How to Trade With Iron Trade in Kenya | Direct Mpesa Deposits Accepted

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Is Iron Trade a Scam?

Before opening an account with Iron Trade or investing your money with the platform, know you can lose some or all your investments. Another thing, people who have invested with Iron trade in Kenya have reported trouble in withdrawing their money. Stay safe.

Iron Trade is one of the options trading platforms that’s now trending in Kenya.

Kenyan Traders love the platform for its simplicity and also for the very fact that it is the only binary options trading platform that now accepts direct Mpesa deposits.

Even so, if you have never tried investing on any online trading platform you will find it difficult to figure out IronTrade and how it works.

In this post I will show you how to start trading with IronTrade to make money.

On the same breath, we highlight some of the best trend indicators that you can use in IronTrade to maximize your trading profits.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How to Make Money on Iron Trade.

Trading and making money on IronTrade is very easy. All you need is an active trading account.

Do you have one already?

You can register here if you have never created an IronTrade account.

After registration, login to your trading account.

You will see a trading interface that looks like the image shown below.


Study the trading interface with the help of the pointers shown in the image.

All assets in IronTrade have 90% income return.

Meaning, if you trade with $100 in IronTrade, you will get $190 net income when you win.

How to Trade With IronTrade.

  1. Login to your Iron Trade account or register here to access the platform.
  2. Choose the best asset to trade with – example of assets – EUR/USD.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to trade with – the minimum trading amount in IronTrade is Ksh. 10.
  4. Select the time you want your trade to run – minimum trade time in IronTrade is 30 seconds.
  5. Choose the direction of your trade by clicking up or down buttons to open a trade.

Note: – Clicking the up button is also known as a call option and when you click the button it means you are predicting that at the expiration of your trade, the price value of the asset you are trading (e.g EUR/USD) will rise.

Clicking the down button is also known as a put option. When you put an option in IronTrade, it means you are predicting that at the expiration of the trade, the asset price which you are trading will decrease in value. And when it does, you make profits.

Create an Account .

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