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Last year May — if you gave me an option to choose between full time employment and blogging I’d have picked full time employment without thinking twice.

That’s because blogging to me was a hobby and not something anyone could even feed their pet doing.

Then I lost my job to redundancy and I decided that giving blogging a shot would not make me less of a man.

Today my website — Joon Online is my full time business earning me more monthly income than my last full time job.

And the good news;

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I only spent Ksh. 1,599 to start this website but if I wanted to sell today it would be worth Ksh. 300,000 or more.

Quite an increase in value in months, hih?

That said, there are thousands other websites here in Kenya — earning owners more monthly income. And would earn them better lump sum if they cashed out now.

In this post I will show you how much Kenyans make blogging starting with: –

  1. Venas News

Venas started as a topical blog in Kenya — covering entertainment, business, career and blogging news. It has since transitioned into a football tips and news site with tidbits of its aboriginal topics covered frequently.

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According to, Venas News is the number 61 site in Kenya with a global ranking of 36,768.

So How much can this website make?

Hypothetically, Venas News can make… should make or makes $ 676 / day

And if indeed the owners of Venas News are making an average of $676 per day then it is also true that the website makes Ksh. 2,000,280 / month.

This translates to an estimated revenue of $ 243,360 / year. Isn’t blogging a lucrative business?

Note:- Venas news makes money with affiliate marketing, posting sponsored content and/or offering football tips services.

How Many People Visit Venas News Per Month/Per Day or Per Year?

Just by looking at the post views in Venas you will notice the space they comand on the internet.

By that statement I mean, look at the visits to one of their best performing posts here — with over 145, 753 VIEWS in a few months.

Venas News

On average, venas news gets: –

  1. 45,137 visits / day
  2. 1,354,110 visits / month
  3. 16,249,320 visits / year
  4. 225,523 pageviews / day
  5. 6,765,690 pageviews / month
  6. 81,188,280 pageviews / year

Down to the last question,

How Much is Venas News Worth?

If the owners of Venas wanted to sell their website they would list it for Ksh. 95, 000,000.

Not so much for a website making Ksh. 2,000,000 per month; huh?

Worth of Venas News


If you search for a list of anything in Kenya or the best of anything in Kenya then chances are you will first land on Victor Matara’s site.

Alexa ranks it as website number 103 in Kenya with a global ranking of 61,205 (note that these rankings are updated daily)

How Much Does Victor Matara Make in a Month?

Basing our estimates on the website’s position in the world and giving weight to other factors discussed below, Victor Matara can make an average revenue of: –

  1. $ 203 / day
  2. $ 6,090 / month (Not a million/month but definitely something to be proud of)
  3. And Ksh. 7, 300,080 / year

Note: – Victor Matara makes money with google ads, posting sponsored content and with affiliate marketing. Traffic Estimates gets an estimated: –

  1. Daily visits of 13,555
  2. 406,650 visits / month
  3. 4,879,800 visits / year
  4. 67,688 pageviews / day

If Victor wanted to sell his website, how much would it go for?

It is estimated that Victor Matara .com would easily list and be bought at $ 88,867

Not so much money for a website making profits of Ksh. 20,000 per day, huh?

Victor Matara

3. Career Point Kenya

What does this website do?

Well, career point Kenya is a jobs board website that also offers advertisement space, recruitment and training services to Kenyans seeking jobs.

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On top of those services, Career point Kenya makes its money from google adsense and consultancy services.

At the moment Career Point Kenya is the number 122 website in kenya  with a global ranking of 59,487

How much money does Career Point Kenya make?

It is estimated that the website makes

  1. $ 328 / day in revenue
  2. $ 9,840 / month in revenue
  3. And Ksh. 11, 800,080 / year

How much traffic goes to Career Point Kenya per day?

Career point Kenya gets: –

  1. 21,898 visits / day
  2. 656,940 visits / month
  3. 7,883,280 visits / year
  4. 109,388 pageviews / day
  5. 3,281,640 pageviews / month
  6. 39,379,680 pageviews / year

How Much is Career Point Kenya Worth?

If the owners of this website wanted to sell, it would be advisable to start their negotiations at $ 296,800. That’s what the website is worth.

Kenyans Career website


Tuko is undoubtedly one of the most visited websites in Kenya with a traffic estimate of: –

  1. 2,437,000 visits / day
  2. 73,110,000 visits / month
  3. 877,320,000 visits / year
  4. 12,184,497 pageviews / day
  5. 365,534,910 pageviews / month
  6. 4,386,418,920 pageviews / year

According to Alexa, Tuko currently holds position 5 in Kenya with a global ranking of just 2,102.

How Much Can Tuko News Make?

There is no doubt that Tuko would make: –

  1. $ 36,552 / day
  2. $ 1,096,560 / month
  3. And make an estimated revenue of – $ 13,158,720 / year

How much is worth?

If the owners of this website wanted to sell then their listing price would be something close to $ 86,750,000.

So much money for a website already making $ 36,552 / day, huh?

How much is Tuko worth


Can you believe that Kenyans currently hold number Kenya Flag 12  in Alexa ranking with its global position at number Global rank icon 7,374?

Yes, it is true! The people behind this website are overworking. And that’s easily evident in their daily, monthly and yearly visits.

On a bad day Kenyans (Website) gets 285,533 visitors

This translates to: –

  1. 8,565,990 visits / month
  2. 102,791,880 visits / year
  3. 102,791,880 visits / year
  4. 42,823,770 pageviews / month
  5. 513,885,240 pageviews / year

How Much Do Kenyans (Website) Make in a Month?

Well, Kenyans has an average income of $ 4,282 / day

This translates to: –

  1. $ 128,460 / month
  2. $ 1,541,520 / year

If the owners of Kenyans wanted to sell his website then he would list it at $ 28,910,000. Give or take.

A lot of money for someone already making $ 1,541,520 / year, huh?

How much is worth

6. Standard Media 

Down to the one ya’ll been waiting for… Standard Media.

How much does the standard website make in a month?

Well, the worth of web estimates standard media’s potential to make money at $ 44,847 / day.

And if the standard is already making $ 44,847 / day then chances are: –

  1. They are making
  2. $ 1,345,410 / month
  3. And $ 16,144,920 / year

As at today the 5/10/2019 website data shows that standard media gets an average of 2,990,000 visits/day

This translates to: –

  1. 89,700,000 visits / month
  2. An estimated 1,076,400,000 visits / year
  3. 14,949,549 page views / day
  4. 448,486,470 page views / month
  5. And 5,381,837,640 page views / year

How Much is The Standard Media Website Worth?

Well, if Standard was to sell their website today, all revenue streams held intact and the traffic just as good as it currently is, Standard would list the website for $ 93,750,000. Give or take.

Standard makes money through native ads, fixed paid ads and sponsored content…

Kenyans news website

With the data shown on this post, is blogging something that anyone can do full-time and earn a stable income?


You only need to be consistent with your content and know-how to monetize your website.

Personally, I use different monetization streams to make money online.

I use affiliate marketing, Adsense and also sell my own products on my websites.

Example: –

  1. If you want to start trading binary options, get in touch with me for training.
  2. If you want to start blogging to make money online, I will help you design your website for free. Get the details here.
  3. For tents and other event equipment for hire reach out on – 0708655398

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