Make 1 Million Dollars Yearly | Here’s How Most Bloggers Do It

Everybody wants to become a millionaire! To buy a house, to buy a car -and- to live a lavish life with no money worries in 2019. But, do we all know what it takes to become a millionaire? Have you thought about any unique business which you can start to make 1 million dollars in one year?

And is there such a thing anywhere in the world?

Yes, there is such a thing as how to make 1 million dollars in one year.

And there are existing strategies that so many people have used in the past to make even more money.



for example.

Did you know that there are bloggers who make so much money weekly?

And by making so much, I mean they make 1 million dollars blogging.

of Money Connexion shared his Adsense earnings in August 2018. In all honesty, he is on top of my list of Millionaires to follow in 2019.

Here’s a sneak peek of Adsense earnings from his previous post – How these Online Jobs from Home Pay Me $20,000 per Month 

Make 1 Million Dollars Yearly

Another legend in the blogging field who you must know if you will even be considering blogging as a viable business in 2019 is Neil Patel. He too shares his earnings for a year blogging and guess how much he makes?

He makes an average of $381,772 a month.

how to make $1 million in one year


And he promises to help you to make at least 1/100 of his monthly earnings. That’s an average of Ksh. 381,700.

I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for anything in the blogging business.

But how can you start off your blogging business in 2019 to be like Neil, Pritam or any other great blogger you have been following?

Does it require any skill -and- expertise?


But for starters, you only need a platform to share knowledge, express yourself or connect to people and boom.! You are open to start making passive income online.


How do you create a blog -and- scale to

Makes 1 Million Dollars Yearly Over Time?

With friends like Neil Patel-and-Pritam Nagrale on your side, this shouldn’t be an issue. But first, let’s learn some

DIY Steps For Creating a Blog in Less Than 11 Minutes

Remember, for people to see your blog, read -and- make you money online, you require two things to start off;

  1. A domain – which is the address where anyone online can find you and
  2. A host (Hosting) – which is the engine that powers your site to appear online.

These two are like keys and lock. They are inseparable. You can’t purchase one and leave the other. Else you won’t get things off the ground.

And the best thing is, you can purchase them together.

So Where and How Can I Get a Domain Name?

Your domain name can be pretty much anything. Mine is because Joon is my blog name.

Successful content marketers advise that when choosing a domain name you choose something that clients can easily identify with.

Anything which resonates with the content which you intend to create.

It could be anything but remember to keep it simple and memorable.

Domain names costs range from Ksh. 570 ( to well, over Ksh. 6,000 (.ke) – charges recur yearly

I bought mine from True Host Kenya

If you have made a decision about starting your blog, search for your desired domain name here to see availability.



You will Need Hosting 

Kenya has so many hosting companies to choose from.

But I recommend that you continue with True Host for support in all the stages of creating and developing your blog.

Interestingly, you can also pay through any payment option including PayPal and Visa

Make 1 Million Dollars Yearly

When you have successfully bought your domain and hosting, jump to the next step,

WordPress Installation 

All serious bloggers use WordPress to power their websites. Myself included.

But after buying the domain name and paying for hosting, how do you go about installing the software to see your blog online?  

It is easy 

Use the Cpanel login details sent to your registered email to log in to the back-end of your blog.

Make 1 million dollars blogging

Scroll down to the bottom of the cPanel Page -and- click on WordPress under the softalicious app installer 

Make 1 million dollars online yearly

Follow the rest of the steps keenly to have your blog created in under 3 minutes.

The next step is to design the website for your taste and preference. WordPress has hundreds of free themes to start with. And thousands of other plugins to beautify your blog and enhance it for performance.

But there is the certainty that your visitors won’t be swayed by the beauty of an empty blog. So it is time to get to work and create the best content that you can make and post to the public.

After all this hard work, you surely need to get paid. It is the beginning of your journey to make 1 million dollars yearly. And the money won’t just flow in from nowhere?

Monetize Your Website 

But how, you ask?

Apply for an Adsense account.

From our first example of how bloggers make 1 million dollars plus (+) yearly, our featured blogger millionaire Pritam Nagrale uses Adsense.

But what is an Adsense account and how does it work?

1. Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. – Wikipedia 

You earn a commission each time your visitors take action on the posts on your site. Or just for seeing them.

There are so many other ad networks to earn from

2. An Alternative is Affiliate Marketing – This is a program where you promote other people’s products to earn a commission. There are so many other bloggers who make 1 million dollars plus (+) promoting affiliate programs on their blogs.

These are the best-performing affiliates for of Shout Me Loud

Make 1 million dollars online

You can pick one or two to try out in your new blog.

More on Blogging 

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