How to Earn Money Online With Olymp Trade

How can I earn money online with Olymp Trade?

Does it works in my country? How do I start trading?

Do I need any training before getting started?

If you are searching for the answers to these questions then this article is for you

This is the best answer sheet for all your trading questions.

Read through to get the basic knowledge of Binary trading because if you really want to earn money online money with Olymp Trade, you must have some knowledge. Otherwise your gains will be short-lived.

To begin with: –


1) What are Options & How can You Trade With Them?

An Option is a stock market tool used for earning money online.

Olymp Trade has the Olymp Trade Option which traders use to forecast whether the price of an asset will rise or fall.

As a trader, you earn money if the price has changed. Even if it changes by just one point.

2) How do I Start Trading With Olymp Trade Option?

To trade with the Olymp Trade Option platform and earn money off your forecasts, you must register for an Olymp Trade Account.

You will get $10,000 free demo credits for training 

The $10,000 demo credit can only be used for training & they do not yield real profits.

To earn real money which you can withdraw off the platform at any time; make a deposit of at least $10 (the minimum deposit in Olymp Trade)

Trade with that real cash to earn more money on correct forecasts. The minimum trading amount is $1.

To Start Trading, follow these simple steps: –

  1. First, You need to choose an asset — Olymp Trade has a variety to choose from.

In total, Olymp Trade gives traders access to: –

36 Currency pairs

10 Cryptocurrencies against USD

2 Cryptocurrency pairs

6 commodities

10 Stock indices

13 Shares of the largest companies worldwide

In summary, these are the assets available in (we will define them later in the article)

Make money online

To choose the most profitable assets follow the steps as outlined with the arrows in the image below.

How Olymp Trade Works

2. Choose the amount to invest

Your investment amount determines how much your returns will be.

You can earn as high as 90% returns on your investment.

The step of choosing the investment amount is outlined in the image below.

Use the plus (+) sign to increase your investment amount & the minus (-) sign to reduce the amounts.

Earn Money with Olymp Trade

3) Choose how much time you want your trade to run

At Olymp Trade the trade time ranges from 1 minute to 3 hours. Use the plus or minus buttons to change the timings. 

How Olymp Trade Works

4) Decide if the Asset Price will go UP or DOWN

To execute your trade, you have to decide if the asset price will go UP or DOWN by either clicking on the GREEN button if you think the price will go up or the RED button if you think the price will go down.

Earn Money Online with Olymp Trade

5) Wait For The Trade to Expire to Earn Money Online With Olymp Trade

If your forecast is right your returns will be credited to your account immediately.

Do you want to start trading? Create an Olymp Trade Account 

Learn how to make VISA deposits & start earning money online.

What Happens if The Purchase Price Meets The Fulfillment Price?

In this case, your trading amount (also cost of Option) is immediately returned to you.

Is There Any Fee For Depositing or Withdrawing Funds?

No. Olymp Trade assumes all commissions

Create an Olymp Trade Account 

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