Top 5 Instagram Businesses to Start in 2020

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Instagram is an amazing photo and video sharing app that we use to connect to friends and family online. Interestingly, Instagram is as much a great place to start your small business as it is to network.

Until now (2020) 1 billion plus people use Instagram every month – out of which 89% are non-US citizens.

But here’s an even more interesting fact – Instagram users will spend at least 28 minutes a day on the app in 2020 with at least 200 million users visiting a business profile during this time.

Do you know what these stats project?

They projects a huge market share to take advantage of in 2020 for your new Instagram business.

Below is a list of top businesses to start on Instagram in 2020.

Top 5 Instagram Businesses to start in 2020.

1. Start a Food Blogging Business on Instagram. 

Foodie channels on Instagram

If you love learning and sharing about latest food trends, recipes, local dining spots or cooking in general, why not start a food blog on Instagram in 2020?

Food blogging/influencing is not a unique business per se, but it is a great way to earn passive income online without investing so much capital.

To make good money with this kind of business though, you will need to have a massive following – even better if they are active and engaged.

To prove that the foodie influencing business on Instagram actually works, here’s a list of top foodie influencers on Instagram and how much they earn: –

Instagram Name & HandleInfluencer NicheFollowersHow Much They Charge Per Post
1. David Chang - @davidchangFood1 million$1,300
2. Kevin Curry - @fitmencookFood1.2 million$1,500
3. Ella Mills - @deliciouslyellaFood1.4 million$1,600
4. Cezar Gonzalez - @co_cineroFood1.9 million$2,450
5. Martha Stewart - @marthastweartFood1.9 million$2,500
6. Joe Wicks - @thebodycoachFood2.3 million$2,650
7. Yolanda Gampp - @yolanda_gamppFood2.7 million$3,500
8. Rosanna Pansino - @rosannapansinoFood3.8 million$4,500
9. Gordon Ramsey - @gordongramFood4.8 million$5,500

Interestingly, you don’t need to have over a million followers to begin monetizing your account.

You can begin making money with Instagram when your account hits 30,000 followers – at which point you can start charging between $25-$50 per post.

As your account grows, you will increase your cost per post. For instance, Kim Kardashian West has slightly over 107 million followers and sometimes charges over $500,000 for a sponsored Instagram post.

2. Start a Travel Blogging Business on Instagram. 

Travel business ideas on Instagram

Unlike you who has 50,000 plus followers and just having fun on Instagram, celebrities are using such following to make some cool cash for themselves.

If you fall in this band of people; travelling a lot while taking pictures on trips and posting on Instagram, why not start monetizing your account?

Interestingly, you can make as much as $20 Mil a year just doing what you love and charging competitive rates for sponsored posts.

Here’s a list of world renowned travel influencers on Instagram and how much they charge per post.

Instagram Name & HandleInfluencer NicheFollowersHow Much They Charge Per Post
1. Hannes Becker - @hannes_beckerTravel1.3 million plus$3,600
2. Louis Cole - @funforlouisTravel1.4 million plus$4,000
3. Leonie Hanne - @LeonieHaneTravel1.8 million plus$5,000
4. Alex Strohl - @alexstrohlTravel2 million plus$5,750
5. Lauren Bullen - @gypsea_lustTravel2.1 million plus$6,000
6. Jack Morris - @doyoutravelTravel2.8 million plus$8,250
7. Chris Burkard - @chrisburkardTravel3.1 million plus$8,800
8. Paul Nicklen - @paulnicklenTravel4.5 million plus$9,250
9. Garret & Jessica Gee - @thebucketlistfamilyTravel1.4 million plus$23,000

With this kind of money on Instagram wouldn’t you want to become a travel influencer in 2020?

Grow your profile to start monetizing your account.

3. Become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram. 

Fashion Blogging businesses on Instagram

Fashion blogging on Instagram is one of the most lucrative Instagram businesses ever.

Fashion lovers/influences with good audiences monetize their accounts by driving leads to niche businesses in  the travel industry.

In 2019 top fashion bloggers on Instagram earned as high as $27,000 per post.

Interestingly, the least earning fashion influencers on Instagram didn’t have more than 30,000 followers and they still earned $50 per post – easily.

If you love fashion and are aggressive enough to promote fashion businesses, why not become a fashion influencer in 2020?

Here’s a list of established fashion influencers/bloggers on Instagram and how much they charge per post.

