Free Magazine | Joon Advertiser Magazine Issue #1 Coming Out in 3 Days

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Have you noticed something new in our blog?


Well, let me bring you to speed on the new developments.

We just added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page, a language translator  and a PIP value calculator page for Forex Traders.

Now guess what else we have been working on and is almost ready for you,

“A free advertiser magazine.”

This Free online magazine is our way of helping you grow your businesses as you continue to grow ours.

It is our way of saying, “Hey Alex, thank you for always reading our blog, you are the best. Keep coming back. And just in case you have a business that needs to reach the masses, we will advertise for you for free (nothing added on top of what you already spend on your marketing already).

How do you love the idea?

The first issue of the Joon Advertiser Free Magazine  is coming out on 3rd October 2019 and in it we have included: –

  1. Helpful articles to help you build your brand
  2. We’ve featured stores selling essential products for as little as a $1
  3. We have sourced the best discounts for your Mashujaa holidays
  4. And most important, we have designed it with you in mind – You can download the magazine for free in PDF or flip through it – like a book on our website. Interestingly, we have linked to all seller websites to make it easy for you to buy the products you love.

I spent my day yesterday looking at it and admiring each design and it is just perfect.  Can’t wait for 3rd to share it with you. And because it is FREE for everyone, how about you do me a favor and also share the magazine widely – on whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and all other social media platforms?

That’s the spirit. I’m counting on you to keep your promise.


And have a fruitful week ahead.

Free Magazine - Joon Advertiser

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