How To Make Money Programming in Kenya

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Would you like to start making money programming in Kenya?

In this guide, I will not only reveal proven strategies used by coders in Kenya to bring in extra income per month, but I will also take an extra step to show you the steps needed to get started.

Programming in Kenya is gaining popularity, thanks to thousands of success stories we hear every day about successful coding projects that earn programmers overnight riches.

Sad but true, there are now more coding millionaires than there are doctor millionaires in Kenya.


Because of the global shift towards modernization, use of applications (both mobile and web-based), and emergence of automation.

If you take a second to think about it, coding is the most lucrative skill at the moment.

Companies and big brands are all in the race to bag the most talented programmer they can get, by promising boatloads of salary and other wages.

Ideally, the world is moving away from the normal way of doing things. Take for example the way we travel. We are used to gas-powered motor vehicles, then entered Tesla and their electric cars.

Look at normal stuff like a mere watch.

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We now have smartwatches, and people are going crazy about it. In fact, the word ‘smartwatch’ is getting over 100K searches every month on Google.

What is my point?

I will ask you a simple question.

From electric cars, smartwatches, to AI (artificial intelligence and machine learning), who is leading this revolution?

You guessed right, the programmers.

Programming is a skill you can learn at any time you want. All you need is determination and the right resources.

But what is the point of having programming skills if you can’t make money programming? 

Here Are 7 Easy Ways To Make Money Programming In Kenya (Proven ways only)

  1. Start a programming blog in Kenya

By far, this is the easiest way of making money programming in Kenya without breaking a sweat.

And guess what, 

I’ll bet $1000 that when you were learning how to code, you went online looking for guides, tutorials, and anything that could help you shorten the learning curve.

The truth is, you are not alone. There are thousands of other Kenyans in the same position you were while starting this journey.

But look at you now, all grown and pretty confident with churning out lines of codes within minutes with minimal bugs.

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To make money coding in Kenya, why not teach others whatever you have learned throughout your journey? Of course via a blog/vlog.

You can start a blog where you talk about your experiences, challenges, and most importantly, how you solved them.

When you start teaching about coding, two things will happen:

  1. You make money in the process (through ads and selling products)
  2. You build a name for yourself within the programming community in India. Nothing beats the respect from peers, it is priceless.

Besides, there is a saying that goes, you can never fully learn something until you teach it. That is powerful. In the process of teaching programming, you are growing personally.

2. Create a course

While blogging helps you teach others about what you do, you don’t actually make much money as you would selling courses.

Yes, blogging is great. It can make you money through advertising and maybe sponsored posts here and there, but that is not all since you cannot scale it.

Now, think about it for a second.

With a course teaching programming in Kenya, you can get paid while you sleep.

Someone pays for the course and learns a very useful skill, isn’t that interesting?

Going back to when you were still green in this coding thing, wouldn’t it have been really great if you had landed on a course showing you steps to take from a complete beginner to being an expert?

Who wouldn’t be willing to pay for something promising them the results they have been looking for all along (being an expert programmer)?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, follow these steps.

  • Think of your own journey as a programmer, what strategies of ‘hacks’ that helped you learn faster? Did you have a system to retain information and apply?
  • Take your experiences and put them into a step by step process that someone else can easily follow, say in a video or text format.
  • Package the system into chapters or modules and make sure it’s thorough.
  • Upload them into a central point, say your website or use online platforms like Udemy, SkillShare
  • Price the course reasonably. The last thing you want is no one accessing it because it is ridiculously expensive

Here is why creating a course is better than blogging.

While blogging requires constant attention, replying comments, sharing content online, and research, a course on the other is different altogether.

With a course, once you are done creating it and uploaded it somewhere students can easily access it, 80 percent of the work is done.

What is left is answering arising questions, which in most cases won’t happen if the product itself was thorough.

Additionally, you can scale a course to bring more money from a single sale.


When a student pays for the course, you can upsell a complimentary ebook at a slightly lower price. Do this and you double or even 3X your profits with only 1 sale.

3. Freelancing

You must have heard about freelancing before. It is the perfect way of taking back control of your life, both freedom wise and the income you earn.

As a freelance programmer in Kenya, you are in charge of the projects you accept and the amount of money you charge. No one can bully you around demanding crazy working hours.

You can work whenever you want wherever you want.

As a freelancer, anywhere in your office. Isn’t that amazing?

Yes, the dream is really tantalizing and tempting, the question is, how do you achieve this?

Here are a couple of ways to be a freelance programmer in Kenya and to actually make money while at it.

