41 Easy Ways To Make Money Quickly In 2024

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See, making money online is no longer something you can consider. It is high time you recognized that it is the only guaranteed way for this generation.

For this reason, I have put together a list of easy ways to make money quickly in 2024.

Are you ready?

1. Blogging

Blogging is the process of posting articles on a platform regularly.

It is the #1 way most people swear by as the best way to make money online without breaking a sweat.

To start blogging, you need a niche. This is the area you will focus your writing efforts.

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Yes, you can start blogging about almost everything under the sun, but if you need to make money quickly in 2024, staying focused is the key.

Once you have the topic/niche, the next step is picking the best platform. You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn to write, but there is nothing better than having your own website.

With a website, you can publish articles regularly, thus building an engaged audience, which turns out to be the vital ingredient to making money fast.

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After building an audience, you have done almost 70% of the work. The next steps include finding ways to monetize it. Lucky for you, there are a ton of ways you can do that.

Most of these other easy ways to make money quickly in 2024 can be implemented on a website. So keep reading to know which ones.

  1. Start affiliate website

Affiliate marketing is the process where you get paid in commissions for promoting someone else’s product.

Here, you first sign up with the affiliate program to get a unique affiliate link. This link is the only thing that can attribute to sales you send.

As such, you need to share the link all over to make money quickly.

This is where a website comes in.

See, there are a ton of affiliate programs targeting specific products. All you have to do is sign up for the one you would wish to promote, create a site, and start promoting the link.



With the website, you can start blogging about the product or service you are promoting. And then insert your affiliate link within the articles.

This way, anyone reading the articles and get interested, they are more likely to use your link.

For example;

You can sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, and create a site to promote only electronics. In there, you will be writing only about electronics and nothing else.

This is what people call niche websites!

  1. Resell web hosting

Having talked about blogging and affiliate sites, you realize that they all need somewhere to live, right?

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With web hosting services, you can easily launch a website within minutes and start making money quickly.

And with the growth of websites, you can easily cash in on offering web hosting services.

Truth is, you will need a lot of resources to start a fully functional web hosting company. But there is an easier way around this; reselling.

Here, instead of starting everything from scratch, you instead partner with an existing hosting company to resell their services.

What’s more attractive about this is that most of the web hosting reseller programs come with everything you need (automated order processes and tools).

Also, you are given a white label right, which means you can use your brand name to market the services, while the parent company fulfills the orders.

Who is this for?

Reselling web hosting can be your first brick in your quest to build a company in the future. It is your chance to build trust and test waters at the same time.

  1. Creating courses

Zoom has come to our rescue.

You can now attend classes and meetings right in your living room.

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With this comes the importance of learning online. Gives you control of your time and you can accomplish a lot within a short time.

If you are looking for easy ways to make money quickly in 2024, creating and selling courses is your best bet.

All you have to do is figure out what people are struggling with, create a course tackling the problem, and sell it to them.

The best place to start is by looking at what people already ask you to help with. If they are asking for your input, you must have some expertise and offer something no one else.

If so, why not make money doing it?

Once you have the course, you can use your website to promote it or join marketplaces like Skillshare and Udemy.

  1. Flipping websites

Flipping websites is the art of creating a website and selling it for a profit.

The idea is to acquire a brand new website, add value by making it generate income, and then find a buyer.

Alternatively, you can buy an existing site, and revamp it with content and design techniques. And when it starts generating income, you sell it at a profit.

Who can do this?

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Anyone actually can do a website flipping business.

All you need is an eye for undervalued websites. Once you have them, you need a plan to revive them to their true value, and then find a buyer.

Also, it needs someone patient enough. Flipping websites isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

Transforming a website into an income generator may take you years, but in the end, it will be worth it.

How do I know?

Go to places like Flippa.com or Empire Builders. You will see websites being sold for thousands of dollars.

6.  Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money quickly in 2024.

Here, your job is to build an email list of an audience interested in a topic.

Once you have the list, you can start promoting offers to them (your own or affiliate products) and make money quickly.

Alternatively, you can partner with brands to sponsor your newsletters.

For example;

You can build an email list of first-time mothers.

And then approach brands that could be interested in reaching them.

  1.  Buy and sell domains

Have you heard?

Voice.com domain was sold for over $30 million back in 2019!

Yes, cool millions of dollars for a mere domain name.

Before and after that, thousands of domains have been sold, bringing in millions of dollars to their owners.

The good thing is, you can do the same. It is easy to get started and scale.

Just like flipping websites, your task is identifying undervalued domains. Acquire it and resell it when its demand rises.

  1. Sell stock photos and footage

If you have photos collecting dust on your hard drives, you can offer them up for sale on stock photos websites and earn hundreds of dollars fast in 2024.

The secret is to identify what types of images are flying off the shelves on these sites. And then go ahead and take the same type of images yourself.

