account has been created. Please check your mailbox and confirm email address.

Upon confirming your email address you are redirected to the client area. This means you have successfully opened an operational account.

But Money ain’t gonna come gushing your way if you don’t plant it?

American quid

Use Mpesa to Fund Your Account & Start Earning Daily.

Funding an American quid account is very easy. Just go to your Mpesa account

> Navigate to Lipa na Mpesa 

> Buy goods and services 

> Enter till number (864324)

> Dial the amount e.g 1,000 – (the minimum investment amount in American Quid)

> Key in your Mpesa PIN and send the amount.

When you receive the MPESA confirmation message send it as an SMS to AMERICAN QUID phone number – 0746900269.

Your account will be updated immediately. And you will start earning.

A point to note though,

Since American Quid Accepts up to KES 20M in investment deposits; there are chances that you will want to invest more to gain more.

If that’s the case, Mpesa will not work because of the limits.

Visit Website.
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  • DEMO account
  • Trade with $1
  • Up to 98% RoR
  • $10 Min Deposit
Get FREE $10,000 in your demo account.

Instead, make your deposit to American Quid bank account – NIC Bank Ac# 1005955633, Karen Branch

The deposit will reflect upon confirmation.


Watch Your Money Grow 

You will earn as shown in the investment chart below. Note that earnings vary by invested amount.

American quid investment table
You can login to your client area at any time and withdraw your funds when you want to.For Ksh. 10,000,000 investment you will earn a cool KES – 6,600,000 monthly at a compounded interest of 2.2%

Is Your Money Safe At American Quid?

On all the materials I have read about the service, there isn’t a blanket safety guarantee for everyone. And if there is any, then it is biased towards depositors of amounts greater or equal to KSH. 10,000,000.

Clients in this tier get a money back bank guarantee for the total sum.

This leaves the rest of us (low depositors) open to bullets – for when it starts raining :mrgreen: .

But, anyways, the best investments don’t always shield anyone, do they?

From my Olymp Trade Success Story, do you remember that I did not trust the platform when I was making my first deposit?

And what happened afterwards, did I not make more money than I expected?

My point, since American Quid says they’ll honor their promise of channeling between 1.6% and 2.2% interest to your account daily; why not try to see the results?


Plus, the minimum investment is just Ksh. 1,000.


If you invest and it turns out to be true, you’ll earn. If you don’t invest and it turns out to be legit, your loss.

What’s The Minimum Amount I Can Withdraw From American Quid?

Now this is the juicy part, you can withdraw everything including your capital – around the clock – 24/7. However, you will be charged the transaction fees for the process.

Is American Quid Regulated in Kenya? 

There is no page on American Quid website that talks about the company, when it was formed, the certifications that it has for practice or if it is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority Kenya. (The body which deals with brokerage regulation in Kenya).

And if by chance they are regulated then they have failed to show openly or even mention it – on their website.

This part remains vague.

Visit American Quid offices in Eaton Place, UN Crescent, Village Market to make full inquiries.

Or email them to [email protected] for clarification.


58 Responses to “American Quid Review | Scam or Legit Investment Plan?”

  1. In my opinion this could turn out to be a very big scam. There’s very little information online regarding this(American quid) company. No one is talking about it. All their social media pages are non existent too. In their website, they claim to be having a registered office at Village Market. Kenyans are very techno-savvy people and are always all over the internet. The fact that they aren’t giving this company much airtime-or none at all – is something to think about. But I am not investing a dime till this company gives me something to feel safe about.

  2. Is Your Money Safe At American Quid?
    On all the materials I have read about the service, there isn’t a blanket safety guarantee for everyone. And if there is any, then it is biased towards depositors of amounts greater or equal to KSH. 10,000,000.

    Clients in this tier get a money back guarantee inform of a bank guarantee for the total sum.

    This leaves the rest of us open to bullets – for when it starts raining :mrgreen:

  3. Kenn, visit their offices and ask the unanswered questions. I want to invest but I need to know more about this company.

  4. I invested 1000 on 10/02/2019,I got my reward of 1,480 yesterday on 13/03/2019 upon the 30day maturity period.I went ahead and invested 15000 today morning,so I sit back and see how it will turn out after another 30day period.I called the American quid office number,they admitted it isn’t regulated by any governing body coz they are simply involved in Bitcoin mining which isn’t governed by any government worldwide courtesy Bitcoin mining from the internet.So there could be unforseen risks unless the operators opt to remain transparent as they promise.I advise you to also talk to them and visit their offices as well and inform us or the rest of anything you percieve of them coz interested parties ought to bring their minds together to ensure we invest only in what is safe and legitimate.

  5. Hello Mr. Bernard?As per your comprehension, is it real? I have already invested ksh1000,i am seeing my balance to be ksh1032.

  6. It ain’t easy to establish its legitimacy not unless you invest the same amount three times and get the earnings as expected ,at this point you will have earned your return on investment and surpassed,you will have remained to earn only pure profits in future and incase of fraud at this juncture,you stand to lose only your profits(10 percent degree of risk).I invested 15,000,if I get my dues after 30days and invest back the same amount two more times consecutively,I’ll probably have surpassed my return on investment and established it legitimate,why? in normal life a scam won’t let you make profit out of it unless to the one pioneering it.It requires an entrepreneural spirit to involve in this, if not keep off it,furthermore invest only what you can afford to lose.The big querry is ‘how do you establish it’s legitimacy?’this is purely for those with big ego,bcoz one has an alarming degree of losing his entire investment.Afew more months on my side and Ill surely tell you what the American quid is.

