Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Kitale, Taita Taveta County

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Kitale – the basket of Kenya is an agricultural town in the northern Rift valley. It is largely agricultural with both large scale and small scale wheat, maize and dairy farming.

Historically, the area was inhabited by the Bukusu and Kalenjin people. After independence, the town is now more cosmopolitan with inhabits from other tribes in Kenya occupying almost 15% of the population.

Ideally, Kitale has a lot of economic potential with these business ideas being some of the small businesses that can do well in the county.

1. Start a Cereals Kiosk

Because most cereals retailers seek maize in wholesale from Trans Nzoia county, it would only be ideal to start a kiosk for cereals in Kitale.

This is of course if you have the capital to run your business as a wholesale spot for cereals.

In your assortment, have maize, beans, ground nuts, millet, sorghum… name it.

Create good relationships to get fresh cereals direct from farms during harvesting.

Should your business stall, sell your surplus stock to milers, the national Cereals and Produce Board, schools or try to conveniently reduce prices.

2. Maize farming.

Do you have a farm in Kitale? Thumbs up! Why not start maize farming in 2020?

As it goes, Kitale is one of the most fertile counties in Kenya producing 40% of maize consumed in the country.

That’s an average of 5 Million plus bags of maize produced annually.

That notwithstanding, the National government through the ministry of agriculture has always been outspoken – coaxing the people of Trans Nzoia county to put more land to agricultural use.

Not to mention that maize prices at the National Cereals and Produce Board have also been fair and prompt, lately.

If you don’r have land in Trans Nzoia and you are interested in maize farming, consider leasing for agreed harvest periods.

3. Posho mill.

Kitale being home to thousands of luyha families (the people of ingoho and Ukali), it is only ideals to have at least one posho mill after every two meters walk in town.

Regardless of the number of posho mill kiosks in Kitale, this business idea is still viable as there is availability of maize in Kitale. Plus, Kitale locals would rather grind there maize than buy packed flour.

There are two types of posho mill machinery to consider before buying.

  1. The diesel powered miller and the electric powered miller.

Each serve the same purpose but they differ largely in purchase price, maintenance costs, efficiency and sometimes, in convenience.

You need roughly 70,000 shillings for you start this kind of business.

4. Start Welding Farm Equipment.

Being that most new farm equipment in Kitale are either expensive, less durable or costly to maintain; and Kitale being an agricultural town, a welding business for farm tools would be ideal.

You can make jembes, fork jembes, spades, pangas, wheelbarrows, jikos, rakes, local posho mills, plough among other tools.

You should also consider giving warranty for your products and allow service for reduced costs – on your products to get more clients.

5. Seedlings Business in Kitale.

Go to Kitale town late in the evening and you will find grocers selling vegetable seedlings, fruit seedlings and other tree seedlings on the streets.

Unknown to many, the seedlings business is so profitable that you can spend 500 shillings on seeds and after 3 weeks sell a pack for Ksh. 5,000. (Assuming you get 500 seedlings and you sell each at Ksh. 10).

6. Shoe shining business

This business offers good monetary returns in the long run as you can make 300 – 500 shillings per day. In addition, you can repair clients’ shoes.

On a good day you can get at least 20 customers fro shoe shinning. Try to make sure you retain them.

All you need is a strategic location for your stall, polish, brushes and seats and you are good to go.

The Shoe shiners Association in Kitale are supporting women to join this business. And this is a plus for women looking to become shoe shiners in Kitale.

7. Refill perfumes business.

The perfume business is another great business idea to pursue in Kitale as there is high demand for scented perfume in the town.

Could be because of the cold. And water. You get it? :mrgreen:

Starting the perfumes business comes in two options.

There is the packed and branded option.

You are required to have two things, glass spray bottles and a label.

You can source perfume bottles locally then look for a good designer designer perfume wholesaler for your desired labels.

There is also the Refilling option – This is where clients who have their own perfume bottles bring them along for refilling.

8. #Small Business Ideas For Kitale – Deliver grocery.

Delivering grocery is another best business idea to start in Kitale as it is cheap and easy to start.

You can take orders from your clients in advance, prepare and pack your grocery ready for cooking.

Engage local supermarkets like Ketias to also supply them with fresh grocery.

9. #Small Business Ideas For Kitale – Start an Mpesa Sub Agent Shop.

If you want a small business that can break even so fast and bring high returns on investment, why not become an Mpesa agent?

The success of Mpesa shops totally rely on the location of the shop and the traffic flow in the area.

To become an M pesa sub – agent , you are required to have at least 35,000 shillings, for an agent – you need 100,000 shillings and for a super- agent – you are required with 500, 000 shillings.

This kind of business will definitely thrive in Kitale considering the population and the different activities in the area which need daily transactions.

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10. #Small Business Ideas For Kitale – Start Your Photography business.

This kind of business idea requires good marketing strategies in order to be able to get a lot of clients.

You can sell your photos on websites or work with direct clients.

Some of these clients may include: – weddings, birthdays, among other celebrations and events.

All you need to become a photographer are photography skills and a camera.

Buy a camera for Ksh. 2,500.

Camera for sale - Small business ideas for Kitale

Buy Camera for Ksh. 2500


Don’t just sit there at home complaining about lack of jobs as you wait for support from parents and friends.

There are business ideas in this article that you can start with close to no money. Try them out.

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