How to Make Money in Kenya Without Capital

How can you make money in Kenya without capital? Is there even such a thing as making money without money in Kenya? How does it play out?

And, if you started a business without money in 2022, how much would you make daily?

While these questions seem psycho, there is one positive answer to all of them.

Yes, you can make money in Kenya without capital.

And yes, if you started a business without capital in Kenya in 2022 you would still make money in the long run.

One thing to note though, your business may not grow as fast as someone else’s who has put in money to start their business.

Below are a few ways to make money in Kenya without Capital. 

  1. Start rearing chicken.
  2. Start fishing.
  3. Go beg in the streets.
  4. Take odd jobs.
  5. Find a job.
  6. Become a babysitter.
  7. Become a voice-over artist.
  8. Photography
  9. Become a Tiktoker
  10. Sell second-hand textbooks.
  11. Boda Boda
  12. Crowdfund
  13. Sell your secondhand clothes on JIJI or PIGIAME.
  14. Join Pay for performance programs
  15. Become a street preacher.
  16. Refer a friend to make money.
  17. Become an affiliate marketer.
  18. Become a broker.

1. Start rearing chicken.

Chicken rearing is one of those simple ways you can make money in Kenya without capital.

How is that possible you ask?

If you want to make money without money in Kenya, just visit your grandma in shagz and ask her to gift you a hen.

Bring it back to the place where you stay and keep it. Let it roam around searching for its own food.

Depending on its age, it will not take a while before it begins laying.

Now, don’t act soldier boy and start eating those eggs, hahaha… let that hen hatch, and when it does, try to ensure a higher survival rate.

It should not take four months after hatching before you sell your first chicken.

Isn’t that an easy way to make money without capital there?

2. Start fishing.

Another easy way to make money in Kenya without Capital is to start fishing.

Is this something you can do?

Just take your mosquito net and head over to any river near you.

Cast your net to begin fishing.

Whatever you catch, take to the local market and sell.

Now that’s an easy way to make money in Kenya without investing any capital.

3. Go beg in the streets.

If rearing chicken is a long wait for you and fishing is hard a job to do, then why don’t you start begging in the streets.

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t give me a coin if I knew that all I was trying to do was to score from innocent people.

Anyways, depending on how convincing you are, the people you approach, and in which town; you can earn so much money as a beggar in Kenya.

4. Take Odd Jobs.

If poultry doesn’t work, fishing doesn’t work, and begging lands you in Kanjo cells; change your approach of trying to make money in Kenya without capital.

Use whichever skill you have or even your masculinity to make money without investing anything.

These odd jobs can range from slashing people’s compounds to helping people carry luggage at bus stations to even sweeping other people’s compounds for pay.

If you want more money, try Mjengo or laundry or even caretaking.

5. Find a job.

Another simple way to make money in Kenya without investing anything is to actually find a job.

Dust those university degrees and use them to secure yourself the accounting job, the banking job, the medicine job… you name it.

If you can’t find a job that’s related to what you studied in the university, settle for the next best job.

Remember, you want to make money in Kenya without investing any capital. And what better way is there than to use your papers?

6. Become a babysitter.

Babysitting is another easy way to make money in Kenya without capital.

Just let your friends and other mums living around your place know that you can take care of their babies at an agreed fee.

So as not to invest any capital in taking care of the babies, ask their mothers to bring them to your place with food and diapers.

This ensures that your job remains only taking care of the toddlers and nothing else.

7. Become a voice-over artist.

If you have a good voice, time, and can put in efforts to make money online then this if for you.

Head over to and create your account.

Using your phone, record your voice and upload it on the platform.

People who are scouting voiceover artists will find you and give you freelance voiceover gigs.

Use your mum’s wifi, wifi for university, or wifi for the rich neighbor next door to upload your voice gigs.

Doing this ensures you don’t spend any money upfront on this hustle.

8. Photography.

Use your phone to take beautiful photos of yourself, places, cars… you name it.

After taking those photos, head to a site like iStock and upload for licensing.

Bloggers and website owners who get photos from these sites will see your photos and if they are interested, they can buy the license to use them.

That’s how you make money in Kenya without capital.

Just like in the voice-over hustle, try to find free wifi. Or, just dial *126# to redeem your Bonga points for free data bundles.

9. Become a TikToker.

While this is still a long short that may sometimes not come to fruition, it is still an easy way to make money in Kenya without capital.

How you ask?

Just grow your account to 1,000 followers to be able to go live on TikTok.

Afterward, ask those who join your live to gift you TikTok coins which you can then redeem for cash.

Otherwise, you can also find brand sponsorships or open very many different accounts, grow them and sell them for better rewards.

So as not to spend any money upfront, find free wifi.

10. sell second-hand textbooks.

If you are just fresh from school and would like to make money without money, consider selling your used books.

Depending on the condition and how valuable it is, you can fetch something from Ksh. 50 to Ksh. 150 per book.

11. Boda Boda.

Becoming a Boda Boda rider is another easy way to make money in Kenya without investing anything.

Just find a friend who needs a rider for his bike and offer to work for him.

Depending on the town where the bike is, you will pay the owner of the bike Ksh. 300 to Ksh. 500.

Easy, right?

12. Crowdfund.

Other than working, you can also earn money by crowdfunding.

Just come up with a business idea that’s worth funding and pitch it to potential investors.

If they like it, they will give you seed money to invest.

If this doesn’t work, try using crowdfunding apps like M-changa to make money without putting in any upfront investment.

13. Sell your secondhand clothes on JIJI or PIGIAME.

When the worse comes to worst, consider selling your second-hand clothes on sites such as Jiji and Pigiame.

And it’s not only clothes or secondhand stuff, you can also sell new stuff.

14. Join Pay for performance programs in Kenya.

These are performance programs for testing out new drugs or vaccines before they reach the market.

If you want to earn money without investing then you may want to consider this kind of hustle.

Some of the vaccines you can test are for Malaria, HIV, Kaswende…hehe… you name it.

15. Become a street preacher.

Yes, you can also preach to make money.

Just identify a few busses and speak to the driver to allow you to do God’s work before commencing the journey.

When done preaching, threaten those passengers with the never-ending fire of hell if they don’t pay tithe.

Now wait 5 more seconds and see how fast people reach out to their bags to give you money.

It helps if the bus is heading to Western Kenya or to Rift Valley.

16. Refer a friend to make money.

If there is a service which you are already using and it has a referral program; consider referring your friends and services to that program to earn the rewards offered.

17. Become an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote another person’s or company’s products to earn a commission for every sale or lead.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn one-off for a sale or for a lifetime for repeat purchases.

18. Become a broker. 

Another easy way to earn money in Kenya without money is by becoming a broker.

As a broker, you will earn a commission for the sales of products you as broking.

Could be shoes, building stones, land, property… you name it.


There are countless ways you could make money in Kenya without capital.

You just need to open your eyes to every possible option.

Did you have fun reading this post? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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