How I Used The Olymp Trade Android App to Make Ksh. 716,491 in 5 Months

How long have you been trading with Olymp Trade? How much have you earned so far?



That can’t be right?

Especially since the platform now has more inbuilt features to aid you in trading.

From social trading feature, increased education materials, customized frequently asked questions, webinars, indicators among other special materials.

But how comes other people are still not breaking even while others are making it with Olymp Trade?

I’ll try to explain that.

I recently met one new reader of this blog in my office in Kisumu. He’d read most of our posts on this subject matter and decided, wooh! This is an incredible way to make money online.

So then we met, I introduced him to the platform, gave him the basic tips, introduced him to a few basic indicators that work and saw him off  for the day.

Day 2 .

He was sick of trading on a demo account. Came back, asked to be helped make a deposit to Olymp Trade, tried to trade on a alive account and as soon as he lost $2, he was down and crying.

Like… this thing is not working for me… How do you do it? Is there a chance we can trade together?

I said, “Oh yes, by all means, let’s do it!” But first, I have to warn you!

Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage.

Oh boy! We traded.

Unfortunately, I lost $31 on the f***ng american trading session. He lost another $3 and left because apparently his $3 was greater than the $31 I lost.

That notwithstanding, trading is not for everyone. And it is definitely not a get rich quick scheme either.

I have had instances when I traded and withdrew $100 daily for 15 consecutive days. And I have had some other instances when I traded and lost 5 trades in a row.

Did I stop trading because of those losses, hell NO!

Did losing 5 times in a row make me a less worthy trader?Olymp trade android app

You tell me!

5 months down from when I stopped sharing actively about Olymp Trade I have earned Ksh. 716,491 in profits.

I showed our mystery man my earnings and I will again share my withdrawals from Olymp Trade on this post.

Are you down to that?

But first, if you are just learning about this mobile app and you are wondering,

What is This Olymp Trade And How Can I Join?

Well, Olymp Trade is a is a high-tech IT product (mobile app), that people use for trading in financial markets.

Anyone can trade with Olymp Trade OPTION and Olymp Trade FOREX accounts on the platform.

These accounts are separated and have different interfaces.

An An Olymp Trade OPTION account is used to make two types of option deals: based on the trade duration (from 1 minute to several hours) and on the expiration time (from 1 minute).

An Olymp Trade FOREX account on the other hand is used to open long (hoping the price will go up) or short (hoping the price will go down) positions at the current price with an unlimited duration of the trade.

There is no spread (the difference between the buy and sell prices) in Olymp Trade, but there is a brokerage fee that one has to pay when executing trades or holding them until the next day.

With the inclusion of the Olymp Trade broker platform on meta trader charts you can now access the Olymp Trade platform through the MT4 platforms too.

What Does The Addition of MT4 on Olymp Trade Mean to Us (Traders)?

  • We get an leverage of from from 1:1 to 1:400.
  • There’s a minimum spread from 0 pips on the ECN account.
  • Joining MT4 further confirms Olymp Trade’s reliability.
  • We’ll get a wide selection of indicators and other forecasting methods.
  • We get an extensive listing of available assets.
  • Ability to choose favorable working conditions.
  • Special accounts for Muslims.
  • And even trading robots.

How to Join Olymp Trade With Your Smartphone. 

  1. Here’s the Olymp Trade iOs/Android download link. 
  2. Click on it.
  3. Enter your email address and password.
  4. Check the legal age consent box shown in the form and click the sign up button.

Easy, right?

Alternatively , enter your email address and password below to sign up.

Now that you have an account, don’t you want to learn how to trade?

How to Trade Options in Olymp Trade (Beginners Guide).

Options are the most traded financial instruments in Olymp Trade.

If your friend or relative is already a trader on this platform, chances are he is trading options. But what does this term options mean?

An Option is a financial instruments that enable you to profit by predicting currency exchange rates.Click To Tweet.

This is called trading, and a person who trades is called a trader.

Traders make bets whether the price will rise or fall over a certain period of time.

If the prediction is correct, the trader gets a profit of up to 90% of the trade amount.

Example, if you stake Ksh. 10,000 on Olymp Trade and win, you earn Ksh. 9,000 on top. Isn’t this a cool way of making money with your phone.

In Olymp Trade You can Trade by: – 

  • Choosing the trade time.
  • Then setting the trade amount (minimum $1 in Olymp Trade).
  • Keep monitoring if the price chart is rising or falling.
  • Decide whether the asset price will go up or down.

Olymp Trade success

Proven Strategies That Work for Beginners in Olymp Trade Options –

1. “Japanese Martin” – Created by professional traders.

Use the Japanese Candlestick chart, which shows the price change over a certain time, e.g., 5 minutes.

The red candle means that the price was falling, while the green one shows that the price was rising.

If you monitor the chart for some time, you’ll notice that candles of the same color come in groups.

This means the next candle will probably be of the same color.

Step 1.

Open Japanese Candlestick Chart.
Olymp Trade success stories

Switch to the 5-minute time frame. Candles show the asset price change:

red candle means that the price is falling, while green one means that it’s rising.

Every candle becomes inactive after 5 minutes, that is, it “closes.” Once it closes, a new candle starts forming. This is the best time to open a trade.

Step 2.

Open a Trade Based on the color of the previous button.

If the previous candle was green — open an UP trade.

If the previous candle was red open a DOWN trade.

Once the 5 minutes has passed, your trade is closed.

Step 3.

Enter your new trade amount.

If your forecast was incorrect, double the trade amount – after you’ve won, it will cover all your losses during previous stages.

If it’s correct, set your initial investment amount example, if your initial amount was $100, continue trading with $100.

Step 4.

Continue Trading.

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How to Trade Forex as a Beginner in Olymp Trade Forex.

      1. Pick an asset: a currency pair or metal.
      2. Enter the trade amount: from $1 to $5000.

Olymp Trade Success 3. Select a multiplier – Set x500, and your investment will increase 500 times up to $25,000.

Make money Online with this app4. Decide for yourself when to close a trade to make more profit – for example, take profits as soon as profit reaches $200.

Olymp Trade5. Decide for yourself when to close a trade to make more profits.

Olymp Trade

It’s that easy!

Olymp Trade Success | I Used This App to Make 716,491 Shillings in 5 Months.

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