Online Jobs That Actually Pay | 13 Best Freelancing Jobs to try in 2020

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How has your 2019 been so far, any resolutions met? Don’t worry, 2020 is yet another year full of opportunities. Opportunities like – easy businesses to start without capital. Freelancing jobs that pay through Mpesa. And/or jobs that do not require any experience at all.

You just need to know where to look to find it.

In today’s post, we explore 13 different job sets that are easily available on the internet. In content mill sites and on professional social sites.

If anything, you only need a strong internet connection, a laptop, and/or maybe just a reliable high-performance smartphone to start earning.

Online Jobs That Pay | 13 Best Work From Home Jobs to Try in 2020

Online Freelancing Jobs of 2020

1. Take Freelance Websites, IT & Software Jobs

This is one of the most popular and the most sought skill set on the internet. Of course after freelance online writing.

In alone, over 24,000 Websites, IT & Software projects are reported to have been logged in 2019.

My projection is, in 2020 there will be a 10% or even 20% increase in projects needing these skill sets.

In case you don’t know what to expect in the website, IT and software jobs, carefully look at the table below to find your baring: –

Freelance Active Directory Jobs Adobe Captivate Jobs Freelance Adobe Illustrator Jobs
Adobe Premiere Pro Jobs Apache Hadoop Jobs
Freelance API Jobs Apple Xcode jobs Adobe Muse Jobs
Freelance Adobe Air Jobs Adobe Freehand Jobs
Freelance Adobe Pagemaker Jobs Freelance AJAX Jobs Amazon Web Services Jobs
Freelance App Developer Jobs Freelance Azure JobsArtificial Intelligence Jobs ASP.NET Jobs Freelance Android
Wear SDK Jobs Backend Development Jobs Computer Science Jobs
Freelance Django Jobs eCommerce Jobs
Freelance Embedded Software Jobs Frontend Development Jobs Freelance Google Cloud Platform JobsFreelance Google Firebase JobsHTML Jobs
Freelance HTML5 Jobs Freelance jQuery / Prototype Jobs Microsoft Access Jobs
Freelance Metatrader Jobs Freelance Zoho Jobs
MySQL Jobs Freelance node.js Jobs PHP Projects Freelance Pinterest Jobs
Social Media Management Jobs
Windows Desktop Jobs WordPress Jobs
Website Management Jobs Freelance Software Architecture Jobs Freelance Software Testing Jobs
Freelance XML Jobs Visual Basic for Apps JobsFreelance YouTube Jobs

2. Take Mobile Phones & Computing Jobs in 2020Join to bid and work on these projects.

  • Trade with $1
  • Earn up to 90% profits
  • Easy deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
My balance, Đ349,409.95. CLAIM YOUR FIRST Đ10,000.

Just like in a website, IT and software jobs, mobile phones, and computing jobs need skilled people to perform.

As such, there isn’t so much competition in the field and there aren’t so many companies outsourcing either.

In 2019 only 3,460 mobile phones and computing projects were posted on

These included: –

Amazon Fire Jobs Amazon Kindle Android iPhone iPad
Appcelerator TitaniumBlackberryGeolocationSamsungVirtualization
Freelance Adobe Pagemaker Jobs AJAX Jobs Amazon Web Services Jobs App Developer Jobs
Windows Mobile (2)

Examples of mobile phones and computing freelance gigs recently complete by freelancers on -The best part about this skill set is, its jobs pay better and it doesn’t take long to complete if you have the skills.

  1. ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App By heltleo59
  2. Workout Fitness App By technologybeach
  3. Travel App – By gobyweb2

3. Take Freelance Writing & Content Jobs

Freelance writing jobs are by far the easiest to secure online jobs.

They don’t need any experience and they certainly don’t need any investment prior to getting hired.

If anything, you just need to have excellent communication skills and boom! You are hired.

Not to get mixed up though, not all writing jobs have the same format. And certainly, not all of them sound good with the same voice.

Below are examples of online writing jobs to expect in your freelance writing career of 2020.

