Profitable Business Ideas that Will Make ₹ 7,500 Daily in India in 2024.

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Do you live in India and are wondering which profitable business ideas to invest your money into in 2024?

Might be challenging without the right, honest information about business practices, landscape, and hacks for India.

At some point in life, you might have invested your money into some business idea that didn’t pick up and succeed to begin earning you profits.

This is part of an entrepreneur’s life but you know what?

You can avert all that by feeding yourself the right information on the businesses you need to set up.

In this post, we share well-researched, profitable, and feasible business ideas that will make you ₹ 7,500 daily in India in 2024.

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What’s interesting is that they may not be business ideas that require so huge starting capital as you might presume.

Without further ado, let’s list the profitable business ideas that will make ₹ 7,500 daily in India in 2024.

Here is my list:

  • Renewable and Clean Energy Supplies Business.
  • Indian Culture E-commerce.
  • Investing in the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Selling Co-working Space.
  • Offering Warehouse and Inventory Management for E-commerce Outlets.
  • 3D Painting.
  • Amazon FBA Business.
  • Dropshipping.
  • Selling Websites and Domains.
  • Selling Digital Products.
  • Coaching and Tutoring.
  • Blogging and Vlogging.
  • Online Trading.
  1. Renewable and Clean Energy Supplies Business.

Start a solar energy business in Saudi Arabia

Though the world is changing at a much faster rate than expected, we are still dealing with numerous energy-related issues.

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Some Asian countries continue to rely heavily on traditional energy sources such as petroleum products, coal power plants, and atomic or hydro energy.

All of such are created from sources that are potentially hazardous to our current situation.

At the same time, sustainable power sources have received a lot of attention as a way to save the environment.

It is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who want to start a medium-sized business.

It’s one of the more environmentally friendly and clean business ideas you can pursue. Among India’s business ideas for 2024, this one stands out.

Having said that, I can promise you one thing.

If you decide to venture into providing environmentally friendly sources of energy such as solar panels and all related equipment within India, then ₹ 7,500 daily is yours in 2024.

You will even earn more by offering installation services at a fee, and you can see that such will be a viable business idea.

If you are wondering where to get the capital, you can just save up in preparation.

I am sure that you also know a certain financial institution that is ready to fund your ambitions.

Better still, you can get individuals who are interested in your products and services to pay before the work is done, and see, you will have raised some money in your first phase of doing business.

Do so severally and see your business skyrocket in daily profits.

  1. Indian Culture E-commerce.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Uttar Pradesh, India in 2021.

India’s culture is admired by many people all over the world.

They enjoy adorning their homes with handcrafted items that reflect Indian culture.

You can start an innovative and profitable business by opening an e-commerce store that sells only these social items.

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I believe it is a fantastic business venture among the business ideas for 2024 in India.

You can be assured of a daily ₹ 7,500 with an e-commerce outlet that deals in Indian cultural items.

That is because buyers will be flowing in from all over the world to buy such items.

Mind you, you are charging them for shipment and have already priced the items properly to reserve some profits for your business.

If you have been wanting to venture into a profitable business by 2024 in India, then you can try this.

Get capital from your savings, bank loans, or even borrowing from individuals you trust and who equally trust you.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT).

What is blogging

What do I mean by the term ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’?

The term Internet of Things refers to the fact that every item that people use has a web network through which they can send and receive data.

By 2025, McKinsey estimates that the Internet of Things will have a $ 11.1 trillion economic impact in India.

Can I give an example of where the Internet of Things features?

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The best example is the Lyft, Ola, or Uber taxi administrations, where you can get a quick ride.

Climate control systems and televisions are being linked to the internet to outperform administrations in innovative areas, making this business highly profitable.

This is one of the newest business ideas with a bright future from 2024 to 2030.

While still talking about the Internet of Things, I would like to give you a perfect business niche in such a field.

I will discuss investment into Biometric sensors.

Biometric sensors are sensors that can identify a person by recognizing their retina or fingerprints.

