Best Cancer Hospitals in The World And in Kisumu (Updated for 2021)

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Unlike in the past decades when cancer facilities were scarce, this decade has seen thousands of cancer hospitals, hospice centers, cancer research institutes, and support groups come up worldwide.

In Nairobi alone, there are over 10 cancer awareness and support centers including: – the Cancer awareness center of Kenya; Cancer Care Kenya, Faraja Cancer Support Trust, and The HCG CCK Cancer Centre.

However, the ever-growing number of cancer care facilities is not to say that Kenya is top at cancer treatment and caregiving options; there are hundreds of other top-notch cancer hospitals in the world.

Centers that are good to go — technologically; support wise and offer the latest treatment, training, and clinical trials to patients from around the world.

Not to mention that they only apply the most advanced technology in treatment, care, and cancer prevention.

Though so many, in this post we will only discuss the 9 best cancer hospitals spread across continents.

Kisumu Hospice 

Though registered in late 1996 I only got to know about its existence at the beginning of February 2017.

This was 3 months after my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer in Moi Referral Hospital Eldoret and transferred to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referral in Kisumu. Close to home.

The news of her sickness got us so awfully unprepared. Without any prior knowledge about the disease — except that it kills; it is expensive to treat and the best cancer hospitals in the world that manage it so well are so many kilometers away.

Maybe in India, South Africa, The United States or England.

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We didn’t know.

We were just but speculating as a family.

And even if we knew the best hospitals that treated cancer then, I doubt we would have afforded it.

So out of intuition and the word of the referring Doctor that Kisumu Hospice was the best in Western Kenya; we admitted our beloved mother under the Hospice’ palliative care.

And if you asked me if there is any treatment done in this center, I’ll boldly tell you NO!

It’s nothing I’d recommend to anyone.

It’s just utter disregard and morphine stuffing.

And by God’s grace, your patient should lose weight, stop eating and die in 2 months.

The best cancer hospitals in the worldYou can however change the ending of such nasty narratives by reading along to find the best info that I gathered online while reading about cancer during my mum’s sickness. 

Includes: –  best hospitals for hematology, bone marrow transplant, Palliative care, Radiation Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Research, Clinical Trials and Training. 

9 World-class Cancer Hospitals That You Didn’t Know Exist

1. Townsville Cancer Centre – Australia 

Best Cancer Hospitals in The World

One of the top cancer facilities that are so serious about treating cancer and giving the best care to patients is the Townsville Cancer Center – Australia.

Located in Douglas Queensland the center aims at increasing its reach and treating as many cancer patients as they can. A thing that they have partially achieved by embracing telehealth technologies.

Among services offered at the hospital include bone marrow transplantation, radiation oncology, hematology, medical oncology, palliative care, training research, and clinical trials.

Visit the hospital website to seek medical advice, request patient referral, and console treatment options for cancer-related ailments.

2. M.D Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, Texas United States 

Best Cancer Hospitals in The World

If you need cutting-edge cancer treatment and specialized care then M.D Anderson Cancer Center is the best hospital to seek.

Not only has it been the best hospital for cancer care for 29 years; it also treats a varied list of cancer sicknesses.

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Types of cancers treated at the center

  1. Acoustic Neuroma
  2. Anal Cancer
  3. Bile duct cancer
  4. Bone Cancer
  5. All brain Tumors
  6. Bladder cancer
  7. Breast Cancer
  8. Cancer of Unknown Primary
  9. Cervical Cancer
  10. Childhood Gem Cell Tumors
  11. Childhood Leukemia
  12. Colon Cancer
  13. Eye Cancer
  14. Fallopian tube cancer

Oral Cancer, Penile cancer, rectal cancer among hundreds of other cancer types.

Other practices also performed at the cancer hospital include – proton therapy, stem cell transplantation, and reconstructive surgery.

Cancer treatment options practiced at the University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, Texas United States are some of the most technologically advanced services of this decade.

Not to mention that the center also does research on Nano-medicine and neuroimmunology.

If you plan to seek treatment in the US, Visit the M.D Anderson Cancer Care website first to gather relevant information prior to your travel.

