Here’s How To Earn Coins in Wattpad in 2022

Today, I will show you how to earn coins in Wattpad. But before that, let’s first take a deep dive into what this means and why you should pay attention.

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is an online platform where new writers and readers come together to quench their thirst for writing and reading.

Ideally, it is an app and website where writers can publish new user-generated stories round the clock.

Their mission?

To create a central community where writers of all levels of expertise (amateurs and experienced) can share their stories.

Founded in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, the app has revolutionized how you write and read stories online.

Since then, Wattpad has gained popularity and showing no signs of stopping.

As we speak, the app has over 90 million active users, who access it either on android, iOS, or through the web.

Looking at it from this angle, you can easily understand why such an app with a model of its kind gained traction fast, where its predecessors failed.

Coupled with the fact that the platform now supports over 50 languages, you can easily start to see the reason why it’s popular with the story enthusiasts.

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How does Wattpad work?

As mentioned, Wattpad is a platform connecting new writers with readers in a community that is mutually beneficial to each of the groups.

For writers, Wattpad is a god-sent app.

Now, anyone can write and publish their stories without the worry of being rejected by the big publishing corporations.

In recent years, the platform came up with initiatives to bolster writers’ efforts, an effort that has since attracted a ton of positive criticism from the stories community.


Well, initially, Wattpad was all about sharing and reading stories for free, up until they introduced a Paid Stories program.

Through this program, some stories were locked away and are now only accessible to paying clients.

This move, according to Wattpad, was aimed at targeting those readers who would love to support and inspire their favorite writers through small financial support.

To further the Paid Stories program, the platform introduced Wattpad Coins.

What are the Wattpad coins?

These are virtual coins that you can spend on the app to unlock premium stories. And I will show you how to earn these coins in Wattpad.

As for readers, it is a lifetime opportunity to not only get exciting stories but to also identify budding writers early in their careers.

Wattpad Paid Stories

On Wattpad, you can identify a writer with exciting stories, and cheer him/her on as they set out to conquer the world through their writing.

To that, you have two options:

  • Follow their Wattpad profile so you do not miss any of their new stories. You can also engage with their content by commenting and liking their stories.
  • Alternatively, you can support them financially by unlocking their paid stories (if they have one) using Wattpad Coins. To do that, obviously, you need the coins, otherwise, you don’t have anything to spend.

As mentioned, Wattpad Coins can only be used within the app. As such, it is difficult to get them outside the platform, leaving you with only two options.

Continue reading to find out…

Again, Paid Stories is an initiative by Wattpad to help writers earn money from their writing work on the platform.

So yes, you can earn money writing on Wattpad, and this is one of the ways to accomplish that.

Through this method, the writer can decide which of their stories should be ‘locked’ away to be only accessible to those who pay.

Ideally, as a reader, you first earn the coins, then redeem them to unlock the paid stories.

How to earn coins in Wattpad

Despite what you’ve read all over the internet, there are only two legal ways to earn Wattpad Coins:

  1. Purchase the coins
  2. Earn the coins

See, there are a lot of stories going around the web that you can actually ‘hack’ Wattpad to unlock unlimited coins, thus unlimited access to Paid Stories. Trust me, which is a big scam.

Here is the truth:

To ‘hack’ an app to unlock unlimited coins (as in other mobile games like Dream League Soccer), you need to patch the app systems. That normally works if the app is using weak networks.

Think for a second, do you think Wattpad is such lousy to use penetrable systems?

The platform is based on impenetrable systems, though there was a major hack back in June 2020.

This breach exposed millions of personal information of the users but has since been dealt with.

That said, here are the only legit ways you can earn coins in Wattpad.

  1. Buy the coins

Just like any other app or platform out there, Wattpad operates an in-app purchases model. Here, the company offer Wattpad Coins up for sale to users using real currencies (dollars, Euros, etc.)


Depending on the account you are using, either Google Play or Apple Store, you can buy Wattpad coins through the Coin Shop.

Based on how many coins you want to own, check the corresponding price in the shop.

If you feel like not spending real money on the virtual coins, the next way on how to earn coins in Wattpad will work for you.

2. Earn coins on Wattpad

Unlike the first option, earning coins costs nothing, considering that all you have to do is watch a couple of videos and the coins are credited to your wallet.

See, like all the other applications, Wattpad generates part of its revenue through advertisements.

These advertisements come in different formats; text, banners, and videos.

Now, whenever you interact with these ads, Wattpad earns in the process.

This explains why they want you to watch these ads.

To afford to give free Wattpad Coins.

Make sense?


As much as this may sound easy, there are in fact rules to govern the whole process.

  • Wattpad coins limit –to allow everyone access to Paid Stories, Wattpad has restricted the number of coins you can accumulate in a day. You can only earn up to 3 Wattpad Coins in a day. The limit resets after 24 hours, and you can begin the process again
  • You may not see the Paid Stories in some countries. As explained by Wattpad, they rolled out the program to a few countries to test dynamics and how users interact with the program,
  • To earn coins, you must watch the entire length of the video. As such, you do not earn anything if you skip or close the video midway.
  • The earned coins expire after three months. Make sure you spend them as soon as you earn them
  • You can only earn coins in Wattpad on mobile apps, either on android of Apple mobile devices. But once you unlock Paid Stories, they are made available across all supported platforms.

That is how to earn coins in Wattpad.

2 ways to spend the Wattpad coins

With the coins in your account, you can support any writer you love through the paid stories program.

Talking of that, there are two ways you can do that:

  • Unlock one chapter at a time

Instead of reading the whole thing at a seating, only unlock the chapters you can read at that specific time.

Just tap the ‘Unlock Next Part’ button to activate this function. This will redeem your coins and unlock the chapter so you can continue reading.

Unlocking a chapter at a go works best if you do not have enough coins in your account.

  • Unlock the whole story

If you feel like going chapter by chapter isn’t your thing, you can unlock the whole story.

This works best if you have enough Coins to unlock everything at a go.

Additionally, Wattpad has made it more attractive to take this route by introducing discounts, which means you save coins (money) when you unlock the full stories than going chapter by chapter.

To get the full story, click on Unlock Whole Story. The coins will be deducted from you and get instant access to the full story.

Wrapping up

Wattpad is the best program to earn money online as a budding writer.

If you love writing, this is your chance to make something out of your passions.

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