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How to Make Money in Olymp Trade Using The Martingale or Candlestick Strategy in 1 Minute

  • Load at least $100 in your account to start (see how to deposit)
  • Open a trade in the direction of the candlesticks
  • If a closing candlestick is green; open your new trade as green
  • If it is red, go red on your next trade
  • Stake $10 for this strategy
  • If you lose, stake $20 on your next trade (the winnings on this trade will cover the previous loss)
  • If you lose again, double your stake until you win
  • Time your trades at 5 minutes

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How to Earn Money With Olymp Trade Using  The SMA Trend Indicator

  • Set the SMA line on your chat (Learn how to)
  • Do not change anything in the line – maintain standard settings
  • If the Asset price is above the SMA, open an up trade
  • If the asset price is below the SMA, open a down trade
  • Win without any efforts

Watch video to learn how the SMA trick works 

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