7 Things Kenn Omollo Will Do While Trading that No One Else Does.

You must have seen Kenn Omollo’s TikTok and YouTube videos displaying exceptional trading results. Are you still in disbelief whether his trading is real or he has been playing some kind of games on you?

In this post, he comes to clear the doubt by showing you exceptional things which he does while trading, giving him such exceptional results.

This post reveals 7 things Kenn Omollo will do while trading that no one else does.

It is such very things that set him apart as an exquisite and successful trader of all times.

Maybe it is these 7 things that give him this great outcome while trading, which he has been showcasing everywhere.

Mark you, his Olymp Trade account does not go below $20,000 or thereabout.

7 things this, 7 things that, but who is this dude we call Kenn Omollo?

You must be wondering who it is that we are talking about here, right? Let us get to know this guy first.

Who is Kenn Omollo?

Kenn Omollo is the founder of Joon Online, one of the top-ranked blogs in Kenya.

Since 2018, the blog has attracted thousands of readers due to its unique content and customer-centric services.

Kenn is also a marketer who spent 7 years building a career in the finance industry – only to lose hope on full-time employment after being declared redundant a second time.

He and his team have since made a viable business out of the Joon Online blog by giving free small business consultancy services and other services on the side.

While still focusing on the blog and other services that he offers, Kenn Omollo has lately been drawn to trading.

Actually, much of the Joon Online blog is flooded with articles, guides, and tutorials on trading.

That said, Kenn Omollo has been trading on Olymp Trade for more than 2 years now, in which he has found profound success as you might have seen on his TikTok and YouTube videos as well as trading reports on his blog.

You and I agree that Kenn Omollo is a successful trader and that is evident from his results which he shares almost always.

But what exactly is it which makes this guy stand out in trading?

What are the things he does while trading which no one else does, which have given him so much success? Let us find out.

7 Things Kenn Omollo Will Do While Trading that No One Else Does.

Now that we know him, what about going further to understand what makes him exceptional?

We are trying to unearth truths, facts, and the core things which Kenn Omollo will do while trading, which makes him stand out in the trading arena.

Without further ado, I will reveal what I found from my diligent search.

Here are 7 things Kenn Omollo will do while trading that no one else does:

  • Make Huge Deposits.
  • Trade Fixed Time Trades (FTT).
  • Use VIP Trading Strategies.
  • Trade Heiken-Ashi Charts.
  • Use Simple Indicators.
  • Share Results.
  • Trade Less.
  1. Making Huge Deposits.

Ever heard the common saying that you need money to make money?

It is what this guy believes in, and so because he wants to make big money, he deposits big money in his Olymp Trade trading account.

Do you only want to make a $10 deposit and are claiming to be aspiring to grow it to thousands of dollars in a day?

Then you should meet Kenn, who will tell you that trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

He would also add that big money follows big money and so a huge account balance suits those that wish to make huge profits while trading.

Have you visited this guy’s TikTok and YouTube channels and seen his trading account balance and how he actually trades?

You really need to, if you want to believe me.

With the huge account balance, Kenn Omollo invests huge amounts of money in one trade.

I know your mentor warned you against doing this but who are we talking about here?

Kenn Omollo’s trading account balance can allow him to do so and still not feel a thing even if the trade is lost.

How many times do we have a guy investing a whole $600 in a single FTT trade?

You should see a video where Kenn Omollo invested all the $600 in one trade and it still won after 1 minute.

But $600 was nothing comparing to how much was remaining in his trading account – over $35,000.

While almost everyone else is afraid and depositing peanuts, see what our guy Kenn Omollo is doing. Depositing big to earn big.

Olymp Trade Success Stories



  1. Trading Fixed Time Trades (FTT).

Kenn Omollo is a trader in Olymp Trade, a broker which offers both Forex and Fixed Time trading modes.

What is the distinction between the two really?

If you are mixed up, I can explain in the following few paragraphs.

Forex Mode.

On the Forex Mode, a broker allows you to speculate on the direction of movement of the price of an asset.

