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Hello there,

Did you read my post on NFP report release and how you can earn good money by following the event?

Well, the nonfarm payroll report is to be released in 1 hour. And in addition to all the other benefits that I mentioned on my previous post — How to Trade Forex and Make Profits with Nil Investment; there is a $1,500 giveaway by ForexSignals.

It’s Free Money that you can’t afford to miss.

Trouble funding Olymp Trade?

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If you ask me, and I’ll be totally honest with you;

However way you look at it, this is a great opportunity to either get the $1,500 giveaway; or walk away a better trader than you are now.

Do you still need more convincing to Join the Trading Room? 

OK. I’ll be in the room. Andrew Lockwood. And other readers of Joon Online who have already registered to be part of this great market event – will be in the room.

Need I mention that after the two hours Free access to all the ForexSignals trading rooms; you still get 7 days free access to other FX trading resources in the site until you either decide to opt out or gopro?

Having trouble funding Olymp Trade?

So what’s it gonna be, are you going to join all the Forex Traders, economists, policy makers and FX speculators in trying to figure which way the dollar is going to go after the NFP release. Or you will sit there and continue making errors with your trades. And subsequently losing more money than you should?

Since I’ve taken 10 minutes writing this post I guess you only have 45 minutes left to join the rest of us in ForexSignals.

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