Academic Writing Apple iBooks Article Rewriting Article Writing Blog

Book Writing
Cartography & Maps Business Writing
Book Writing Blog Writing Blogging
Catch Phrases Compliance and Safety Procedures Writing Content Strategy Content Writing
Essay Writing Editing
Fiction Editorial Writing Financial Research
Forum Posting Ghostwriting
Online Writing Newsletters
Proposal/Bid Writing Proofreading Research Writing
Research Report Writing
Resumes Reviews Romance Writing Short Stories
SEO Writing
Screenwriting Slogans Speech Writing Word Processing

Depending on the mill site you choose to work with, you can withdraw your earnings to either Mpesa, Skrill, Paypal, Visa, and/or WebMoneyFind what suits you and do it.

4. Freelance Design, Media & Architecture Jobs

In 2019 more freelance design, media, and architecture jobs were posted and completed on than writing jobs.

What does that tell you?

Design, freelance, and media jobs are more in demand than most work from home jobs.

In fact, they were the second most popular gigs in 2019.

As such, if you are a designer, architecture, or a media personality, you can be assured of getting more such gigs in 2020.

Below are examples of media, architecture, and design jobs that you can do from home.

3D Animation 3D Rendering 2D Animation 360-degree video 3D Modelling
3D Model Maker 3ds Max Adobe Dreamweaver ActionScript Adobe InDesign
Adobe Flash After Effects (303) Adobe Flash Advertisement Design Apple Motion
After Effects App Designer AutoCAD Architecture Brochure Design
Music Infographics Interior Design CSS Corporate Identity
Photoshop Image Processing Landing Pages Covers & Packaging Illustration
Poster Design Stationery Design Freelance Photoshop Design Infrastructure Architecture Freelance Logo Design
Sound Design Vectorization Pre-production Voice Talent Freelance Photo Editing
Freelance Website Design Video Services PSD to HTML Videography Product Photography
Video Editing
Freelance Filmmaking Sketch Video Production Video Broadcasting
Furniture Design

5. Freelance Data Entry & Admin Jobs 

While data entry and admin jobs are the easiest online freelancing jobs that you will ever find online, they are not easy to come by. And if by chance you get any, they don’t pay well and most of them end up to be a scam.

Just in case this is the only gig you can do in this list, work – but only if your employer agrees to an upfront payment known as a milestone in Otherwise, save your time and soul from frustrating.

Below are data entry hustle samples that you can do online in

Bookkeeping BPO Customer Support Freelance Customer Service Call Center
Data Analytics Data Architecture Freelance Data Cleansing Freelance Data Data Entry
Freelance Data Processing Data Scraping Email Handling Excel Email Handling
Infographic and Powerpoint Slide Designing General Office Microsoft Office Investment Research Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office SAP Master Data Governance Procurement

6. Freelance Engineering & Science Jobs 

Unlike data entry and freelance online writing jobs which anyone can do regardless of if they hold a certification for any skill; freelance engineering and science jobs can only be done by qualified personnel.

You can lie to the content mill systems about being qualified for the job. But tell me, my friend, what happens if you are awarded a project in medicine, biotechnology, or medical research and the only certification that you have is the birth certificate?

Haha… Tell me how that folds out.

Below is a list of freelance engineering and science jobs in this job set.

AutoCAD Arduino
Audio Processing Freelance Biology jobs Chemical Engineering
Data Mining Data Science Digital DesignInternet of Things (IoT) Intercom
Microsoft OfficeManufacturing Design Materials Engineering MathematicsMechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Medical

7. Forex Trading 

From where I sit, Forex Trading has grown so much in Kenya and in all the other parts of the world – India, Nigeria, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania – to name but a few countries currently topping trading geos.

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8. Freelance Product Sourcing & Manufacturing

These are supply chain jobs, product design, manufacturing, supplier sourcing, computer-aided manufacturing, and buyer sourcing jobs done on the internet.

While there aren’t so many of them on content mill sites, you can still find one or two if you know where to look.

You can check on similar project descriptions on to get an idea of what to expect.

9. Freelance Sales And Marketing Jobs   

Interestingly, 99% of startups in this decade share the same objective – profit maximization. But that’s the easy part.

The difficult part is meeting this objective. And that’s where you – an influencer, a social media strategist, Vlogger, content marketer/marketing strategist… comes in.