  7. Brother Njeru I personally agree with you,we always have one thing in common the entrepreneural mind,venturing in uncharted waters is key,tasting the waters is the only way to prove things out,it could be risky and again it could turn out to be beneficial, faith is key bro.You either stand to lose or to gain but that’s experience too,how do we get to know it’s real?

  8. I have started trusting them a little cos its now my third tym ivesting with them and i hv got it going its cool i started with 1k but now hv ivested 24k and i can see it growing .

  9. Hey guys,I lastly told you investing is purely meant for people with guts and not for the faint hearted.The last time I told you I gave a trial with 15,000,my investment increament kept streaming until 03/04/2019 where it came to stick ,just barely a week to maturity,today is 10/04/2019 and tomorrow is 11,this should have been the maturity date after which I would be liable to get my dues,though there’s one more day, ‘tomorrow’ after which I’ll get to know if it’s real and in case it’s a scam you’ll learn it from me,let’s sit back and wait for the verdict,let’s see if they’ll remit me the amount,as @23rd/03/2019 it was 20,280 and no growth until today 10th/04/2019,as from tomorrow I should be expecting 22,200,let’s wait and see it’s legitimacy.

  10. !!! SCAM!!! Run as fast as possible. I tried them out with 1K. I invested on 10th of March and come 10th of April I withdrew as I knew I had an interest of 480 shillings. Mpaka today I’m still waiting. I tried calling but they didn’t pick up, so I wrote them a message telling them of my intent to get my money back. Somebody called back and started explaining that they had issues with M-PESA platform but within a day or two I’ll have my money. I’m still waiting.
    Don’t loose your money, I was the Guinea pig. Run.

  11. Hey Peter,hope you fine,how much was your principle in your second investment,I invested on 13/03/2019 but by today 15/04 /2019 I’ve not received my rewards yet it had matured few days ago,infact I have headache communicating with that guy,I feel his is taking me in a circle,I submitted my withdrawal form on 13/04/2019 and even made a call but instead I only saw additions of figures he kept making on my quid dashboard despite the fact he called me today to confirm my investment that began on March 13th,assist me with your phone numbers plse,my phone number is 0797547648

  12. Hi guys,
    Just got my money back plus interest . They called me to insure that I have received the money. I asked why it took more days to receive the money and they said they had some technical issues and they had to resolve them manually. Let’s keep informing each other of what’s happening at any given time.
    I’m reinvesting.

  13. As an investor I don’t care!! I have tried twice and it has worked out well. In my own opinion, business people should not be double minded. I’m a risk taker???

  14. hi People,
    i invested in Feb 24 2019 and i was able to withdraw interest on 26th March 2019.
    i decided to reinvest the initial principle and i renewed my investment on 27th March 2019 to mature on 27th April 2019.
    i tried to withdraw on the same 27th April 2019 but i was told there is an issue on trading discrepancies and mpesa platform,
    upto today i have called 0746900269 but they have gone mum on me. Money is growing on my dashboard but i cant access it..
    well i knew its risky from first time and i have a gut feeling the time has come to be ripped off.
    kindly don’t invest in this..

  15. Ken how do one recover his money from such a scam, am so desperate to recover mine .
    i have a gut feeling the running away time has come

  16. We need to meet as investors, and have a way forward. We should be meeting its management physically rather than talking on phone with them. My contacts are 0751028687 and 0752830031.

  17. Hi investors
    Its been 46days since I fixed my 20k to them, I have tried to withdraw several times, when I call them they tel me to be patient! Is this shikapatapotea or what!

  18. why why why…they have now decided to keep our money for 3 months…people should we bid our monies good bye

  19. Hello and hi everyone, kindly I will like to know if this platform still works effectively?

  20. I have invested 1000 and they don’t want to give it back even after the contract ended.
    This is another scam please stay a way from it.

  21. After all the time and patience we have given them I feel they’re taking us for a ride so they can con more people..
    It’s time to take it to the next level as even the phone is off…

  22. Yes indeed and how do we get started?
    We need to have a meeting to solve this issue as investors coz our money are with them or else we will loose everything.
    Any suggestion?

  23. I invested 18000 on may but till now I just recently find that they updated to 38307 but the fact is they don’t pick calls and also the phone is always switched off. There money helped me somewhere coz I withdrew more than 6 months good money but now I don’t think whether they are going to give us back our money dear investors

    My advice to any online investor is to always invest what you can afford to loose but don’t loose hope on online work because some are real and have been in market for more than 11 years and still pays

    I have an investment idear Call me on 0713508744 we share more

  24. Hey guys can some one tell me whats happening with this quid people they are no where to be found i wanted to withdraw my money but cant get through the account is not functioning since may i hv not withdrawn my money and hv no hope coz its now over 100k what do i do and how can we get this people any advise.

  25. My account balance currently reads KES 450,000 and I still cannot get my hands on it. I am sick and tired of these people.

  26. Hi Anita,
    Did you manage to withdraw your Cash?
    I invested on May 20th 30k na mpaka sai Bado
    They sent couple of emails but didn’t honour the the September pledge, they are mteja since then, I think we need to report them

  27. Its six months since I invested with you….so far no dairy update on my invested money and it’s so unfortunate I can’t access my capital either….feeling frustrated

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