I Earned Ksh. 502,000 in Under 2 Hours With Olymp Trade

Last year I shared my Olymp Trade success story for the first time on the internet. I Earned Ksh. 502,000 in Under 2 Hours With Olymp Trade. Interestingly, I didn’t have so much experience in Trading Options. In fact, I was blank. I had no idea about Olymp Trade & how people benefited from the platform. Suffice to say that I just opened an account out of intuition & hope that if Olymp Trade isn’t a scam, I’d make money online & be a testimony to others.

It also didn’t help that I was jobless. I had lost my job to redundancy at the beginning of 2018 & was living on the last coins of my daughters’ savings (in June) after spending the severance pay.

Which meant all these options: –

  • I needed money urgently in the month of June 2018; else I’d be homeless by the close of the month. Thrown out by the landlord.
  • I’d probably go hungry with my wife & kid. And no one would give a damn
  • And worse, my wife would leave. If women leaving broke, jobless husbands is anything to go by.

Simply put, I needed so much money to sort my issues. And however much it did not appeal to me spending the little I had left; I did.

And I did it mainly because after opening an Olymp Trade account & trading with the demo units for a couple of hours; it got into my head that I was a professional trader. 


Maybe because I won so much that my demo units moved from the initial $10,000 to $31,000 & some coins in just a few hours. 

Of course this wasn’t real money. I needed to make my first deposit of at least $10 to begin earning real cash. 


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I Had a Decision to Make  

Which decision?

You see, when you trade with the Olymp Trade Free Account; you can win so much. However, anything won with this account can not be withdrawn.


Because the free account is for training.

But, going by my winnings I was already a successful trader (on paper). So why didn’t I stop worrying about being thrown out of my house?

Isn’t it money I wanted? And isn’t it money Olymp Trade was giving?

I had a tough decision to make.

A decision that would either further the turmoil in my house or bring an everlasting Joy.I had to invest the $30 I had left to get real returns.

With the trend that had already seen me make Ksh. 2 Million with the demo account; I wasn’t about to have any last-minute second thoughts. I deposited the money.

Or what would you have me do?

Continue wishing the demo credits were real money so I could be rich?

How I Earned Ksh. 502,000 in Under 2 Hours With Olymp Trade

Reflecting on this great day, I feel so happy 🙂 .

But how did I do it?

Having stayed glued to the computer for so long, I captured a trend and capitalized on it.

I kept calling many simultaneous options on assets to rise. Placing so many predictions at a time.

I’d later learn that this strategy is called diversification. (Striking more options on different assets at the same time).

This guaranteed that when my forecasts won I got so much money & won almost all the predictions.

On the other hand, I placed my predictions with more amounts as soon as I hit $150. This boosted my returns to the point that I was making forecasts with $300 or more dollars.


What’s The Minimum Deposit & Trade Amounts in Olymp Trade?   

In Olymp Trade you can deposit a minimum of $10 & trade with a minimum of $1. But if you are sure of the next outcome, stake more to get more return on investment.

With consistency & huge wins, I made Ksh. 502,000 in under two hours of deposit.

But I would have made more if I didn’t waste so much time debating about what my wife would do if I lost.

You too could start making money online.

In fact, we can do it together if you want.


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If you are reading this post, I hope it is because you also want to make money with Olymp Trade. You can ride on my experience to make money by my side. I’ll show you how to trade & when to trade.

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26 Comments on “I Earned Ksh. 502,000 in Under 2 Hours With Olymp Trade”

  1. Hi there Ken, I would like to join your team but right now I don’t even have the $10 to invest. I have been jobless for three years and it’s really tough with kids in school and rent to pay. I will join your team once I get the money.

    1. Hi Kenn,

      Sorry I’ve been offline in the past few days. Thank you for the free ebook. How do I get access to it for free as when I clicked on the link it took me to the buy now page. Is it possible to send it to my email.

      I would also like to join Olymp Trade and have you coach me on how to do the trade as am a complete newbie to this thing.

      Thanks in advance for the book.

        1. Hi Kenn,
          Sarah here. I have joined Olymp Trade using the link provided above. I will get in touch on Monday when I’m online so that I get direction on how to get started with the demo account. I’m so green at this and don’t even know where to start. Thanks for helping me out with this.

          1. Hi Kenn,

            I hope all is well with you. I have been trying out trading on the demo account and there are some winnings and some loses too. It’s like I’m just there in between and my balance is just slightly over 10k. I think there is something that I’m not doing right and I will appreciate your help please before I load my account and start the real trading.

            Baraka tele

  2. Hi Kenn
    I have an account in olymp trade for almost one month. I studied the chart process, but whatever I open, I eventually fail to fail. I do not know. What should I do? Please help me if you can.?

  3. hi Ken
    i already have an account on olymptrade. i was actually looking for more guidance when i came accross this. i would like to know more.would like to do more demo trading before i do the real deal.
    i’m a Nigerian, don’t have a steady source of income. am broke and my last pay is a little above $10. i want to invest it on this but i want to have more experience first as a newbie. i prefer to this risk with this last money, even if i spend it, it would finish anyway and i’d start looking for how else to get little money. please help me howver you can so i can trade successfully.

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