Because of the growing need for increased security and the Indian government’s support for Internet of Things (IoT) technology, it won’t be long before biometric sensors are installed in everything.

This creates a fantastic business opportunity to sell the sensors to companies that will incorporate them into products or services.

Global companies are more likely to work with you as biometric sensors become more common, and that’s just the beginning.

One of India’s most innovative and forward-thinking businesses has already begun.

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Are you still interested in ₹ 7,500 daily in the Indian business space?

Then such profits are yours if you consider this among the business ideas to venture into in 2024.

  1. Selling Co-working Space.

Future trends in service offices will shift. Independent businesses find it difficult to afford new office space due to high rental costs.

As a result, people are opting to work in collaborative spaces.

It encourages them to share mastery and abilities while also lowering rental costs.

If you have extra space, consider starting a co-working space business. It is yet another futuristic business concept.

Do you have an idea of how much the co-working space business can earn you daily, let alone monthly earnings?

You can even surpass the ₹ 7,500 daily targets and earn so much more ahead.

Try it in 2024 if you have some extra space to rent in this manner and the comments section will always be open for your feedback.

  1. Offering Warehouse and Inventory Management for E-commerce Outlets.

In India, e-commerce has been growing at a breakneck speed.

E-commerce is a short form of electronic commerce, which entails firms and businesses buying and selling stuff over the Internet.

So where do warehouse and inventory management businesses come in?

A warehouse and inventory management firm will take deals from various e-commerce outlets to set up their circulation channels and store their products.

The e-commerce outlets won’t have to purchase any trucks because all that is done by the warehouse and inventory management firm.

From what we are saying, this is a notably large-scale business idea.

You may require a lot of capital to set up the business.

You can see it involves setting up a huge warehouse to store products for various e-commerce outlets. It also involves the purchase of trucks and what have you.

However, if you have the money, why not?

This is a business whose daily turnover is not even in the proportions of ₹ 7,500 which we are talking about here.

The daily income here is just way above this and so worth considering in 2024.

Something I haven’t told you up there is the fact that the warehouse and inventory management business has a very bright future in India’s business space.

Investing in it will therefore assure you of huge profits in the long run.

  1. 3D Painting.

Rate of change oscillators in Olymp trade

In 2024, this is the best business to start in India.

The 3D printing industry is become one of the most profitable in recent years.

This has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years all over the world.

Initially, 3D printers were prohibitively expensive for a small number of entrepreneurs, but as time went on, the costs gradually decreased, and this printer is now well within reach.

If you work at it devotedly, then ₹ 7,500 daily will not only be a dream but a reality, with this business venture.

You will only need a couple of clients a day, at times receiving huge deals that make your daily earnings shoot to unimaginable levels.

If you are into art and painting, then you can consider investing your savings into 3D painting in 2024.

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Get the machine and working space, do it yourself first. Get an employee as you progress and see your business grow to a level you could never imagine.

  1. Amazon FBA Business.

make money dropshipping amazon

Wait a minute, what is Amazon’s FBA business?

FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon.” In this business, you essentially buy inexpensive items from wholesalers and resell them on Amazon for a higher price.

You should manage white-labeled items and ship them to Amazon fulfillment centers, which will handle the items’ transportation, bundling, and backing.

This is a highly valuable source of automated revenue if you can re-appropriate the stock administration and hire a bookkeeper to keep up your Amazon Seller Account while refreshing it regularly.

Do you have some money and the logistics to manage venturing into this kind of business?

Then a daily ₹ 7,500 in the Indian business space may just be staring at you.

You can consider borrowing the money if this looks like the kind of business you have been eying because it is a business with a huge potential to pick and grow.

  1. Dropshipping.


And then there is this.

What exactly is dropshipping?

This is where you set up an online store to sell the products of others.

This implies that you are not responsible for any manufacturing or shipping.

Your sole responsibility is to sell, and you will be paid a commission for each sale.

Are you afraid of losing money by stocking up a product and then it later drops in price or gets spoiled?

Then drop shipping is the business for you.