Once you have the images, you can join several sites. They do not offer the same deals, so find the one giving you the best value for your photography skills.

The same formula applies to stock footage. With the rise of video content consumption, there is an increasing demand for stock footage by agencies and individuals.

Better part?

You don’t need professional equipment to make money using these methods. You can take photos using your phone and still make money.

  1.  Investing in crypto

You must have heard about Bitcoin.

It is one of the most underrated digital coins, well, up until recently when its price skyrocketed to Ksh. 4,117,774.50 at the time of writing this guide, down from a couple of bucks back in the day.

If you had invested in it when it was just 1 dollar in 2011, you’d be a millionaire now.

As they say, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now!

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If you wish to cash in on not only Bitcoin but hundreds of other crypto coins, this is your chance.

Luckily, you don’t need thousands of dollars to get started, with just $10, you can start trading on Olymp Trade.

10. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube content is growing faster than ever.

If you are looking for a way to make money quickly in 2024, starting a YouTube channel should be up on your list.

To get started, you need to decide the topic you will be creating video content around. What skills do you already possess?

Someone could be looking for such online.

With the topic at hand, create a channel, and come up with a content strategy, and schedule.

Once you have ramped up enough subscribers (at least 1K subs and over 4K watch time), you can start monetizing your channel with YouTube advertising programs.

Additionally, you can make money through brand partnerships and endorsements.

But before you reach there, the goal should be producing valuable and entertaining content.

11. Virtual assistant

VA as they are known is working remotely as an assistant to some entrepreneur somewhere.

To get started, you need to be sure about what skills you will be bringing to the table. The more specific you are, the easier to get clients, and more opportunities to charge more.

For example;

If you are good at social media management and content creation, you can approach someone to help them ease the workload.

12. Testing applications and websites

Before launching websites and applications, their creators need to gauge whether they do what are supposed to.

To help with that, they enlist the help of independent users around the globe to review their applications.

In return, the users are compensated handsomely for their opinions and time.

You can do the same. All you need is a good internet connection and a phone (a laptop works better).

Armed with these, head over to testing sites UserTesting and sign up.

13. Narrate audiobooks

It doesn’t matter how people get busy, they still need to develop themselves through reading and studying.

To cope with their busy schedules, some have found audiobooks resourceful, and that explains why there is an influx of audiobooks today than ever before.

And with the rise of audiobooks, carries with it the demand for voice actors.

If you believe your voice is the secret honey pot, this is something you should consider as a way to make money quickly in 2024.

14. Graphic designer

Graphic design is an industry no matter how many people join it, will always remain insatiable.

If you trust your brush skills, eye for detail, and ability to follow instructions, you can start making money as a graphic designer.

To get started, you need tools like PhotoShop, and CorelDraw, among others.

Also, there are free ones like Canva.com

15. Become an Instagram influencer

Do you have at least 5K followers on IG?

Can you rake in an engaged audience on Instagram?

If so, you can make money quickly in 2024 by posting products on behalf of brands.

To get you started, approach companies or agencies to represent you in getting brand deals. From there, all you have to do is create content and start earning.

16. Offer SEO services

Ask anyone with a website, all they think about day and night is ranking on the first page on Google!

If you understand how search engines work, you can easily make money by helping them rank their pages on the SERP.

17. Managing social media

6 in 10 small businesses are not on social media!

As much as that is depressing to hear (because they are missing a lot), it is good news for you if you have social media management skills.


This means that there is an untapped market out there.

The challenge now is for you to convince them to get on social media and most importantly, convince them that you are the right person to help them leap.

If you have the skills and knowledge, landing clients should be a piece of cake.

18. Freelance writer

Blogs wouldn’t exist without content.

And that is the challenge; creating content consistently without burning out. To remedy the situation, blog owners enlist help from freelance writers.

If you have writing skills and wish to make money quickly in 2024, writing is your chance.

To get you started, you can decide to focus on one industry, say only write for crypto blogs.

After that, the next step is hunting for clients, which shouldn’t be hard since you already know who you are looking for.

19. Personal trainer

Working as a personal trainer is among the best and easiest ways to make money quickly in 2024.

See, people are getting busier, and yet they need to stay in shape. But since there is no time to attend a gym, they resort to working outright in their living rooms.

If you are a trainer with strategies and proven systems (meal and exercise plans), you can make money fast in 2024.

20. Advertise for companies with a car wrap

If you drive around a lot in your car, you can sign up at Carvertise and make money advertising for brands.

Here, you will get a car wrapper you can install and then drive around as usual. But every month, you will receive a fat check for good work done.

21. Conduct webinars

Webinars are seminars done online.

With them, you can sell anything you want if you have the skillset.

The challenge here is getting people to show up to your webinars. And then getting them to sit through the whole training period to the end.

If you can master each of these steps, you can easily make money in 2024.

22. Mobile car washing

Instead of staying around the same corner place waiting for clients to wheel in their dirty cars, you can make money fast by going to them.

