How to Start a Successful Hair And Beauty Salon in Nairobi

  • Trade with $1
  • Earn up to 90% profits
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Generally, beauty attracts men and women in every corner of the world.

With enough resources, you can start and run a successful hair and beauty salon that generates high income.

Assuming you have 100,000 only as startup capital and you locate in an easily accessible area, you can grow your margins to whatever percentage you want with the salon business.

Clients who are walking in and out of your business are basically looking for one magic and that’s beauty, as an entrepreneur, you must understand your customer needs and adjust not to lose them.

And remember, most of these clients will be regular depending on the type of services that you offer.

Above all, your customer service game must top-notch, otherwise, you risk losing your clients on what would have been easily controlled. 

A happy customer leads to a healthy business.

This means your margins will reflect positively every financial year due to repeat customers and high footfall into the business. Thanks to good customer service.

Business location

Finding a suitable location for this type of business is usually a challenge. Doing genuine research on market trends, accessibility, and availability, however; is the easier part.

Find a location near shopping hubs, recreational sites including estates.

  • Trade with $1
  • Earn up to 90% profits
  • Easy deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
My balance, Đ349,409.95. CLAIM YOUR FIRST Đ10,000.

These areas are perceived to have high footfall. Building this business in a safe community encourages regular clients. 

Requirements to run a successful hair and beauty salon

Legal requirement

This is an industry that needs less  legal requirements and the basic ones are;

  • Health and safety certificate.

You must ensure that your employees are well taken care of (safety-wise) at their place of work.

  • Licenses 

In the hair and beauty business, you will spend on licenses depending on the site location and the volume of production.

Having this business in  C.B.D will attract higher license fees.

  • Treatment risk insurance

This is used in cases where a  customer complains of hair treatment issues.

This type of license will help you handle such kind of complaints.

Required Equipment.

  • Seats

Since your plan is to open an executive beauty shop, the types of seats in the business must be classy and comfortable for anyone bringing in business.

Being a beauty shop, the internal decoration should slightly match or complements the types of seats.

This helps to bring out the perfect ambiance to your business and to attract men and women of class.

Assemble all the equipment required

Understanding your type of business will also help you understand the type of equipment needed. As such, for a beauty salon, you will need: –

  • Scissors/clippers -32,000
  • Razors-10,000
  • Electric styling tools-45,000
  • Spray bottles-10,000
  • Hair-cutting capes-95,000
  • Brushes-5,000
  • Combs-3,500
  • Hand mirrors-3,000
  • Hair-color instrument-7,500

Decide on the pricing of your services

When making a decision on pricing consider factors such as;

The type of clientele you expect, services offered, whatever your competitors are charging, the location of your business among other price-determining factors.

Do not over-price or under-price your services.

The moment your clientele will notice that your prices are exaggerated they will walkway.

The same applies when you under-price, this will cause you to operate below your expenses hence make losses.


Marketing the business

Through marketing, your business will get a lot of airtime to be known, the more your business is advertised on different platforms the more you will receive desired clients.

Use social media, word of mouth, banners, and any other viable marketing tools to grow your brand.

You can also use a local artist/influencers to advertise your company.

If you get the best ones with a good following, you can grow your brand exponentially.

How much is needed to start and run a successful beauty and hair salon in Nairobi?

From rental expenses to acquiring equipment and paying taxes, you will need approximately 110,000-150,000 to successfully start and run the business.

How much profit is the business expected to generate?

In a good business month, you expect to generate at least 80,000 but who knows, you can make more.

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