Note also that the entry barrier is also low, and you don’t need to put as much money into it to get started.

You won’t require any money to buy products, but only enough to set up a website and an online store and keep it running.

Look. I know you might be wondering how you will be earning ₹ 7,500 daily, but I will show you.

You are not dropshipping products from a single manufacturer.

You are selling products from several makers and the best part of it is that you are not selling only locally but across the world.

What is the website for, if you were meant to sell only locally?

An online availability brings clients from both local settings and abroad and you can be sure you will have enough sales daily.

Sales are enough to earn you commissions to the tune of over ₹ 7,500 daily, and that will be it.

Invest in dropshipping in the Indian market in 2024 and see the magic.

  1. Selling Websites and Domains.

Website flipping business

Website flipping business

Let us begin with websites.

Who says you can’t buy and “flip” websites if you can buy and “flip” real estate?

People usually buy a house or property for a reasonable price, then fix it up and resell it for a large profit in real estate.

This holds for websites as well.

You can either sell your own or buy and resell someone else’s.

This is also a good way to make money.

Let us talk domains now.

Domains are nowadays considered digital real estate.

People have concluded that if you want to buy a good brandable .com domain name, you must pay a premium for it.

If you’re thinking about starting a domain-selling business, you should keep an eye on the most recent trends.

You may miss out in the long run if you don’t consider the market and see where the buzz is arising.

It’s also worth noting that getting into the domain-selling business necessitates a significant investment in purchasing a large number of domains.

That notwithstanding, if even one of them sells for thousands of dollars, you’ve made a tidy profit.

Now, if you look keenly, buying and selling websites and domains is without a question a business that can earn you, so easily, ₹ 7,500 daily.

You don’t even need to sell two websites or domains, for one is enough to earn you that daily target, and even surpass it.

Are you a graphic designer and can design websites and domains, and then build them for sale?

Would you also like to buy websites and domains that you can develop and sell?

Then venture into this business in 2024 and you will have just taken India’s business space by storm.

  1. Selling Digital Products.

Building an audience on Facebook

What exactly do we mean by selling digital products?

Digital products range from self-facilitated programming products to data products, in most cases.

You create your products and sell them to various people both locally and abroad.

Typically, you create the item and sell it to the customer for a one-time premium or fee.

A perfect example of a digital product you can sell is an e-book.  

All you have to do here is write your book and sell it online.

That is not all. You could also sell online courses, as well as create and sell mobile games and applications.

When it comes to digital products, there are no limits to what you can offer.

Just choose a niche in which you want to specialize within the digital products arena and hit the ground running.

Did you know that selling a couple of e-books, mobile apps or games online can earn you over ₹ 7,500 daily in India in 2024?

Then I thought you should know, in case you were undermining this kind of business.

If you are into programming and coding or even writing, this is a field you should position yourself in for-profits in India in 2024.

It is a sure bet as far as the ₹ 7,500 daily targets are concerned.

  1. Coaching and Tutoring.

Coaching first.

Because they recognize the value of professional coaching and consulting services, a growing number of people in India are willing to pay for them.

What better way to learn something than from someone who is already good at it?

Coaches in specific areas such as lifestyle, health, and relationships are selling like hotcakes.

You don’t have to fit into these categories though.

If you can get people from one point to another on their evolution journey, whatever that journey may be, you can make a lot of money as a coach.

Start by offering online courses or consultation services, which can be a great way to increase revenue for your company.

Tutoring next.

Tutoring is a lucrative business opportunity in India in 2024.

You can be a tutor if you have a specific area of interest in which you have become an expert and can tutor others.

Anyone will tell you that life is too short to learn everything on your own, which is why we all require tutoring.

People are increasingly willing to spend money to acquire skills and knowledge in certain areas of their lives as a result of this understanding.

Therefore, if you can fill in this knowledge gap, then you can make a business out of tutoring.

Coaches and tutors usually charge hourly rates and it is nothing less than ₹ 3,750 per hour.

How many hours of coaching or tutoring a day, do you need to hit the ₹ 7,500 daily targets, as a tutor?

