UAE Trader Withdraws $63,084.00 From a $190 Initial Deposit

For 3 years I have been a trader in Olymp Trade.

And for the better part of my trading career, I have been profitable and documented my trading success in both my blogs and social media channels.

During this same period, I have sought other ways to make money online.

Of course, settling for Forex affiliate marketing.

Do you know what affiliate marketing is?

It is when you promote another person’s/ companies products to earn a commission for every sale made.

Since I already had a blog and a cult following, I decided, why not promote Forex brokers while also showing newbie traders who to trade profitably?

That’s how I joined the Kingfin.

It didn’t take long until I started signing up traders from all over the world.

And since I was also already making so much money as a trader, I decided to promote my blog by giving rewards to traders who joined Olymp Trade through my link.

If you have followed me from day 1, you should remember this as the period we started promoting the Joon 10 Deals Trading Contest

A trading contest that would see the winner walk away with a brand new HP Pavillion x360, then worth $800.

Newbie Trader Withdraws $63,084.00 From a $190 Initial Deposit.

It is during this period that we attracted this trader from the UAE. Trader ID – 65088443.

Traders win in Olymp Trade

Unlike other traders who create trading accounts and fail to deposit until 3 years later, this guy created his account and made his deposit on the same day.

You could say, he was ready for it or you can say, he was simply following the rules of the challenge which were;

 1. Register a new account here.

2. Fund your account with at least $30

ANd place 10 deals to join the challenge.

Either way, he did what many fail to do.

He gave trading a shot and less than a year later, he has withdrawn over $63,084.00 from his Olymp Trade trading account.

Interestingly, there are days he has earned $588.00, $12,600.00, $3,171.00, $3,181.23… repeatedly in just under one week.

You can also achieve this success with Olymp Trade. Register here.

We got in touch with Trader ID – 65088443 and asked him these questions and here are some of the answers he gave us.

Q. Joon Online –  Since starting to trade with Olymp Trade, how has your life changed?

A. Trader ID – 65088443

Olymp Trade has been a life-changer. Tell me how else, or where else I can earn $12,600.00 in a day if not for this opportunity.

Given a choice to spend my $190 initial deposit on trading or to use it to buy buggers, I’d spend the money on trading again and again.

Q. Joon Online – Which strategies have you been using when trading in Olymp Trade?

A. Trader ID – 65088443

Surprisingly, I only trade with strategies from your blog.

I don’t mean to flutter you or anything but it is true that your blog has some of the best trading strategies that have helped me succeed this far.

Of course, my favorite being, trading candlestick patterns with trend lines.

Q. Joon Online – For a new trader looking to start out with Olymp Trade, what would you advise?

A. Trader ID – 65088443

If you want to start, just start. DOn’t think twice. Just start.

Remember, trading is a skill that once learned, can not be unlearned. And, you can use it to make money for the rest of your life.


The trading conversation is a long and interesting one. And there are thousands of traders who like Trader ID – 65088443 have found sustenance in trading for profits.

Join Trader ID – 65088443 in winning. Join Olymp Trade here.

Happy trading.

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