If you are a sale marketer, expect these freelance  job types in 2020

Ad Planning & Buying Advertising Affiliate Marketing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Algorithm
Brand Management Brand Marketing Branding Content Marketing
Email Marketing Facebook Marketing Google Adwords
Internet Marketing Internet Research
Leads Email Marketing Sales Management
Telecom Sales Viral Marketing
Online Sales Telemarketing Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing Marketing
Mailchimp Freelance Reseller Jobs

  • Trade with $1
  • Earn up to 90% profits
  • Easy deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
My balance, Đ349,409.95. CLAIM YOUR FIRST Đ10,000.

10. Freight, Shipping & Transportation

Come on, it’s almost 2020. Freelancing has no bounds. And it is no longer about online writing, transcription, virtual assistant jobs  or affiliate marketing only.

Freelancing has grown and in 2020 you can as much work from home on Freight, shipping, and transportation projects as you can work on data entry.

These jobs include scheduling flower delivery, courier, packaging, and shipping, parcel delivery, pickup, delivery, and logistics. All done from home.

If you are interested in this Job set  create an account on to begin working from home.

11. Freelancing Jobs for Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

There is no way you can talk about business and not mention accounting, human resource, and the legal side of the business.

Interestingly, millions of people have studied in these fields and acquired degrees, diplomas, and/or even MBAs.

Problem is, there aren’t so many jobs to accommodate everyone.

What if you could still do what you love, from the comfort of your home and earn?

Yes, you can now work as an accountant, an HR specialist, or legal expert without having to leave your home.

Below is a list of freelancing hustles that you can take on and earn doing what you studied in the university.

Accounting Business Analysis Customs and Global Trade Services Business Strategy Business Requirement
Data Analysis Brand Marketing Branding Bulk Marketing
Content Marketing
CRM Customer Experience Contracts Education & Tutoring
Equity Transaction Advice Financial Markets Health Plans Digitization Inventory ManagementLegal Research
Sales ManagementConsulting Recruitment Real Estate SAS Project Management
Visa / Immigration Training Development Risk Management Report Development

12. Freelancing Jobs for Translation & Languages

If you are bilingual and fluent in any of the languages listed below you can occasionally get the language and translation jobs done online.

And such projects are plenty in

English (UK) English (US) Arabic Bulgarian Dutch
Danish Bengali Croatian Czech
Dari Dutch Check English Grammar Check English Spelling
Estonian Filipino Finnish French French
Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Japanese
ItalianKorean Latvian Voice Artist Welsh
Macedonian Malay Malayalam Maltese
Polish Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil) Punjabi
Spanish Spanish (Spain) Swedish Tamil
Thai Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) Yiddish Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
VietnameseUkrainian Urdu

13. Local Freelancing Jobs & Services 

Much as freelancing jobs are assumed to be online jobs, there are thousands of others that can only be done on the location. In business premises, homes, on the road or anywhere else but on the internet.

These kinds of jobs are known as local freelancing jobs and services.

In there are only enough of those. If you want more you can constantly look for them on your local job listing sites.

In Kenya, Brightermonday and Jobs Web Kenya are known to update their lists frequently.

Below are examples of jobs in this category.

Air Conditioning Antenna Services Asbestos Removal
Appliance Installation Appliance Repair
Asphalt Attic Access Ladders Making Awnings Balustrading
Bamboo FlooringBuilding Biometrics Bracket Installation Bricklaying
Building Bathroom Building Consulting Certification Building Design
Building Surveying
Casting CCTV Repair
Ceiling Installation Cement Bonding AgentsClothesline Installation
Column Installation Commercial Cleaning
Computer Repair Computer Support Contact Center Services
Cooking / Baking Courses
Damp Proofing Decking Decoration Demolition
Domestic Cleaning
Drafting Drain Plumbing Drone Photography Electric Repair
Embroidery Epic Systems Equipment Rental Event Staffing Excavation
Extensions Feng Shui Field Technical Support Financial Planning Flashmob
Floor Coatings Flooring Flyscreen Installation Frames & Trusses Furniture Assembly

The list for local freelancing jobs and services is endless.

Local freelancing jobs are just about any local hustle you can think of.

Register on to easily locate these jobs/services.

Kenn Omollo is an investment writer and a business management consultant at Joon Online Limited. Reach him at -

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