Forex Trading: How to Make Money With Olymp Trade Forex

How long have you been trading Forex?


Never tried?

Do you want to try trading today?

Do you want to learn how to make money with the Olymp Trade Forex?


In this guide, I’ll teach you how to make as much money as you possibly can while trading on Forex.

But first, let me warn you about a few things: –

1) You May get too successful that you will be sick & tired of more success

Speaking of success in Forex Trading;

Ever heard about George Soros? Come on, the guy is a legend in Forex Trading.

Do you know how he rose to international fame?

a) In 1992 Mr. Soros went all in in a short selling of 10 Billion British pounds (GBP) to net a cool $1 Billion in profits. Suffice to say that he broke The Bank of England with this trade.

Investopedia gives an interesting insight of Gorge’s Story & that of all the other Famous Forex Traders in History.

Check it out later. Here’s a sneak peak.

2) Your Funds May Be at Risk

Tell you what, there is a near certainty that you will loose everything to the point — you will wish you were never born.

To learn how worse it can get, I recommend that you read these two articles by Business Insider & Investopedia (at your own free time).

They detail the worst losses in History

But don’t be afraid to trade.

Have an investor mind & think like Lions do.

Think that if you will one day become a King, you must learn to roar the loudest.


Look at Forex from this unique angle

  • It takes nearly 10 minutes to figure out a trading platform
  • A week to understand trading mechanics & the charts (start trading on a demo account or learn from other internet resources, books or webinars). But, from my experience, being practical gives you so much leverage. Open a new Olymp Trade Forex Account to practice 
  • And a month to start trading on a real account & actually make real profits (other times it takes up to 5 months)


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That’s not a long time if you consider that 5 months will pass & you will still be stuck on that same spot.

Poverty-stricken, beggarly & deprived.

But you could change that trading & winning: –

Open a new Olymp Trade Forex Account.

Trading Forex with Olymp Trade Forex

What is Forex Trading?

Forex is the short for foreign exchange.

And what is foreign exchange?

Google dictionary defines it as: –

Trading Forex

On the other hand, Investopedia gives the best definition as below: –

What is Olymp Trade Forex?

Olymp Trade Forex is an online platform for trading & investing on Forex Markets.

This is how Forex Accounts work — as captured in this post by Ouya Ojeje

Trading Forex

How to Make Money With Olymp Trade Forex Trading in Kenya

While the idea of making money with Forex & becoming super rich fast may seem so interesting & extraordinary?

Don’t let it get into your head. Not yet!

I mean a time will come when you should be cocky, smug & lordly. And it will be okay because you will have earned a high societal status with Forex money.

But today, try to be the learner, not the earner. Try to get the basics of Forex trading & understand all the mechanics that go into making a professional Forex Trader.

Because unlike any other part time job that guarantees payment at the end of the shift, Forex Markets don’t. Forex doesn’t owe you sh**t.

It is liquid & cruel.

Any wrong step & it pounces on you like a hungry tiger. Not to eat your soul but to tear your finances apart.

If truth is anything to go by, then that’s pretty much it.


May be you should run away like a young herds-boy who’s seen a Lion in the field.

Or be the Lion & charge toward the young herds-boy (Forex).

Which side have you chosen? To be a Lion? I knew it!

Click to Create a New Olymp Trade Forex Account.

Let’s get started, shall we?

But first, here’s an interesting infograph by Bit Rebels . I thought you’d learn a lot from it at a glance.

Trading Forex

So what do you need to know if you will be earning from Olymp Trade Forex?

Forex market is the worlds most liquid market with more than 5.3 trillion exchanging hands everyday. 24 hours a day — 5 days a week.

Foreign exchange markets open on Sunday evenings North American trading hours & closes at 5 PM on Friday within the same time zone.

Considering that you are just beginning in Forex, I recommend that you follow the markets to enhance your understanding of why exchange rates move (but it is not important) because leveraging on those movements is how you will make your money.

How To Make Money With Olymp Trade Forex: –

Open a Forex Trading account with Olymp Trade 

We already covered the benefits of choosing this platform on Olymp Trade Review 2019 : Gain Financial Freedom in 60 Seconds

All the new accounts come with a training account loaded with $10,000 which you can use for demonstration & to study the charts.

However, you will deposit a minimum of $10 to start trading on real account & win real cash which you can then withdraw at no withdrawal commission.

Forex positions are opened for as low as $1.

Scale your trading with the Olymp Trade Multiplier Tool to increase your investments & profits to ratios ranging from 1:5 to 1:200

These ratios have a dependency on asset categories, regular currency pairs, metals & the cryptocurencies you pick to trade.

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