Profitable Business Ideas that Will Make ₴ 2,670 Daily in Ukraine in 2022

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Which small businesses can you start in Ukraine to earn ₴ 2,670 daily in 2022?

Is it online trading, taxi business, agribusiness, tourism, renewable energy-related business, a recruitment agency, or a shared economy business?

Which is it?


In today’s p0ost we discuss at least 7 small business ideas that you can start in Ukraine in 2022 to earn at least ₴ 2,670 daily.

Beginning with: –

  1. Online Trading.

Online trading is the buying and selling of digital financial assets which are listed on the asset market.

Here, you do not have to possess goods or services (assets) in order to buy or sell them.

You only invest in the change in their value over a period of time, after which you can reap huge returns.

If you choose a given asset, you carry out market analysis and study past data of its price.

After that, you can then decide which direction the price of such an asset will go.

If you hope that such a price will go up in future, you only need to click on the Buy or up button and wait.

However, if you anticipate such a price to fall, all you need to do is hit the Sell or down button and wait.

If the price moves in your favor, you are meant to profit from the price movement but if it moves against you, then a loss is inevitable.

Assets traded online include Currency pairs (Forex), Cryptocurrency, Indices, Commodities, ETFs, Bonds, and Stocks, among others.

You can invest in the change in prices of such assets and stand a chance to profit big-time.


One thing you will need to understand before we proceed is that for you to be able to trade online, you need access to the assets mentioned above.

The only institution that can give you access to the markets is called a broker.

A broker, therefore, is the link between traders and the asset market.

At the beginning of every trader’s trading journey, they must choose a broker, from the thousands of them that exist.

Some have even been conned at the very onset of their trading journey by falling for scammers posing as brokers.

That makes this step of the trading journey very important and critical, and that is where we come in handy to inform you accordingly.

Several brokers suitable for willing traders in Ukraine do exist.

Here is a list of the most popular, most reliable, and securest online trading brokers for Ukraine:

  • Olymp Trade
  • Expert Option
  • IQ Option
  • Binomo
  • XM
  • HotForex
  • FXTM

Online trading has been the secret to attaining financial freedom for many, and so you might consider it as well, in 2022.

A disclaimer though is that patience and putting in effort are inevitable if success in online trading will be realized.


With online trading, if you have enough experience and proper knowledge on how to trade, then there is no limit to how much you can make daily.

The ₴ 2,670 daily target is a drop in the ocean if you have invested enough time, enough capital and know exactly what you are doing.

It feels like printing your own money.

  1. Taxi Business.

It may appear that breaking into this market is already impossible: in the major Ukrainian cities, several business titans compete for customer attention.

Nonetheless, you can carve out a niche for yourself in this field.

The popularity of taxi services continues to rise.

Modern services are built on a model of collaboration with drivers.

This business does not require you to own a vehicle.

To make this business very profitable, all you need is your own online platform or smartphone application, the ability to set new quality standards, and a loyal audience.

To begin, you’ll require a driver database and your own platform which includes a website and a mobile application.

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The business might take at least 2 months to kick-start and no specific requirements are needed.


With a loyal audience, ₴ 2,670 daily can only be the lower limit.

To make it in this business, market yourself thoroughly and maintain a good relationship with your drivers and audience.

If you have been longing to start a business in Ukraine and can’t seem to find any, you might find this one fulfilling in 2022.

  1. Agribusiness.

Ukraine has more than a third of the world’s richest soil.

The country has been known as Europe’s breadbasket for centuries. It now has the potential to become the world’s granary.

Ukraine is one of the top ten producers of agricultural commodities in the world.

Surprisingly, the country was only using 30% of its agricultural potential as of 2019.

It could be a good investment, given the rising population and economic growth in many countries, climate change, and rising consumption.

Agriculture overtook manufacturing as the leading contributor to Ukraine’s GDP in 2015.

Agriculture in Ukraine is still insufficiently developed and diverse, and there is much work to be done and money to be made.

Another advantage is that the agriculture sector can provide needed raw materials for the food industry at a reasonable price.

That is why the production of Ukrainian poultry, cheese, and milk products, as well as sweets, meat, and other foods, is increasing.

If you are ready to start farming in Ukraine, please consider that agricultural land can only be leased by foreign citizens or companies.

It is not allowed to acquire agricultural land even for Ukrainian individuals and companies.

But there is a big offer of fields to lease. You can find such in any part of Ukraine.

What crops should you consider farming?

The southern part of Ukraine is good for growing vegetables and fruits, but using irrigation is mostly needed.

