Open a Betin Kenya Agent Shop | Requirements & Benefits

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So many people are seeking to start small businesses in Kenya to earn passive income in 2019. But, question is, are there really any small businesses which guarantee profits within the first month of operation? Interestingly, the answer is yes – if you Open a Betin Kenya Agent Shop!

Then you would ask again,

1. How much does it cost to open a betin shop?

2. What are betin shop profits?

3. Which requirements to open a betin shop do I need?

4. What are betin agents commission?

5. How do I become a betin partner?

All these questions are answered in this guide about how to open a betin shop.

Keep reading to find out about what betin is offering agents and more…

Betin Agent Shop Commission

The last I checked, a friend who owns a Betin Kenya Agent shop in Nairobi made Ksh. 120,000 in a month. That’s after all the operations overhead deductions.

And that’s not to say that you can not earn more;

You sure can – this is because the payment system is structured in commission payout of up to 12% on a single Betin Product.

To make more money you are required to have a huge trading volume (not the number of people who bet in a day but the number of tickets printed in your outlet in a day).

So you can have a single client who bets a thousand times & still make more than an outlet which gets 200 clients everyday (each betting once).

Which Products Will I be Promoting as a Betin Kenya Agent?
Betin Kenya Products 

This company has the most number of products & markets for its gamers but as a franchise shop owner, you may only promote four products actively

  1. Betin League – This  is the quickest virtual football game which runs for 5 minutes and winning tickets are paid instantly. Commissions on this product vary from 2% to 8% depending on client selections
  2. Betin Racing – This is a built in dog racing product offered in Betin Kenya Agent outlets. Betin Virtual racing has inbuilt Mega Jackpots of $500 -and- $5,000. Agent commissions on the product vary from 2% to 7% on different selections.
  3. Sports – Betin Sports games are the real time game. Example – football which is played for 90 minutes. Betin Agent commissions on sports and live betting vary from 2% to 12%
  4. Betin 49 – This is one of the most popular games in Betin Franchise shops. Also known as the game of colors and numbers. Clients select winning colors and numbers on live screens & according to their preferences. Betin 49 pays an average of 4.5% to agents.

Very enticing right? But not so much as this next part: –

Requirements to Open a Betin Shop

To open & successfully run a Betin Kenya Franchise Shop, these info & logistics are required: –

I recently reached out to Betin & this is the official info that I got.

Betin Kenya will give you the following – to help you start your betin shop business.

  • 4 TV 32″ TV’s for displaying Betin Products offered in agent shops
  • Betin Kenya will provide 3 PCs for cashiers.
  • 6 display monitors.
  • Thermal printers for printing tickets.
  • 3 scanners for scanning tickets to verify whether the tickets are a winning or a losing bet.
  • Decoders which gets the signal from the satellite for display.
  • 1 HP printer to print the sports fixtures as well as asset updates.
  • A box of thermal rolls.
  • 4 pieces of paper reams.
  • Betting control license which shows the legality of the business.
  • Free training to both the owner, manager -and- the cashiers.
  • Dedicated support team who are available from 8am-11pm.

Requirements to Start a Betin Shop: –

  • Secure a space which should be above 400 sq/ft. in a prime location ready to be occupied
  • Be ready with 150,000 KES for security deposit (100,000 KES immediately and 5 x 10,000 KES monthly installments).
  • Connect a stable uninterrupted power supply.
  • Get a stable internet connection with a minimum speed of Mbps.
  • At least 3 members of staff (with basic PC knowledge)
  • Fill in an application from with your personal details -and- the business details.
  • Shop must be located minimum 100 meters from the nearest main Church.
  • You must buy a power backup generator with an auto switch over.
  • You must provide your cashiers with cash float in order to pay customers’ winnings (Betin will send you money for big winnings over 20,000 KES).
What Are The Benefits of Opening a Betin Agent Shop?
  1. You earn commissions for every bet you print
  2. Betin Kenya Agents are not liable for any winning bets. You don’t have to worry if a client wins so much because the company covers all payouts
  3. You own and manage your business.

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