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Previously on how Forex works we mentioned Forex fundamental analysis as one of the easy ways to capture market trends.

We then defined Fundamental analysis as a way of looking at the Forex market by analyzing economic, social, and political forces that may affect the supply and demand of an asset.

Further, we alluded that a good fundamental analyst uses economic news to make trading decisions.

Well, this Friday – the 8th of March 2019, there will be a major economic news release in the US.

The Nonfarm Payroll report release.

And I thought you’d love to know how you can use this event to make money in Forex.

Of course with NIL investment.

But, What is The Nonfarm Payroll Report All About?

For those who don’t already know;

Nonfarm Payroll refers to US jobs with the exception of farmwork. Employment by private households. Military. Intelligence. Unincorporated self-employment. Proprietorship. And nonprofit organizations.

Why is This Report Very Important?

Nonfarm Payroll Report is important because it is used to gauge the economic state of the US.

It is also important because economists and policymakers use it to determine the future economic levels of the US by evaluating the current GDP and other factors highlighted in the report.

But even more important, the release of  Nonfarm payroll report brings news that directly affect the US labour force.

And what does that mean to a Forex Trader?

It means – the impact of this release will be felt on the stock market.

It means the price of gold will shake.

And it also means the value of the USD will either rise or fall.

All the things a fundamental analyst wants to hear.

And here’s my deal to help you make money from the release. Of course with NIL investment.


Since nonfarm report release impacts Forex trading; you will need a Forex account and a bit of coaching on when to enter the market and when to exit.

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