How I Earn Ksh. 100,000 Monthly Blogging in Kenya

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From 19th to the 24th December 2018 I was in Mombasa for a job interview. Sounds ironic for someone already Blogging in Kenya -and-earning an average of Ksh. 100,000 monthly, right? I know. But don’t judge, not yet.

That’s because this interview was not for a job that I applied for in December?

Rather, it was a job application archived from 2017.


When I still believed that the only way to grow financially was to cling to a white-collar job-and-to hold them so sacred like you would a white-bible.

Fast forward

I was in Mombasa.

Again, not because I direly needed the job with this lavish title – Area Sales Manager Nyanza – but because this company agreed to pay my travel fares from Kisumu to Mombasa-and-back. So I said, why not?

Plus, it was Christmas.

Show me who wouldn’t accept a free cross-country tour to Mombasa to visit the pirates’ beach, take a selfie-and-post on Instagram and I’ll toss you 100 bucks.

Show me!

My interview session began at 12:04 PM.

Like in all my previous job interviews, the first question was: –

Tell me about yourself

Now, this is the part where the HR expects you to get nervous -and- bring out the real you.

The part of you that can’t f**ing do direct sales.

But there I was, confident-and-rattling.

Rattling like a mature African rattlesnake. Rattling because I have been long a salesman than I have been a married youth.

Going-and-going… Like my life depended on it

Well, currently I am a blogger at Joon Online Mall – Joon Online Mall is an e-platform that deals with affiliate sales of products and services by different brands – both locally-and-internationally. Some of the products that I have promoted successfully with my platform have been electronics-and-financial services.

Before becoming entrepreneurial I worked as a Customer Service Agent at Gamcode Kenya Limited – also Known as – Betin Kenya.

Even so, the best position that I have worked in my entire career has been with Africa Finance Business Kenya Limited.

I was a key account manager for our product in some very interesting merchant outlets like – Naivas supermarkets in Kisumu, Kisii, Kapsabet, Eldoret; Khetias Stores in Kisumu, Kitale, Bungoma-and- Eldoret; Tumaini Stores in Kisumu; Choppies – formerly Ukwala; Shivling stores in Kisii-and-South Nyanza among other local shops-and-supermarkets.

It is the experiences that I have gained on these past jobs and the excitement that Sollatek is a company that works directly with consumers at different retail levels that I feel I should be part of this great company. Not to mention that Sollatek advocates for the use of green energy. A noble campaign I totally resonate with.

On a scale of 1-10 what would you award my pitch? (Leave a comment when you’re done reading)

Interview questions kept coming to in-and-I kept rattling.

All in vain. But, perhaps the only question asked in that interview that I want to discuss in this post is;

“How much do you earn blogging in Kenya?”

These people must have seen the passion that I have for the art of blogging to ask such a question. All the same, it was a good one.

I told them the truth. I make an average of $800-and-$1000 monthly.

Half of the sum coming from freelance travel writing which I do for Arrivedo; the rest coming from promoting affiliate products -and-Adsense ad placements on my website.

You don’t believe it? My interviewer too didn’t.

Not until I showed them this email sent to me over the same week for a writing project

Freelance writing - Arrivedo Kenya - blogging in Kenya

And how much are they paying for this particular guide? $200? Isn’t this just so much for a 3500-word piece? No!

That’s my worth

You Too Can Start a Blog in Kenya to Start Earning

It is simple.

You need to be able to write in any language which your targeted audience can resonate with.

Is that something I can count on you to do?


Find a way to connect to an audience that can read your posts. The right audience who loves what you have to say will guarantee your earnings per month while blogging in Kenya.

The easiest way to go about it is to have a website. (Remember, over 140,000 websites are created every day in the world) Add to that sum.

You can Create a Free Website With WordPress (which by the way is the largest open-source website creation tool in the world).

However, there is a major drawback that you should know of before choosing to go the free membership way.

Your website domain will be a sub-domain of WordPress.

Visit Website.
What\'s this?
1 Quotex logo without background
  • DEMO account
  • Trade with $1
  • Up to 98% RoR
  • $10 Min Deposit
Register and get $10,000 on a demo account for learning to trade.

Example: – this website’s domain is but if it was running on a free WordPress subscription it would be something like 

An Alternative Way of Starting a Website With Your Preferred Domain Name 

is to pay a subscription fee at or use

If you choose to use, be sure to pick the best hosting company.

The best host will walk you through creating your first website for free.

I am not an IT wizard-and-I created this myself – Joon Online Mall – of course with the help of True Host Kenya

The thing about True Host is, they are reliable, convenient-and-customer friendly.

Their service doesn’t end at setting you up with the new website credentials; they continue to assist you in creating the website from scratch-and-when it is up-and-running, they wait to help when any need arises – 24/7.

Through a customer service of calls, emails, and live chat.

To create your website with WordPress and True Host; buy your domain for as low as 570/= and choose a silver hosting for 999/= only for 1 year (for starters).

So what’s that question you were asking again?

What’s the cost of starting a blog in Kenya?

The cost of starting a blog is Ksh. 1,569 only (recurring yearly).

If you want to start Blogging in Kenya and make great returns over time, this is your chance.

Buy a domain name in Truehost or get one for free from Bluehost

When you have created the website, start writing, post media or products. Do it consistently.

Blogging in Kenya

If you survive the first 6 months with Adsense, you should receive your first payment. Otherwise, sign up for affiliate programs that resonate with your niche to make even more money.

To this point, you must already be curious-and-flying over words to find the part where I got the job.

I didn’t!

Here’s proof of my failure

Blogging in Kenya

And I hope you don’t wish I did

Because then you still wouldn’t know that blogging in Kenya is a great business. Start your own blogging business today.

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  1. That is a nice piece and encouraging, the beauty with blogging is that when you earn your first dollar, more dollars keep coming.

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