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Are you looking for a quick way to make money online?

Have you considered trading fixed-time trades?

Well, FTTs are an alternative way to earn instant cash online. In this guide – The Olymp Trade Review for 2019, I’ll show you how to earn passive income in under 61 seconds.

Of course through your smartphone.

And the amazing part is, you can withdraw your earned money to your Mpesa account.

Just so you know; Trading is fun, quick, convenient, and- it offers high returns on investments. At least if you know what you are doing.

Stay with me; I’m the best at what I do.

And remember, I’ve been trading for quite some time now. 

Follow this link if you want to confirm my Olymp Trade Winning History.

Otherwise, continue reading to learn about Olymp Trade-and-how you can use it to walk out of your debts, pay your child’s school fee, buy the car you’ve always wanted -and more.

Olymp Trade Broker Review.

Olymp Trade is a popular broker in Kenya-Nigeria-South Africa-(Among other African Nations; Europe, Asia-and-North-America. Olymp Traders can invest their money in a range of assets.

Beginning with currency pairs, commodities, stock, indices, stocks-and-cryptocurrency. 

As a trader, you benefit when you make the correct asset price predictions.

And trust me, it is a simple thing to do because your winnings are credited even if the price changes with a single point.

1. How to Contact Olymp Trade. 

In case you need to contact Olymp Trade, do so through email.

The broker also has dedicated lines for Kenya, Nigeria-and-South Africa.

For more information about all the available contact methods, check out the Olymp Trade Client Support Department 

2. Why You Should Trade With This Platform? 

Safety and Reliability  – The Olymp Trade Platform is certified by Finacom which is an independent international organization that provides and guarantees protection of traders’ rights.

In case there is an unfair practice by Olymp Trade, the commission protects the trader by its compensation fund which guarantees up to $20,000 per case.

If this doesn’t show safety,  it should be a sign of reliability.

Simple Trading Mechanics – Trading with Olymp Trade is easy.

As a trader, you will determine whether the asset price will go higher or lower than the current market quotation.

If your forecast is correct, your investment yields a profit of up to 92%. On the other hand, unsuccessful forecasts lead to losses.

  • Democratic Financial Conditions – At Olymp Trade, you can make a minimum deposit of $10 to start trading 

However, you will only need $1 to start trading with a real account -and actually make real profits off your investment.

  • Training Account – When you register on Olymp Trade you’ll start trading for free with a demo account that has $10,000 demo credits.

Trading with the training account helps prepare you for Real Account Trading.

Should your trading units fall below $5,000 you can restore the account to $10,000.

Olymp Trade Review Kenya. 

With the information above and other countless success stories online, you should already want to create an account with the platform.

But, before making that great decision, you want to find answers to these great questions: 

Does Olymp Trade Work in Kenya?

Of course, it does – Olymp Trade is global and the terms aren’t any different from anything you’ve read on this review.

It’s all the same everywhere. If you open a new account, you’ll get $10,000 Free demo credits, make a minimum deposit of $10 to trade with a real account, and trade for only $1.

How can I deposit if I’m in Kenya?

Well, Olymp Trade has so many deposit alternatives to choose from.

You can use the Visa/MasterCard to make a deposit (it is the easiest option).

But there are other methods like Skrill, Neteller, Yandex, WebMoney, Qiwi, Bitcoin among other widely used payment mediums.

Olymp Trade Review Conclusion. 

Much as there are very many other brokers on the internet, Olymp Trade is still the best, the easiest to the use-and-the most reliable platform to trade with.

The total amount paid to traders in the month ended was $ 9 449 968; the total number of traders was 222 592-and-the trading volume was $ 171 236 104.

Create your account today to be part of these interesting statistics.

Visit Website.
  • Deposit $10
  • Trade with $1
  • No withdrawal limit
  • FREE demo account
Get FREE $10,000 in Your Demo Account.

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3 Responses to “Quick Review for Olymp Trade | Best Online Trading Platform”

  1. The easiest way to contact the Olymp Trade support is text them in the live chat. I don’t know how long it takes them to reply to an e-mail, as I haven’t tried that, but I guess the chat is much faster. I texted them a couple of times concerning the platform settings, and every time they would reply within 5 minutes. They would even apologize “for the long wait”, lmao ? it’s OK, guys :)) In fact, I’m more than happy with such response speed, that’s lots better than it was about 5-7 years ago. Back then, you could text some broker with a real issue and spend hours waiting for the reply. And in case with an e-mail, they wouldn’t bother to reply until the very next day, or even later…

  2. Except for The Financial Commission, Olymp Trade is regulated by FSA Saint-Vincent and Grenadines. This is an official state regulator, which is entitled to issue the brokers’ licenses. I think this is even more significant than the FinaCom regulation.

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