Olymp Trade Losses Stories – How I Lost $388 Trading Forex

From where I sit I get a lot of emails; WhatsApp messages, telegram messages, and other times, even calls related to Olymp Trade losses, wins, and other funny trading suggestions.

I guess it’s just because everyone in the trading industry considers me a thought leader in matters trading.

Thanks to my blog – Joon Online.

I’m just curious, on a scale of 1 to 10; how would you rate my work?

Would you place your palms in a prayer position, shut your damn mouth -silent and bow to me if we met?

Would you?

Haha… I think I just figured out my position in Marslows hierarchies chart.

I am a Virgo – at the self-esteem level of the hierarchy. And I just turned 29 yesterday. Can you believe that?

BS aside; guess what’s so commons with all the messages, emails, and calls I get regarding Olymp Trade?

  1. Most of these messages praise my work.
  2. Almost all the senders wish they could be me.
  3. Those who use Joon Trading Strategies consider us – a go-to-resource for everything Olymp Trade.
  4. And the other category who just learned about (Joon) after months of blind trading wish they knew about us before they started trading on a live account.

Interestingly, those who fall on this 4th position are also the people who have lost a fortune to online trading sites.

Did I already mention that they all think they are gurus until it’s too late?

Talk of my friend Ihaab for example (a friend I have never met) – though been talking for a year now.

Before you crucify me for what I’m about to tell you; know that Ihaab doesn’t take anyone’s advice.

His mind works differently/funnily, or so I have learned in the period we have been friends.

He only embraces the help he’s asked for. Not the help his mother thinks he needs or what you think he needs.

He is the kind of person you’d be lifting weights with; stacks too much weight on one side of the barrel and less on the other side. But unless he – himself feels one side is heavier; he wouldn’t let you balance the weights for him.

He is weird.

Hehe… the kind of friends I get on the internet.

Would it surprise you that in the last 3 months he has lost $1288?

Last week he lost $388.

How do I know?

We are friends, remember!

He reached out on telegram and said he lost $1288 trading. I didn’t ask him how – because I know how he lost. He doesn’t know when to let go.

And as much as it’s painful, it is also funny.

Painful that he lost his money and funny that he had to lose that much money to objectively consider asking for my help.

I know we’ll laugh about it someday.

Today though; let’s talk about other Olymp Trade losses stories. Your story.

How much have you lost trading?

I will reply to your comment with a better strategy that could help you turn things around.

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