3. Vall D’Hebron Institute of Oncology in Barcelona Spain 

Best Cancer Hospitals in The World

This is arguably one of the best cancer hospitals in Europe and factually the largest in the whole of Spain.

Besides maintaining a specialty in preclinical, clinical research, and transnational research; Vall D’Hebron Institute of Oncology also plays part in researching and developing core cancer technologies.

Suffice it to say that the cancer center offers clinical trial programs which already saw over 800 patients engaged last year.

Visit the cancer center website to learn more about their programs and care schedules.

4.  Apollo Hospitals – Chennai, India

Best Cancer Hospitals in India

For the longest time now it has been a popular Kenyan opinion that the best cancer hospitals in the world are only found in India.

You will die scraping off this notion from the minds of many a cancer-affected Kenyan family.

But the truth is cancer care and treatment can be done from any country, from any nation to any patient.

If you don’t believe me then explain why Apollo hospitals in Kuwait and Qatar are as much considered the best as the Apollo hospitals in Chennai India and Bangladesh!

Among cancer treatment options offered across Apollo, the hospital is a diagnosis by technologically advanced diagnostic tools like genetic profiling.

Cancer treatment in Apollo hospitals is done by image-guided radiation therapies,  Da Vinci Robotic surgery systems, and intensity-modulated radiation therapies.

With plans already underway the facility aims to also introduce advanced proton therapy treatment options.

Visit the Apollo Cancer Center Website to learn more about the facility and to arrange for treatment in India.

5. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Best Cancer Hospitals in the World

Like all the other world-class cancer centers that we have seen in this list, Hong Kong Adventist hospital uses specialized and the most advanced cancer treatment technologies in treatment.

However, what makes them stand out among the rest of the centers is their use of cyberknife technology in surgeries;  the hospital’s involvement in giving clients spiritual support, nutritional guidance and even going as far as offering patient pick-up services to Oncology. For locals.

No wonder it is Hong Kong’s top cancer hospital.

Learn more about the facility and cancer services on the Hong Kong Adventists Hospital Website

6. Texas Cancer Center Nairobi – Kenya

Best Cancer Hospitals In Kenya

Unlike all the other cancer care centers on this list, this hospital only focuses on palliative care; 24 hours inpatient emergency, cancer screening and creating awareness, linear accelerator radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

By Kenyan standards, it is one of the best cancer hospitals in the country.

Visit the Texas Cancer Center Website to learn more about services offered and to schedule care.

7. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network – Toronto, Canada

Best Care Care Centers in the world

Princess Margaret Cancer Center is one of the biggest cancer hospitals in the world.

Do you doubt that?

Then explain why it would have over 3,000 skilled staff, 130 beds, 17 radiation treatment rooms, and thousands of cancer patients visiting every year.

Recently the hospital innovated radio-guided seed localization procedures to be used in treating breast cancer; robotic surgery procedures for prostate cancer and many more.

Princess Margaret Hospital is also known to do plastic and reconstructive surgeries and gamma knife surgeries.

Visit the Princess Margaret Cancer Center website to learn more about their advanced and specialized services.

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8. Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Manchester, United Kingdom

Best Cancer hospitals in Manchester

This is the largest cancer center built in one site in the whole of Europe.

The center also boasts of being the largest in radiotherapy and chemotherapy departments in the world.

Among services offered at the hospital are intense cancer research and clinical trials medical oncology, palliative care, gastroenterology, nuclear medicine, and surgery.

Visit the Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to make enquirers and to learn more about the center. 

9. The Aga Khan University Hospital Heart And Cancer Center – Nairobi Kenya

The Aga Khan University Hospital

The Aga Khan University Hospital is arguably the best health facility in sub-Saharan Africa.

In Kenya, it has its main branch in Nairobi with satellite branches spread across the country and other incredibly mid-sized branches in Kisumu and Mombasa cities.

While its main focus is both on heart and cancer diseases, we will only focus on cancer stay in our topic of discussion.

Oncology services offered at the center include outpatient cancer care services, palliative care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and CT simulation of radiation therapy planning.

Visit the Aga Khan University Hospital Website to make inquiries and learn more about their services

Ps. Note that the numbering used in this post do not denote the position of any care center in the world. Some of the info used in this article was sourced from Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration.

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