For this to work, you will need portable tools and willing clients.

23. Traveling consultant

If you love traveling, you can make money doing it!


Start a travel blog where you update your readers about your adventures. Also, a YouTube channel can work here.

With an engaged audience, consider partnering with travel destinations and make money in the process.

24. Get Paid for Online Searches and Surveys

You easily make money every time you do an online search.

All you have to do is join Qmee, download their extension, and add it to your browser.

And whenever you search online, you will see ads among the results. If you click on them, you get a cut!

25. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a revolutionary online business invention of the 21st century. Here, you can start selling products online without ever seeing or touching them.

The idea here is you negotiate with a supplier to offer you a product at a wholesale price. And without holding any inventory, you take pictures of the products and start promoting them online.

And when you get a customer, they pay you the retail price. Then you head over to the supplier pay the wholesale price and pocket the difference.

Then the supplier ships the product to the customer.

26. Publish eBooks

It is projected that the sales from eBooks are expected to hit over US$14,747M by the end of 2024.

And considering the low entry barrier to this billion-dollar industry, you can be smiling to the bank right now.

To tap this market, you first need to identify best-selling eBooks and replicate their successes. That is the fastest way to make money selling eBooks in 2024.

To write, you can hire ghost-writers and take credit for their work, after paying them of course.

With the book, upload it to marketplaces like Kindle.

27. Do transcription

Transcription is transforming an audio or video file into written text. Works like voice actors, and the pay is really good.

All you need is good listening skills and impeccable language skills. Combine that with a good set of headphones, and you can easily make money fast in 2024.

28. Buy and sell used stuff

Not everyone has enough cash to buy brand items all the time. That is what makes second-hand shops so profitable.

You can buy a used coach at a throw-away price and resell it at 10X the buying price.

29. Become an online tutor

If you are good at an academic subject, you can rake in on this budding industry of online tutoring.

The good thing is, that parents are more willing to spend money on bettering their kids’ education.

And to get started, talk to them and agree on payment terms. Then come up with a simple curriculum.

30. Stream game

If you love playing video games, you can easily make money on Twitch by streaming the whole thing.

Here, your viewers can show their appreciation by sending virtual gifts that can be redeemed for real cash to be paid through PayPal.

Also, you can start selling branded merchandise to your fans once you have garnered enough followership and loyalty.

31. Delivery rider

With the rise of online shopping, there is a growing demand for home-delivering riders.

If you own an idle bike or car, you can easily make money delivering items for Amazon, PostMate, etc.

32. Babysitting

This involves taking care of babies as their parents go about their to-do lists. And in return, you get paid per hour.

33. Dog walking

Dog walking works the same as babysitting. You help someone walk their dogs and they pay you.

34. Drive for Uber or Lyft

This goes for those with cars sitting around idle.

Pick the Uber or Lyft app and sign up as a driver.

The good thing is, unlike other taxi drivers, you don’t have to go around looking for clients. With the app, the clients come to you.

35. Sell, or resell, used tech on Craigslist

Old tech is gold on Craigslist.

You can start buying and selling old and used tech at a profit. See those old DVDs and TVs? You are looking at cash mine.

36. Grab gigs on Fivver

Fiverr is the go-to marketplace when you are looking for someone to do something for $5!

If you want an easy way to make money in 2024, go to Fiverr.com and browse the site looking for gigs.

37. Home cleaning services

With busy schedules, you can even forget to do home cleaning including the most annoying laundry.

You can make quick bucks if you can help such people do home cleaning. And if you do a great job, be sure you have a client for life.

38. Rent a spare room on Airbnb

Airbnb is the Amazon for renting houses while traveling.

If you have a spare room, you can quickly make money by renting it out on Airbnb.

To do that, go to Airbnb.com and sign up. Upload pictures of the room, and give it a reasonable price, then wait for tenants to come knocking.

39. Sell crafts on Etsy

Etsy is a goldmine for those with crafting skills.

On this website, you can sell your products to someone in China while sipping coffee in Ghana.

All you have to do is sign up and upload your products. And with the existing marketplace of millions of people, you are more likely to make a sale the same day, assuming your products are of high quality.

40. Participate in online surveys

Just like testing websites and applications, online surveys work towards helping manufacturers get much-needed feedback about their products before they hit the market.

You can make money by helping them fill out and submitting questionnaires. The pay is low per question, which means you need to invest more time in answering more questions to make sizable money.

Either way, this is one of the easy ways to make money quickly in 2024.

41. Moving services

Moving sucks!

You have to carry around piles of household items which is exhausting sometimes.

If you own a truck, you can help people move into their new homes, and make money fast.

 Wrapping up

There you have it, the easiest ways to make money in 2024.

Go ahead and pick one or two and run away with it.

Better yet, you can combine some of them into one project. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of making money fast.

But what is more important is not giving up!

Stick to your plan to the end.

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