Am I Blacklisted? By Who! How to Check CRB Status And Clear in Kenya

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A few days ago I received a call from Metropol CRB Kenya. It wasn’t anything to do with feedback on how to Check CRB status in Kenya. (Before today, I googled that a lot). I admit.

Neither was it something to do with my credit report monitoring.

Rather, it was a social call.

I’d call it a business to business call.

Apparently, some borrower (one Mr. Mwangi) was at CRB offices in Nairobi seeking to clear his name from a debt he’d taken way back in 2014 form a company I worked for (AFB KENYA).

He did not pay back his installments in full because the lending company ceased operation in Kenya.

And he thought, wow – if AFB aren’t working in Kenya anymore, why don’t I just stop paying the loan?

Bad Decision! 

Four year later, this borrower is at CRB seeking to clear his name because apparently, he now has a child who is to join high school.

The worst is, he doesn’t have enough money for admission but a good Masomo loan limit with KCB; who by the way insist that he clears his name with CRB before he gets the loan.

What he doesn’t know is, even after clearance, KCB will deny him the promised loan because it will take a while to update the new status.

I helped him clear his name though.

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And here’s the thing – for those who have AFB loans from 2014 – these debts were sold to Nimble a credit management company in Nairobi.

You should pay them to clear your names off blacklist.

Should you check CRB status and find out that you were listed by this lender, contact them as below.

Nimble Kenya Contacts.

Tel: 00 (254) 205 135 500.

Location – Mogotio Road, 4th Floor Tower A, Reliable Towers, Nairobi, Kenya.

How to Check CRB Status in Kenya (crb checker).

Kenya has three licenced credit reference bureau (crb) companies.

– TransUnion.
– Metropol.
– CreditInfo. 

To view your credit information you will need to register with either of the CRB companies (credit reference bureau Kenya limited Nairobi).

However, I’d recommend that you register with all of them because there is uncertainty if a lender will send your report to one or to all the companies.

But which process should you follow to register and to view your listing instantly?

In this guide we discuss all the possible options beginning with TransUnion CRB.

How to Check CRB Status in TransUnion. 

To access CRB services you can either download the CRB Nipashe App -where you will find all the services; via SMS number 21272 or through the TransUnion Website.

How to Register With TransUnion Via SMS.

It’s easy as 1,2,3. 

Send your full names to 21272.

Send you ID number.

Chose credit status (abbreviated as CC).

You will receive your feedback  as either good (Glodlisted) or default (Blacklisted).

How to Access a  Clearance Certificate From TransUnion (If You Are Blacklisted).

TransUnion issues clearance certificates to defaulters if you pay Ksh. 2,200 to Paybill number 212121 and show them proof of transaction. You can do that by sending your Mpesa transaction message to

Make sure to use your ID number as your account number.

Should you want to receive more than one credit report per year, you will pay Ksh. 650 to TransUnion PayBill number – 212121.

TransUnion CRB Contact Information. 


P.O BOX 46406-00100 – Nairobi.

Fax: +254 – 020 – 3751344. 

Phone Numbers:


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+254 020 3751799. 

Email Info.

How to Check CRB Status in Metropol CRB Kenya.

Download the Metropol CRB App on playstore to access all CRB services. Through the Metropol CRB Website. Or through the Metropol CRB USSD code *433#.

How to Register With Metropol CRB Kenya.

Go to Mpesa Paybill to pay Ksh. 50 registration fee to Metropol CRB Paybill number 220388.

After registration you will receive an SMS with your PIN, a reference number and a special link.

Use the PIN when accessing CRB services via the Metropol CRB USSD code.

Other Services That You Can Access at Metropol CRB and Fees. 

Check your credit score for Ksh. 150 only.

If you are listed in CRB your credit score may come as 200 or slightly above 200 which means that you can not be trusted with any loan.

Should you check your credit score and get a reply as 400 or anything above that, it means you can get a loan. But you aren’t the best of persons to trust with huge amounts.

Scores greater than 600 means you are a very trustworthy borrower. You pay back your loans on time. And that’s a good thing. Keep it up.

You can also get a full credit report from CRB for only Ksh. 250

Find out who sent you to CRB by paying Ksh. 50 to Metropol CRB Paybill number 220388

If you are blacklisted, pay Ksh. 2,200 to get a clearance certificate. Of course after clearing your loan.

Metropol CRB Contact Information. 


Metropol CRB Kenya.

P.O BOX 35331-00200 Nairobi.

Facebook: @Metropol CRB. 


Phone number: 0709 834000.

How to Check CRB Status Online With CreditInfo CRB.

Visit the CreditInfo website and sign up to receive a free credit report and monitoring for one year.

However, you will pay Ksh. 350 if you want to receive another credit report over the same period.

You may also opt to receive monitoring report of your financial services for only Ksh. 650.

Don’t forget to attach a clear copy of your ID when using this CRB option.


Possible Loan Apps That May Blacklist Your at Credit Info. 
  • HF Whiz Loan Apps.
  • Tala Loan App.
  • Branch Loan App.
  • Fadhili Loan App.
  • Okash Loan App.
  • Saidika Loans. 
  • Chap Chap Loans. 
  • Shujaa Loans. 
  • Chap Chap Loans. 
  • M-Jamii Loans. 
  • Tumaini Loans. 
Contact CreditInfo.

Physical Address. 

Park Suites, Office 12, Second Floor,

Parklands Road,

PO Box 38941-00623.

Parklands, Nairobi.

Tel: +254 20 375 7272.


More Loan Apps With USSD Codes. 

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