  • Join freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. On this platform, people like you offer their talents remotely, and in exchange, you get paid. Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplaces, making it the perfect place to start hunting for projects as a freelancer. All you have to do is open an account and bid for gigs.
  • Besides making money as a freelancer from Fiverr, you can outsource work there. This is what I mean: working alone can be overwhelming sometimes, lots of projects and tight deadlines to beat, what do you do? Outsource work. Doing this helps you work faster, get more work, and more money in your pocket.

Other places you should consider are Upwork and Freelancer. Despite what you might have heard about Upwork, it is still one of the best sites to get work as a programmer in Kenya.

4. Build a product and sell it.

This is how to make money programming in Kenya. You are a programmer. Your work is to write lines of code all day. Why not do something for yourself?

You can create a program and sell it for thousands of dollars to companies, individual investors among other people.

The truth is, everyone understands the value of a program or an app today. Tell someone you are selling software and witness their eyes bulge in excitement.

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But there is one problem.

Not all programs or apps are the same.

Some have the potential to bring in a few crores within a short period, while others fail from the moment they are launched.

Learning what differentiates them is the key to unlocking the unlimited potential of making and selling programs and apps in Kenya.


Here are the little secrets few people know about software and mobile apps:

To make valuable apps, look for trending topics, and think of a way an app or program could help solve the issue.

Making an app takes a lot of time and energy, I realized that. But why make something that no one is going to use?

First, do some research into the challenges people are facing around you. Keep a list of these challenges and possible solutions.

Then ask yourself, can you turn the solution into a piece of software? If yes, can you make money from it? If no, move to the next.

5. Enter coding contests in Kenya

I know, this sounds way bogus. But trust me, programming is a thing and people are making so much money doing it. So much that you wouldn’t believe!

The biggest coding contest is the TopCoder, boasting over 1 million participants. The program features three categories you can join: data science, design, and development.

With such contests, you will be working on real-world challenges for big corporations. Doing so is a win in two-fold:

  1. You may win the huge prizes
  2. And gain a ton of experience doing the same.

Besides, it is a program that brings together a ton of brilliant minds in the programming community. Network, make friends, and who knows, maybe you will land a business deal or a business partner.

6. Start a YouTube channel

Have you been to YouTube lately looking for programming advice? Who are the top channels?

70% of the top coding channels on YouTube today are ones run by Indians. Why is that?

Well, for an obvious reason, you can make a lot of money as a youtube coder.

Think of it from this angle.

Are all these guys are on YouTube just posting videos because they want to ‘teach for FREE?’ Heck no!

The majority of them are there because YouTube is one of the ways of how to make money programming.

But now that there are other programmers already doing it, is it really a good idea to also start a Youtube channel?

Yes and no.

Let me explain.

No, if you have nothing new to offer.

Take it from this angle, everyone is talking about the same thing.

Do this, do that, how to code your first C++ program, Hello World, and other generic crap.

If you are considering this idea, I have one piece of advice for you: it will work but only if you do the following.

  • Be unique

Look at all these other channels, what are they doing that you can do better or different? Do you have a simpler way to achieve the same results in half the time and effort? That is your unique angle.

  • Instead of talking about programming in general, focus on a specific niche or topic. For example, you can start a channel about how to code for beginner moms

The goal here is to differentiate yourself from the crowd and appeal to a few people who are passionate about the topic.

Once you have built the channel, it is time to monetize it. Use the following strategies to make money on YouTube as a programmer in Kenya.

  • Use the YouTube advertising program to make money when people watch your videos
  • Promote other people’s products and make a commission when you successfully refer a customer
  • Drive traffic back to your blog or programming course

That is how to make money programming in Kenya using YouTube.

7. Join Bounty Programs

This is another lucrative way of how to make money programming in Kenya.

And here is why:

In 2019 alone, software failures caused a loss amounting to $1.7 trillion worth of assets (according to Tricentis). The study went ahead to mention that the failures affected over 314 companies, consequently disrupting half of the world’s population.

Just look at these numbers, they cannot be ignored.

Here is the interesting thing:

Most of these software problems were avoidable.

If there is one thing you can be sure of is that programmers or developers make mistakes. And hence the need for bounty programs.

What are bounty programs?

This is the process of getting paid to ‘hunt’ for bugs, popularly known as bug bounty hunting. Here, you are given products such as websites, applications, and software to find vulnerabilities.

You get paid every time you identify and dent within the code, and successfully propose a way to patch it.

Pretty simple, right?

In fact, this is so lucrative that some coders are already making thousands of dollars a year participating in bounty programs on the side.

Here is a list of platforms you can find such programs:

Research on the programs and join the ones you like.

Final thoughts on how to make money programming in Kenya

Coding is a skill with a huge potential to completely transform your life overnight. You just have to know how to leverage it to get whatever you want.

Saying that doesn’t mean you start scamming people off the internet and breaking into websites. Do that at your own risk.

Rather, implement these ideas and live a comfortable life happy.

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