You earn profits equivalent to how far the price moves in the direction you speculated from your entry-level.

This occurs between the time of entry and the time of closure of the trade whether manually or automatically using a Take Profit order.

Note that losses on Forex mode are also calculated in a similar manner as profits if the trade goes against you.

You lose amounts equivalent to how far the price moves in the direction opposite the one you speculated between the time of entry and time of closure of trade either manually or automatically using a Stop Loss order.

Fixed Time Trade (FTT) Mode.

On the Fixed Time Trade mode, the broker also allows you to speculate on the direction of movement of the price of an asset.

Unlike on Forex mode, trades on FTT mode are time-bound and returns are based on the indicated percentage of the invested amount.

On FTT, you earn profits equivalent to the percentage of the invested amount indicated on the asset before entry.

That is so only if the price closes in the direction you speculated at the expiry of the selected duration.

The trade closes automatically when the selected duration of trade expires and the outcome of the trade is determined.

If you lose the trade by the price closing in the direction opposite the one you speculated, all the invested amount vanishes.

Which would you prefer between the two? Most traders actually prefer Forex where they can cut losses early as opposed to FTT where they can lose all invested amount at a go.

But who is Kenn Omollo? He goes for the feared latter and has proven to excel so much in FTT trading in Olymp Trade.

  1. Using VIP Trading Strategies.

In Olymp Trade where Kenn Omollo is a trader, there are conditions that must be met in order for a trader to get a VIP account.

The basic requirements are a minimum deposit of $2,000.

After the deposit, you should not make any withdrawal during the first 15 days or your account will be closed.

Moreover, you cannot make transactions on a regular account for 3 months’ time.

Now that we mentioned that our guy Kenn Omollo makes huge deposits, then it goes without saying that he has always been a holder of a VIP account in Olymp Trade.

VIP accounts in Olymp Trade do not come without privileges.

There are so many incentives and benefits that traders who hold VIP accounts enjoy in Olymp Trade. Among them are:

  • Increased return rate up to 92%. This allows you to expand your account more quickly. Besides, even when a loss trade occurs, you will be able to recover in less time than when trading with the regular account with lower returns.
  • Personal consultant. This is a person experienced in trading, whose role is to help you reach your trading goals. If you have any questions, doubts or you need some extra knowledge on some topic, you can simply contact your personal account manager. You may do it via email, phone, or Skype. You can also request that the consultant calls you.
  • Risk-free trades. That means that in case of winning, the profit will be added to your account. If you lose, however, the money won’t be taken from your VIP account.
  • Exclusive secret bonus trading strategies. These can open new ways of trading for you.
  • Exclusive Trading signals that will give a hint for the best time to open the trading position.

Did you see the benefit I highlighted up there?

About exclusive secret bonus trading strategies?

It is what I am talking about here in thing 3. Kenn Omollo is fond of using VIP strategies that grow his account exponentially and consistently.

While almost everyone else has reservations about depositing over $2,000 in a trading account, our guy Kenn Omollo is doing it big.

He has actually shared some of his VIP strategies on both his TikTok and YouTube channels, so check them out.

  1. Trading Heiken-Ashi Charts.

How to change charts in Olymp Trade

Am I mixing you up with jargon? What the hell are Heiken Ashi charts?

Well, relax and let me explain.

What you see on your screen showing how the price is moving whenever you open your trading app or platform to trade is a Forex price chart.

Various Forex price charts do exist and they include:

  • Area or Line Chart.

The Area or Line chart simply draws a line from one closing price to the next closing price over the set timeframe.

When such lines joining the points of closing price are plotted using a line, you can get the general impression of where the price of a currency pair is headed.

  • Japanese Candlestick Chart.

The Japanese Candlestick Chart is a chart type that shows the open, close, high, and low of the price within a given timeframe in one visual representation called a candlestick.

A candlestick is a structure with a body in the middle as well as upper and lower wicks above and below the body respectively.

  • Bar Chart.

