Dropshipping | Start Your Online Business with Close to no Capital in 2020

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Are you interested in starting a small profitable business in 2020?

Have you raised enough capital to help get your business off the ground.

If you have, cool. And good luck selling your new products/services.

If you haven’t but still wish to start a business in 2020 then dropshipping may just be the best fit for you.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is how eCommerce businesses fulfill orders without necessarily having to keep and own stock.

Ideally, the eCommerce store which has adopted dropshiping as its order fulfillment method sells products to online buyers then passes the order to a third party. Often a supplier who then delivers the products to clients.

Because suppliers keep all stock in their warehouses, package and do deliveries by themselves, you will only focus on one task. Growing your business.

Before we jump into ways of growing an eCommerce business through dropshipping, let’s first show you how to create an eCommerce website

How to Create an eCommerce Website for Dropshipping 

1. Choose the product you wish to sell 

Before you start your eCommerce business, decide on the product you want to sell.

Do you want to sell shoes, bags, beauty products, electronics, wrist watches… or virtually everything?

Take time to make this decision – because it will very much influence the design of your website, the colors and the people you’ll do business with.

2. After choosing the product to sell, decide on a domain name.

If you aren’t already familiar with the process of making a new website, one of the baby steps to design a website is to get a domain name.

This is the address where clients will get your business.

Universal domains end with  (.com) but you can also go for localized domain names like mine (.co.ke) for Kenya or (.co.za) for South Africa.

The decision is your to make.

While at it, make sure the name you choose resonates with your business, is easy to remember and isn’t so long.

Do you have a domain name in mind?

Use it in the search box below to confirm it’s availability.

Claim your FREE domain name in bluehost by subscribing for a year hosting.

3. Design your eShop yourself or use a website builder 

While there are very many different ways of designing a new website — from using wordpress.com to designing with shopify, shiprocket 360, Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly, Wix, Magento. … designing with wordpress.org gives you more freedom and authority.

Plus, wordpress.org themes and plugins are free to install thus making it easier to customize shops and to achieve quality.

Should you choose wordpress.org, take some time to read this post on how to easily build a wordpress.org site by yourself

It is in depth and detailed enough – covering how to install the WordPress CMS software, how to install themes (use WooCommerce themes to have an  eStore appearance)  and how to install plugins to have a complete and working website.

How to start your dropshipping business with close to no capital in 2020

Now that you have a website which by-the-way;  if you built yourself would only cost between Ksh. 5,900 on BlueHost, it is now time to find dropshipping companies and suppliers for your business.

If you can find local businesses who’d like to work with you online, the better.

Working with local suppliers reduces shipping time and enhances customer experience but it is also OK to work with international dropshipping companies for more quality products.

Companies like AliExpress, SaleHoo, Doba, Wholesale2B, Worldwide Brands, Dropship Direct, Sunrise Wholesale, MegaGoods, InventorySource, National Dropshippers and Dropshipper.com are already working with websites like yours to bring products closer.

Among products sold by these suppliers is: – General products, clothing & apparel, shoes, jewelry, furniture, beauty & cosmetics, home decor, electronics and/or toys.

Should you go for any dropshipping company other than AliExpress, Wholesale Central or Dropship Direct; you will be charged a sign up cost of between $10 a month and $249 (One-Time Fee) depending on the dropshipper you choose to work with.

Stock your online store 

Now that we have a website, a niche and a supplier for our products, why not fill our website to start selling?

Login to your website’s admin area, click on new on your title bar and add products as shown in the image below

Dropshipping products

After adding products your shop should have this look – Joon Kiosk 

It doesn’t end here though, you will need to create and follow a customer acquisition plan.

You can start with Facebook ad campaigns, google ads or by advertising locally.

While at it, think long term. Think email marketing, think search engine optimization. Think trying to reduce advertising cost in the long run

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