At the same time central, northern and western Ukraine is good both for vegetables/fruits and grain growing.


Depending on the scale of farming you practice, ₴ 2,670 daily is not only a dream but a reality.

Farm crops that are in high demand and increase your chances of profiting from selling your products daily.

You will never go wrong with an investment in agribusiness in the Ukrainian economy. You could turn your 2022 into a profit-making year by investing in Agribusiness.

  1. Tourism – Hostel.

Ukraine has long been a popular tourist destination.

In recent years, a large number of hostels have opened in cities with populations of more than one million people.

To start such a business from the ground up, you’ll need to assess the potential demand in your city and form partnerships with local guides and travel agencies.

The cost of living will be low, but with the right positioning and marketing, you can attract a large number of visitors.

A good hostel can become very popular, and those who have stayed there will almost certainly recommend it to others.

If you’re interested in the tourism industry and your city has a demand for such services, opening a hostel can be a great way to get your foot in the door.

To begin, you’ll need a living space with good interior design, a website, and multiple channels for disseminating information (tour bureaus, guides, travel agencies in other cities, online platforms).

It takes at least 3 months to kick-start the business. Understanding the demand in your city is very important.


Running a hostel or offering tourism-related services such as accommodation is enough to make you over ₴ 2,670 daily.

If you have some living space where you can host a couple of people especially visitors or tourists, then try this business in 2022 in Ukraine.

  1. Renewable Energy.

Ukraine has a population of over 42 million people.

However, the country’s economy is import-dependent, and the majority of energy resources such as oil, natural gas, and oil are imported.

In Ukraine, biofuel and other renewable fuel production are subject to a special tax regime.

The country does not have one of the best feed-in tariffs in Europe for solar, wind, biomass, and hydroelectric production.

Ukraine’s renewable energy sector is booming.

The disadvantage is that you must act quickly to get into this business because the tariff is determined by the time the power station is commissioned.

The tariff will be higher the sooner the power station is built and connected to the energy supply system.

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Given that the business is booming, you have a very high likelihood of making so much money if you start today.

Nobody wants to pay for energy all their life and providing renewable energy is the solution.

So many people are willing to pay so much money to purchase renewable energy.

You can bet that with a well-established renewable energy company, ₴ 2,670 daily is only the lower limit.

  1. Recruitment Agency.

Finding a job is difficult, and selecting the right employees is even more difficult.

Due to the need to conduct interviews in order to select the best workers, the role of a recruiter remains important for both professionals and employers in today’s digital world filled with online services and platforms.

One of the options for starting a profitable small business is to open a recruitment agency.

To get started, you don’t need an office or a lot of money. It’s enough to make a few requests for specific specialists in local businesses and begin looking for the right people.

You’ll build up your own database of employers and job seekers over time.

Employment abroad is one of the areas that are particularly popular in Ukraine, as this niche frequently offers more appealing terms of payment.

However, in order to start such a business, you must be fluent in English as well as be familiar with some legal issues relating to international agreements.

For starters, you’ll need an employer database and a website.

It takes at least 2 weeks to start and there are no special requirements.


As your recruitment agency grows, you attract more employees and partnerships both locally and abroad.

This translates to daily gains of over ₴ 2,670 and even more.

At some point, there can actually never be a limit to how much you can make on a daily basis. Try this in Ukraine come 2022.

  1. Co-Working Space.

As the popularity of creative professionals grows, so does the demand for temporary workspaces, such as co-working centers.

It is not necessary to own real estate in order to open a co-working center.

To begin, simply find a suitable room for sublease and redecorate.

The benefit of a co-working center is the ability to rent an office for a short period of time (from a few hours to several months).

Many of these centers have already evolved into information and educational hubs in major cities.

These centers also host interactive sessions with engaging lecturers and future employees, complete with intellectual quizzes and other activities.

The main value of a co-working center, therefore, is people who maintain a friendly atmosphere.

You will remain in the center of your city’s creative representatives by developing such a business, which will definitely, fuel the success of your business.

For starters, you’ll need space, funds for redecorating, and a reliable source of Wi-Fi, as well as supporters among the city’s creatives.

On average, you will take at least three months to kick-start the business. Knowledge of how co-working centers operate is advantageous.


Do you have an idea of how much the co-working space business can earn you daily in Ukraine, leave alone monthly earnings?

You can even surpass the ₴ 2,670 daily target and earn so much more ahead.

Try it in 2022 if you have some extra space to rent in this manner and the comments section will always be open for your feedback.

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