Instagram Name & HandleNicheFollowersHow Much They Charge Per Post
1. Bella Hadid - @bellahadidFashion20 million plus$27,000
2. Emily Ratajkowski - @emrataFashion19.6 million plus$26,500

3. Chiara Ferragni - @chiaraferragniFashion15.1 million plus$19,500
4. Gianluca Vacchi - @gianlucavacchiFashion11.6 million plus$16,750
5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - @rosiehwFashion8.4 million plus$11,500
6. Camila Coelho - @camilacoelhoFashion7.4 million plus$10,750
7. Mariano Di Vaio - @marianodivaioFashion6.2 million plus$9,000
8. Frederico Lucia - @fedezFashion6.8 million plus$8,500
9. Aimee Song - @songofstyleFashion4.9 million plus$7,000

4. Start a Beauty Blog on Instagram.  

Instagram businesses - beauty blog

Just like fashion, travel and food, beauty blogs are a big thing on Instagram.

In fact, beauty blogs could be the most paying businesses after celebrity, sports and fashion influencers.

Like all Instagram businesses you need to build up an audience in the niche before starting to work with brands to make money on posts updated daily.

Here’s our list of top beauty businesses on Instagram and how much their owners make per post.

You can also start your beauty blog on Instagram to start earning in 2020.

Instagram Name & HandleNicheFollowersHow Much They Charge Per Post
1. Huda Kattan - @hudabeautyBeauty, influencer27.4 million plus$33,000
2. Zoe Sugg - @zoellaBeauty, influencer1.2 million plus$16,000
3. Nikkie De Jager - @nikkietutorialsBeauty11 million plus$15,750
4. Naomi Giannopoulos - @vegas_nayBeauty7.4 million plus$12,000
5. Jeffree Star - @jeffreestarBeauty8.4 million plus$10,500
6. James Charles - @jamescharlesBeauty8.2 million plus$9,750
7. Amra Olevic - @amrezyBeauty5.6 million plus$9,000
8. Manny Gutierrez - @mannymua733Beauty4.9 million plus$7,900
9. Shayla Mitchell - @makeupshaylaBeauty2.7 million plus$4,400

5. Start Blogging About Fitness on Instagram. 

Fitness business on Instagram

The fitness niche is another great area to start your business on Instagram in 2020.

As it is, fitness bloggers makes as much as $30,000 per post – with a following not more than 20 Million.

Here’s our list of fitness bloggers earning good money from their Instagram businesses

Instagram Name & HandleNicheFollowersHow Much They Charge Per Post
1. Sommer Ray - @sommerrayFitness, influencer19.1 million plus$29,000
2. Michelle Lewin - @michelle_lewinFitness13.2 million plus$22,500
3. Jen Selter - @jenselterFitness12.4 million plus$19,250
4. Ana Cheri - @anacheriFitness11.3 million plus$18,000
5. Anllela Sagra - @anllela_sagraFitness11 million plus$16,600
6. Kayla Itsines - @kayla_itsinesFitness, influencer10.2 million plus$15,000
7. Anna Nystrom - @annanystromFitness6.9 million plus$10,250
8. Gracyanne Barbosa - @graficialFitness6.8 million plus$10,000
9. Lazar Angelov - @lazar_angelov_officialFitness5.9 million plus$9,500

Bonus Business Ideas for Instagram in 2020.

1. Become a Product Reviewer on Instagram.  

If you don’t have enough followers to become an influencer or a blogger on Instagram then why nor become a product reviewer in 2020?

Start by sharing videos or product caption of products and services you have used in the past.

Make sure your reviews are honest and who knows, you could bump on brands that need your reviewing services.

Try to confine your reviews on specific niches to make them more relate-able.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer on Instagram.  

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which online brands pay commissions to external websites or individuals to drive sales to their businesses.

The service is performance based and affiliate marketers are only paid when their leads convert into sales.

If you have a huge following on your Instagram account, why not promote affiliate products and earn commissions for all sales you generate?

And it is just as easy as choosing a niche, applying for an affiliate program, using the links to send traffic to the online retailer and boom! You are an affiliate marketer.

For starters you can work with affiliate companies like: –

  • Rakuten.
  • Amazon associates.
  • CJ Affiliates.
  • Skimlinks.
  • ShareASale.
  • Clickbank.
  • ShopStyle Collective.

3. Start Your Event Photography Business on Instagram. 

Event Photography

Being a social network for videos and photos, you’ll notice so many businesses seeking professional event photographers on Instagram.

This is where your photography skill comes in handy.

Event photographers charge from between $25 and $500 per hour depending on your portfolio.

4. Product Photography.  

Another trend for businesses on Instagram is – only posting photos of professionally captured products.

These could be agricultural products, fashion products, beauty, travel etc…

You can seek retail businesses selling products on Instagram and submit your proposal to work with them.

Product photographers on Instagram charge from $10-$250 per hour.

5. Become a DIY Expert.  

Noticed something lately on social media videos?

You can’t watch 10 without coming by a DIY video.

If there are a couple of things that you have learnt to do yourself in a fun, convenient and easy way, why not teach everyone else with videos on Instagram?

You can then monetize your channel through sponsored post or get free giveaways for your projects.

Instagram Businesses in Kenya

More Business Ideas. 

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