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Not every success story you read online is true. And not every success story that’s 100% genuine is accepted wholeheartedly either.

As my title goes, I have earned $28,000 plus in less than 28 days.

And I’m not asking you to believe me, because either way, it makes no difference if trading is not your forte, right?

It’s my money after all, right?

And no matter what you say or do, I might not toss you a coin in whatever condition, right?

Here’s what I can do though, I can teach you how I did it.

In fact, let me rephrase that. I will teach you how I earned $28,000 in under 28 days without dropping a rivulet of sweat.

Ready for it, let’s go.

How I Earned $28,000 in Less Than 28 Days.

So the method that I used to make this money is called trading.

And what is trading, you may ask?

Trading is simply the buying, selling, or exchanging of assets.

When people trade, they buy securities such as shares, currencies, commodities, and derivatives.

The people who engage in this process, the buying and selling of assets are known as traders.

Traders can act in the capacity of an agent, hedger, arbitrageur, or speculator.

In my case, I earned $28,000 in under 28 days as a currency pair speculator.

Would you like to learn the process I followed?

Here goes.

Before we get to that process though, watch the video of my Live Account balance below.

Let’s proceed.

Olymp Trade.

So what is the Olymp Trade Platform?

Olymp Trade is an Online trading platform for making money.

On the platform, you will predict the outcome of assets over a given period of time and if your prediction is right, you earn up to 90% of your investment.

Interestingly, you can set this period of time (expiration) to as little as 1 minute.

Meaning, you may earn up to 90% profit every minute.

To get started, follow these steps.

How to Get started on The Olymp Trade Platform.

  1. Register on the platform.
  2. Complete the interactive tutorial – this tutorial gives you the footing as a beginner.
  3. Choose one of the strategies – this is one of the VIP strategies that I have used this month.
  4. Practice using a demo account – you can create the demo account here.
  5. Make a deposit and become an expert.

So, how did I earn $28,000 in under a month with this app?

  1. My initial deposit was huge.
  2. I set my goals every day.
  3. I don’t overtrade.
  4. For the past 1 month, I have used Olymp Trade VIP strategies to trade.

1. My initial deposit was huge.

Even though the minimum deposit at Olymp Trade is only $10, when I started out this new account, I decided to deposit $6,000?

It’s very easy to question, why deposit $6,000 when the minimum deposit amount is only $10?

Let me explain.

While the minimum deposit is only $10, trading a $10 account carries the highest risk in FTT trading.


Assuming the minimum trade amount is $1, which it is, by the way, it will only take 10 losing trades to blow a 10 dollar account.

If you don’t trust me, try it out.

That said if you must trading on a real account, try to deposit at least $100 for your initial account.

To have an even stronger footing on the market, $500 would suffice.

However, I have also learned from my $6,000 deposit experiment that a $5,000 deposit isn’t just the best capital to start trading with, it produces the best and reasonable return for day trading troubles.

How do I mean?

I mean with a huge deposit, it is very easy to mitigate risks, trade with reasonable amounts, and grow your account exponentially.

Below is a screenshot of my initial deposit made on 18 March 2021 at 16:22:04.

Ken Omollo Trading History2

2. I set my goals every day.

While it is easy to just make your trading deposit of $100, $500, or even $5,000; the adult thing to do after making the deposit is not to begin trading immediately but to set trading goals.

Ask yourself, how much are you willing to risk on a single trade in that account? And, with the current asset that you are trading, is the risk of capital worth the return on investment?

Also, review the charts for the assets you are interested in trading beforehand.

It helps if you do both or either fundamental and/or technical analysis before deciding on a befitting strategy.

Even more important, review how previous trades have turned out on similar conditions spot on these charts.

If everything looks fine, set your profit goals.

Decide how much you want to earn per trade or overall. At the end of your trading day.

When setting profit goals, ensure you use the SMART methodology.

Ensure the targets are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

For example, when I’m setting my profit goals I ask these questions.

  1. How much profits do I want to achieve in a day – be specific, mine is $1,000 a day.
  2. Which percentage of return do I need to target to achieve these results?
  3. Are these targets realistic? Can I achieve this without hurting my account?
  4. And lastly, how many successful trades will it take to get there?

3. I don’t overtrade.

Read point number 4 again, how many successful trades should it take to achieve profitability?

Have you reached those limits?

As a rule of thumb I ensure that after I have reached my profit goals for the day, I leave the market. Regardless.

If you’d like to learn how to avoid overtrading, follow this list.

  1. Have a trading plan and follow it to the latter.
  2. Refrain from trading all-day
  3. Limit the number of trades per day
  4. Take time off after a serious loss
  5. Set stop loss and take profit limits to your trades if you are trading on the Olymp Trade Forex platform.

Here are some examples of trades I placed yesterday.

Note, before trading, my account balance was $33,000 after trading, my Olymp Trade live account grew to $35,000 and I stopped at that.

Also, note, I only placed 4 trades, won 3, and lost 2 but still ended up profitable because of the trading amount I spent.

Earned $28,000

4. Use a trading Strategy.

Yes, I said it.

I trade with trading strategies, so should you.

And if you are asking, how do I find the best trading strategies to grow my Olymp Trade account?

Look no further than in our Youtube channel, Joon Online.

We post the best trading strategies every other week. Ensure you catch up.

Final thoughts on How I Earned $28,000 in Less Than 28.

Making money trading is not an easy task. Neither is it a difficult one.

All you have to do is follow every word on this guide to achieve.

If it might interest you, join my telegram channel for more trading information, videos, and signals.

Happy trading.

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