Only 2 and there you are.

With a coaching or tutoring business that is doing well in 2024, the Indian business space will never deny you ₹ 7,500 daily.

You can expect even more, at times doubling up that amount, surpassing the target by far.

  1. Blogging and Vlogging.

What is blogging

Blogging first.

Did you know that blogging is among the most lucrative ventures to consider in India in 2024?

Then I thought you should know.

If you haven’t stopped to ask yourself how much bloggers in India earn monthly, then I will tell you for free.

Top bloggers in India on average, earn 7 figure salaries out of blogging.

Blogging can help you become self-sufficient, and it is one of the most profitable businesses that anyone can start in India in 2024.

Vlogging next.

You could also consider creating a YouTube channel dedicated to a specific topic.

YouTube, after Facebook and Google, is the third most popular website, according to Alexa.

The reason for that is that videos create a connection with the audience and, hence are better relatable than other forms of content.

You need to pick a niche that you excel at and research some potential keywords that rank highly in that niche on YouTube.

The keyword should be well-trafficked.

Take care of your YouTube channel as if it were a blog.

Make sure to update your channel regularly and provide new videos to your subscribers.

Your videos will become a source of passive income for you once they receive good organic traffic or go viral.

Vloggers or YouTubers are also known to pocket great deals of monthly pay.

Therefore, blogging and vlogging make a perfect duo for huge daily earnings in 2024 for any willing Indian to venture into.

Actually, with good traffic for your YouTube channel and good traffic as well as proper affiliate programs for your blog, ₹ 7,500 daily is too low a target to hit.

  1. Online Trading.

Olymp Trade Trading challenge

Online trading is the buying and selling of digital financial assets which are listed on the asset market.

Here, you do not have to possess goods or services (assets) to buy or sell them.

You only invest in the change in their value over some time, after which you can reap huge returns.

If you choose a given asset, you carry out market analysis and study past data on its price.

After that, you can then decide in which direction the price of such an asset will go.

If you hope that such a price will go up in the future, you only need to click on the Buy or Up button and wait.

However, if you anticipate such a price to fall, all you need to do is hit the Sell or Down button and wait.

If the price moves in your favor, you are meant to profit from the price movement but if it moves against you, then a loss is inevitable.

Assets traded online include Currency pairs (Forex), Cryptocurrency, Indices, Commodities, ETFs, Bonds, and Stocks, among others.

You can invest in the change in prices of such assets and stand a chance to profit big-time.


One thing you will need to understand before we proceed is that for you to be able to trade online, you need access to the assets mentioned above.

The only institution that can give you access to the markets is called a broker.

A broker, therefore, is the link between traders and the asset market.

At the beginning of every trader’s trading journey, they must choose a broker, from the thousands of them that exist.

Some have even been conned at the very onset of their trading journey by falling for scammers posing as brokers.

That makes this step of the trading journey vital and critical, and that is where we come in handy to inform you accordingly.

Several brokers suitable for willing traders in India do exist.

Here is a list of the most popular, most reliable, and secure online trading brokers for India:

Online trading has been the secret to attaining financial freedom for many, and so you might consider it as well, in 2024.

A disclaimer though is that patience and putting in effort are inevitable if success in online trading will be realized.

With online trading, if you have enough experience and proper knowledge of how to trade, then there is no limit to how much you can make daily.

The ₹ 7,500 daily target is a drop in the ocean if you have invested enough time, enough capital, and know exactly what you are doing.

It feels like printing your own money.

Final Thoughts on Profitable Business Ideas that Will Make ₹ 7,500 Daily in 2024.

You now have the highlights concerning each of the business ideas that we have found to be worth investing your money into in 2024, in India.

To position yourself for huge profits of up to ₹ 7,500 Daily, then you can consider investing in any of the ideas above, which suits you best.

You can consider locating your business in the urban areas of India, for it is in such areas where most of the businesses thrive.

If you have been searching for a business idea that requires minimum capital to start but yields significant returns, then here are some.

Look no further.

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