How to Make Money Online in Kenya | Payment Through Mpesa.

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Are there really any jobs that you can do online in Kenya and be paid through Mpesa?

If yes, which online jobs are they, and how well do they pay?

Can you make a living doing these online jobs?

And last but not least, after how long will you receive your payment if you work online to be paid via Mpesa?

In today’s guide, we explore online jobs that you can do with your phone, your laptop, or even a tablet to earn via Mpesa.

Some of the jobs on our list are jobs with which you are already familiar. The rest, keep reading to find out.

10 Online jobs that you can do in Kenya to get paid via Mpesa.

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Online writing.
  3. Surveys.
  4. Online trading.
  5. Referal sites.
  6. Sports betting
  7. Ecommerce websites.
  8. Online delivery service.
  9. Sell eBooks and courses.
  10. Become an Uber Driver and accept Mpesa payments.

1. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote another person’s or company’s products or services to get a reward in form of a commission.

You can promote these affiliate products or services through websites, social media or send traffic directly to the website of the affiliate company via your links.

The most popular companies with affiliate partnership opportunities in Kenya are: –

  1. Jumia – pays via Mpesa directly via Mpesa when you reach the set commission.
  2. TrueHost – Pays through Mpesa when you reach Ksh. 2,000 in commission.
  3. Vituzote – Also pays through Mpesa.
  4. HotForex – deposits the commission into your Forex account and you can withdraw instantly via Mpesa.
  5. Topserve.
  6. Travelstart – pays flat rate: Kshs 400 per domestic booking and Kshs 1200 per international booking.

The list is endless. Just find a niche that suits you and Google to see if it has affiliate opportunities for Kenyans.

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2. Online writing.

Other than making money online in Kenya by promoting affiliate products, you can also make money online by writing.

These writings can either be academic, articles, essays, poems, whitepapers… you name it.

Some of the websites currently accepting writers in Kenya include: – iWriter, Upwork, Freelancer,, WriterHunter, Falcon Writers, ProWritersTime, Hire Writers Kenya, Nerdy Turtlez, and of course ourselves…

Here are our writing guidelines.

  1. First, send an email to titled “Joon guest post” and introduce yourself
  2. All articles must be written in proper English.
  3. Only send your articles when they are finished – to mean proofread and spell checked.
  4. It is OK to promote a product that resonates with our blog but the websites linked to the product must-have do-follow links.
  5. We do not accept affiliate links on any guest post.
  6. Send us a few article ideas before writing your post – it will save you time because we can’t approve everything.
  7. We accept guest posts related to Blogging in general and personal finance-related posts – Business ideas, Forex, and fixed time trading, and ways to make money online.
  8. Original content only. Do not rewrite, do not refurbish. We will know!
  9. Post must be at least 900 words but you can write more if you want to.
  10. Include images and videos where possible.
  11. Put your bio at the end.

3. Referal Sites.

These are sites that you are already using on a daily basis.

For example, Payoneer will pay you up to $25 to refer an active user, and the Berry loan app will pay you Kshs 100 to refer a new client.

Other mobile apps and platforms that will pay you money to refer your friends include: –

  1. Branch loan app – pays Kshs 500
  2. Haraka loan app pays Kshs 100
  3. Loan Bee pays Kshs 100
  4. Okash offers KES 2 for every friend that registers via your link and KES 150 when they repay the loan.
  5. PesaZone offers KES 100 for every person invited who repays their first loan.
  6. Zenka offers KES 100 credit on each first loan that your friends repay.

There are very many other apps in Kenya that will pay you to refer your friends and relatives.

Some of them are for betting, others for banking, and many others for other stuff. Just find out if you can get a code and if they can pay you via Mpesa for the referrals.

4. Surveys.

Survey sites are another popular bunch of online jobs that pay via Mpesa.

Hard feelings aside, survey sites in Kenya will pay you money just to give them your opinion about a particular subject, product, or service.

Some of the most popular survey sites in Kenya that pay via M-Pesa are: –

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  • $10,000 Demo units await.
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  • Opinion Space.
  • iPoll.
  • Ipsos i-Say.
  • Superpayme.
  • Vivatic.
  • Paid Surveys Kenya.
  • PaidViewPoint.
  • Triaba.

Payments for survey sites can be just as low as payments for mobile loan app referrals. But at least it is money you wouldn’t have otherwise received if you hadn’t worked online.

5. Online Trading.

Trading is the process of forecasting the future price of an asset and if prices end up as you have predicted, you earn money.

There are different types of assets you can trade to make money online.

For example, you can trade currency pairs, commodities, idices, stock, ETFs, or even OTC pairs and indices.

The most popular trading platform for making money online in 2021 is Olymp Trade. And you can start with a minimum deposit of $10 only.

Create a demo account here to have a feel of how the platform looks and to practice trading without risking your funds.

6. Sports Betting.

Betting is when you play a game of chance, hoping you will get a bigger return than what you put in. The keywords there being “game” and “hoping”.

If you are lucky, you will make money with your bet and if you use a Kenyan being company, you can withdraw your money directly from the betting platform to Mpesa.

7. Receive ecommerce payments via the Lipa Na Mpesa Portal.

E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling products or services over the Internet.

If you want to make money online in Kenya through mpesa, just add the Lipa Na Mpesa API to your website and set it up for automated payments.

8. Online delivery service.

Another simple way to make money online through Mpesa is to become an online delivery guy.

You can accept delivery orders online and request to be paid via Mpesa.

9. Sell eBooks and courses.

You can also make money online through Mpesa by writing and selling eBooks on digital marketplaces like Facebook or Muthurwa.

10. Become an Uber Driver and Accept Mpesa Payments.

*Risk warning:

The information provided does not constitute a recommendation to carry out transactions. When using this information, you are solely responsible for your decisions and assume all risks associated with the financial result of such transactions.

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