Help2Pay | How to Use Internet Banking to Fund Olymp Trade in Asia

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How do you find day trading in Olymp Trade? Is it easy? Is it fun? Or excessively profitable than you expected?


Remind me again,

Which payment option do you use to fund your account?

Do you use VISA, SKRILL, BRI INTERNET BANKING, MayBank2U, RHB, Help2Pay, Bualuang iBanking, Bank Central Asia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia or Neteller?

Another thing.

Have you tried to withdraw Olymp Trade Profits to these banking services?

How fast are they?

Take minutes? 🙂

That’s how fast your Olymp Trade deposits can be if you opt to fund your account with iBanking services in Asian countries.

It helps that Asian banks and Fin-techs in Asia already accept deposits for online trading.

For example, you can easily use Bao Kim in Vietnam to make olymp Trade deposit in just a few seconds.

Or use Help2Pay online banking to make Olymp Trade deposits in Thailand.


Other deposit services that work in Asia include: –

  1. May2U for Traders in Malaysia.

2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia for Indonesian Traders (Watch Video Tutorial).

Does Internet Banking Deposits Only Work in Asia?

So far no one has come out openly on our live chat system or in the internet to say that they tried ibanking deposits on Olymp Trade and failed,

Not from Africa. Not from Asia. And certainly not in Kenya.

I haven’t tried it myself because Nakumatt Mastercard works just fine for me (Make deposits at any KCB or DTB Bank branches).

So I’d be vague if I gave an extensive review of online banks working with Olymp Trade in Kenya.

Rather, I can write so much about Skrill.

I am confident that Olymp Trade -Skrill works well in all countries.

Whether you are in Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia… Name it. It should work for you if you follow this process

>Create a skrill account — If you don’t already have one.

> Use your VISA card to make deposit to Skrill.

Confirm that your funds have reflected on Skrill.

> Now login to Olymp Trade.

> Click on the make deposit button.

> Select Skrill to complete your deposit.

If you don’t have an Olymp Trade Account, register here.


Important Update.

In order to make a deposit from Visa cards the following conditions must be satisfied: 
1 – The card must be VISA or MasterCard.
2 – Your name must be written on the card.
3 – 3D secure system of your card must be enabled (The SMS code,which is sent by your bank to confirm the online purchase). Visit your bank to enable this.

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