How to Make Money Writing Articles in Kenya in 2022.

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Do you know just how much you can make writing articles? I guess you don’t because if you did, you would be writing articles now, and making money out of it.

Writing articles is a sure way of earning a living especially in this age of computers, where almost everything is online.

Almost every business is locating online and more and more websites are being created every day.

Whether blogs, websites, or organization social platforms, all of these need articles to post.

You can position yourself to earn big by being the one to write those articles.

What’s even better is, you don’t have to be tied to one organization or blogger or any client that needs articles. You can source various article writing gigs from various sites that offer such opportunities.

Visit Website.
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Here are 6 reliable sites which offer Article Writing Jobs and how to make money writing articles on them:

  1. Link-Able.

Are you a native English Author with a record of high-quality work in English?

Then you have a niche to exploit on Link-Able.

Fields to write about on Link-Able include Technology, Sports, Finance, Business, Marketing, and Health among others.

If you are a writer with a taste in any of the fields, then apply on Link-Able to be considered for paid gigs.

To begin writing articles on Link-Able:

  • Apply for an author account.
  • Choose your preferred field.
  • Wait to get approved.
  • Browse for writing jobs.
  • Read the job specifications before anything.
  • Recommend a site you can write your article on.
  • If you are allocated the job, write the article.
  • Publish the article and get paid.

You can earn $100 – $700 per article working on Link-Able.

  1. Watch Culture.

Are you a writer with an edge in the fields of Film, Music, Sports, and Television among other common fields? Then money is waiting for you on Watch Culture.

Watch Culture absorbs contributors to write articles on the fields related to Watching as outlined above.

They post their articles on prominent platforms such as Sky News, BBC Radio, Metro Radio, and prominent newspapers.

To begin writing articles on Watch culture:

  • Send an email detailing your interest to [email protected] or;
  • Chat with ‘Whatculture’ on Skype or;
  • Visit them at their offices in Newcastle in the UK.

Have an idea of how much you can earn if you become a contributor to Watch Culture? 

You can earn $100 – $500 per article.


Do you have a great sense of humor? Then has a special place for you, where you can earn a decent amount writing humorous articles. is a humor site and with good humorous content.

If you want to start writing for pay then this is another great site to consider finding work on.

Besides writing, can also do videos and photographs, all of which are humorous.

To begin writing articles on

  • Register on the site.
  • Click on the Writer’s workshop.
  • Pitch an article idea by writing it.


For articles accepted and published on the site, you will earn $100.

If they publish five of your articles, you will then begin earning $200 per article.

You also stand a chance to earn a $100 bonus if any of your articles appear on the monthly top 10 articles.

  1. Strong Whispers.

Talk of Social issues and topics such as lifestyle, fashion, education, leadership, and environment; and Strong Whispers is perfectly defined.

That is not all though, as there are unlimited topics covered on the platform.

Strong Whispers allows you to earn a living by writing articles based on any of the topics within their scope. They pay for every article that they publish.

To begin writing articles on Strong Whispers:

  • Choose a topic.
  • Send Strong Whispers an outline of such an article with your rates.
  • Send your blog URL for verification of your writing style.
  • Wait for a response as to whether the topic is of interest to them.
  • Once invited, write the article and submit it to them for review.
  • Wait for the response – you expect rejection or a signal to do some minor changes on the article or approval.
  • Approval means that they will publish it and pay you.

Just how much do you expect to earn?

You will earn between $50 – $150 per article.

  1. Wow Women on Writing.

Are you a female writer? Then there is no perfect place to be than on Wow Women on Writing.

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Wow Women on Writing encourages female writers and gives them opportunities to flourish.

The site is committed to providing nourishing content to women and that means they have a wide audience.

Topics you can choose from on Wow Women on Writing include innovative business and freelancing among others.

Wow Women on Writing usually has a monthly theme on which articles should be related.

About linking back to your content, they link back to your site from your Author profile.

To begin writing articles on Wow Women on Writing:

  • Pitch an article idea.
  • Write the article in the body of the email.
  • Send the email to Wow Women on Writing.
  • You can send a link to other content of your own so they can see your work.
  • Wait for a response and if they approve your article, it will be published as you get paid.

If you have no idea of just how much you can make writing articles on Wow Women on Writing as a female writer, then it is up to $150 per article.

  1. Metro Parent.

Metro Parent runs both a website and a Magazine.

If you are a seasoned freelance writer who can write local stories of interest to the local parents as well as make it as fun as possible, then Metro Parent is hot on your heels.

To begin writing articles on Metro Parent:

  • Pitch an article idea early.
  • If they invite you to write, then write the article and submit as soon as possible.
  • If they approve your article, send an invoice within the week you submitted the article.

Any idea how much you could earn per article on Metro Parent? Up to $350.

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