The Bar chart is a chart type that shows the open, close, high, and low of the price within a given timeframe in one visual representation called a bar.

A bar is a structure represented by a single vertical line.

The vertical line represents the highest high of the price within the chosen timeframe on the higher end and the lowest low of the price within the chosen timeframe on the lower end of the line.

Along the vertical line, the open and close prices are marked horizontally from the main vertical line outwards.

The bar chart type is just another version of the Japanese candlestick chart.

The bar represents everything that a candlestick represents – open, close, high, and low price within a given duration.

  • Heiken Ashi Chart.

Heiken Ashi is a type of price chart which shows a smoothed version of the price relative to that shown by the Japanese candlestick price chart.

The Japanese candlestick price chart is the most commonly used and the easiest to use of all price chart types.

Now I know you understand the Japanese candlestick chart. It is the standard candlestick chart whose representation of the price is smoothed by the Heiken Ashi price chart.

Heiken Ashi actually means average bar.

The Heiken Ashi price chart averages and shows a smoothed price compared to that shown by the standard candlestick chart.

Heiken Ashi is likened to the moving average because it averages and shows a smoothed price, just like moving averages.

The difference here is that Heiken Ashi, after smoothing the price, represents it in form of candlesticks while the Moving average represents it in form of a line.

In a world where almost everyone else uses the candlestick price chart, our guy Kenn Omollo chooses to be peculiar.

Check out his TikTok and YouTube channels to see how he uses Heiken Ashi charts to pick his winning entries.

  1. Using Simple Indicators.

Can you make money every day from trading? Yes and No.

That he is a successful trader, you would be tempted to think that Kenn Omollo uses so sophisticated indicators to formulate his winning strategies.

What if I told you that you are wrong?

It is not true to say that Kenn Omollo uses sophisticated indicators or software or whatever else you would think of, but only the simple indicators you have been ignoring.

I will share with you a case that got me dumbfounded and shocked to the core.

I used to be down with the same notion as yours until I saw him use only the DeMarker indicator while trading on a live account.

He placed a trade combining that simple indicator with price action and to my amazement, the trade won in a minute.

You can check out the video on his YouTube channel and I am sure it will blow your mind how he uses simple indicators to make huge profits while trading.

While everyone is rushing up and down in search of a solution to the market in form of sophisticated indicators or software, Kenn Omollo is busy making money using the simple technical indicators available on the Olymp Trade chart. What a guy!

  1. Sharing Results.

Does your mentor share his trading results with the rest of the traders?

What about with you yourself, their mentee?

Most traders won’t do this because they only want to portray the good side when they are winning and hide their losses.

Kenn Omollo, who may not actually be in the business of mentoring anyone for pay, shares his results, as honestly as it can get.

You have seen him share his trade setups, his running trades and even the outcome of his trades live on his TikTok and YouTube channels.

He is honest with all who are following him and not out here to mislead you with a narrative of profits only, where losses never come.

Isn’t that a thing that Kenn Omollo does while trading which no one else does?

I think it is because I know even you yourself do not share your results, just as many other traders don’t.

  1. Trading Less.

The last thing that stood out for me about this man Kenn Omollo is that he does not unnecessarily stay all day long with eyes glued on the screen.

He only spares a little time for analysis and trading and then goes to spend the rest of his day doing other things.

Doesn’t he have a blog, financial consultation, and family to take care of?

Of course, he does and so he spends most of his time doing such other things than trading.

Why does trading less count in a trader’s life?

Trading less breaks a trader free from the temptation of overtrading and succumbing to emotional attachment to trades.

It is only for a short while that you can be alert and pay attention to something, including trading, after which you may become so tired to concentrate and be effective.

Most traders who I know want to trade all day long, even late into the night, and that is detrimental.

Detrimental not only to their health but to their effectiveness while trading.

Hear this from me that the risk of blowing accounts, no matter how huge, is found in overtrading, which breeds emotional attachment and fatigue.

Our guy Kenn Omollo knows this secret and so he stays away from overtrading as much as possible by trading less every day. Be like him!

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