Juice Bar Startup in Kenya | Cost & Profits Review of 2020

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How about we begin on this tight note, “No matter how new your business idea is, it isn’t 100% unique; someone else is already doing it.”

Someone else is already in the car hire business, more people are already doing interior design; the tents for hire business; running Betin shops or thinking to start some small profitable business in 2020.

Then you would ask;

What’s the most profitable business that isn’t very saturated & offers a high return on investment?

How about you start a juice business in Kenya?

In today’s edition of Joon Business Ideas for Kenya we reveal the costs involved in a juice bar startup; the benefits of owning a juice business & the profits expected. 

Are you in?

How to Start a Juice Business.

All you need in starting a juice business is the will to work & the passion to stay working. However, this statement isn’t true if you don’t have the equipment (a freezer, juicer, shaker & or blender); trade licences & a suitable location for your business.

How Much Does it Cost to start a Juice Bar?

The juice bar startup costs is dependent on what you already own & are willing to leverage to start your business.

Do you have a juicer, a blender & or a fruit peelers in your kitchen?

Use them in your juice business to reduce the cost of start up. The cost can be reduced to as low as Ksh. 3000 if you leverage a lot.

But if you don’t have any equipment already, buy them from this list.

Juice bar start up equipment. 

Commercial Blender – 1500 W – 2 Litter Jar.
  • Speed Control Settings. 
  • Strongly built to crush ice in seconds. 
  • Premium quality with a transparent unbreakable jar.
  • Multi Functional.

 Price – Ksh. 7,500 Buy Now.

Best Commercial Blender for a Juice BarBest Commercial Blender for a Juice Bar Business in Kenya.
Automatic Fruit & Vegetable Peeler. 
  • Made of Steel. 
  • Durable.
  • Peels fruits. 
  • Energy efficient. 
  • Convenient for Fruit Peels. 

Price Ksh. 2,799 Buy Now.

Fruit peelers to buy for a fruit barBest Juice Peeler for a Juice Bar Business in Kenya.
Multi-functional juicer.
  • Has filter material inside. 
  • Energy efficient. 
  • Variable speed. 
  • Rated Voltage. 
  • One of the best juicers in kenya.

Price – Ksh. 4,999 Buy Now.

Multi-functional juicers to buy for a juice barMultifunctional Juicer for Juice Bar Business in Kenya.
250 ml Manual Citrus Juicer.
  • 250 ml capacity. 
  • Squeezes oranges, lemons bananas and srawberries.  
  • Enhances high juice yield. 
  • Easy to clean.

Price – Ksh. 1, 000 Buy Now.

Citrus juicer to use in juice barManual citrus juicer. 
Juice Dispense – Shaker. 
  • Made of high quality plastic. 
  • Suitable for drinks dispensing. 
  • 9 liters capacity. 
  • Lightweight and attractive. 

Price – Ksh. 9,500 Buy Now.   

Juice dispenser for juice bars Stylish juice dispenser for a juice bar business in Kenya.
Ramtons Two Door Cool Fridge – 213 Litters. 
  • Direct Cool. 
  • Hard top.
  • Glass shelf.
  • 23 Litters.  

Price – Ksh. 33,495 Buy Now.

Fridge for juice bar

Note: You don’t need all these equipment to start a juice bar. Buy what’s necessary for starters.


If you are just starting out & aren’t sure if you will be sold out for the day, Ksh. 1000 is a good amount to set aside for fruits. Vendors in Mombasa can buy fruits from Kongowea Market, in Kisumu you will get them fro Kibuye or Jubilee markets.

Fruits and vegetables are bought in Daraja Mbili in Kisii county at a wholesales price. In Nairobi, Muthurwa is your place.

Which County do you want to start your fruit bar business is? Get your inventory from the fruit market near you.

Location & Licences. 

For the fruit bar business you’ll only need the food hygiene permit & a business permit for your physical location. Costs vary by County Government. But the average price of all licence should be Ksh. 10,000. Give or take.

Speaking of Physical locations; fruit bar businesses tend to do so well where there is a lot of foot traffic. What’s your target location – is it so close to a college, university, bus terminus or a string of other informal businesses? You should make a kill in such locations.

Packaging  for Juice.

Whether you want to start a fruit juice business where people sit to be served or where fruit juices are packaged for take away; you’ll need to have disposable cups, lids & straws. 

And here’s the catch – when you use these packaging materials, you can enhance your marketing by designing and printing your business name on the cups. It’s costly & it helps spread the word about your juice bar.

Plus, Kenyans appreciate if they can walk the streets sipping from straws of sweetness.

How to Start Fresh Juice Business in Kenya – Bar Staff. 

Interestingly, you don’t need so many people to run a fruit bar. If anything, you’ll need an employee or two – for product supply & customer service within your new juice bar.

Benefits of starting a juice in Kenya. 

High profits – While the only investment that you may have to put into this business is the money to buy equipment & the premise rent, profits guarantee in the end is very high. Always double or tripple the amount you use on fruits & vegetables. So you can easily make Ksh. 5,000 daily (juice bar profit margins) if you make juice worth Ksh. 5,000 of fruits & sell everything daily.

There is constant demand for juice in Kenya and it helps if you can make the best natural juice & retain a huge share of the market.

It takes a shorter time to get all your invested amount back & start earning pure profits.

You can easily blend the juice bar business with other small businesses – like cake sales, bottled water sales & other bakery products.

Summery – Total Cost Of Juice Bar Startup.

Juice Bar Licences .Cost – Ksh. 10,000 (Depends with County).
Location (Optional)Most Kiosk Rents Cost Ksh. 7,000 (again depends on County).
Equipment – Blender – Buy commercial blenders for durability  (You may need a juicer too) Optional. You can use ice to make your juice cool if your budget is limited for a fridge.Cost – Ksh. 7,500.
Fruits.Cost – Ksh 1000 (You will buy more depending on business growth).
Packaging materials (25 pieces of tumblers cost 318).Cost. Ksh. 1,272.

The Actual Cost of Starting up a Juice bar Business in Kenya is Ksh. 9,772 Only.

That’s if you start the business from home minus the license cost & all the other wants of the business.

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