Top 50 Online Shopping Sites in India.

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You must have found yourself ordering a thing or two from an online store and they delivered to your preferred address, right? Now that is the new fashion of doing business.

India has got a wide variety of Online Shopping sites from which you can place your orders and have your purchase delivered to your location.

So many are the Online Shopping Sites in India that you might really get confused about which site to trust and which not to; which site is genuine and which is not.

In order to make a decision to shop from a certain Online Shopping Site, you then need to ascertain its authenticity and the quality of commodities they offer.

To help you make such decisions, we have prepared a list of the Top 50 Online Shopping Sites in India that have been genuinely been verified to be authentic.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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1. Amazon India.

Who doesn’t know Amazon? An online market place for Electronics, household items, furniture, books, and a lot more.

Delivery of your ordered products is fast, with some items being delivered the same day while others take not more than one day. In addition to all that, Amazon offers quality products and a user-friendly platform.

All the above and more hints to one thing – Amazon is indeed one of the best and top Online Shopping Sites in India and beyond.

  1. Myntra.

Myntra is a Fashion online Shopping Website.

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They sell a wide variety of goods which include clothing, makeup and accessories. Luxury goods related to fashion can be found here in plenty.

What works for Myntra is its popular sale events coupled with robust advertising which has made the store popular and trusted. You can always return faulty or spoiled products for refund or exchange with ease.

For your fashion needs, you can never go wrong with Myntra because they are king in the arena, both within and outside India.

  1. Flipkart.

Talk of FlipKart and everyone already has the gist of all you are talking about.

Flipkart is an online shopping store that offers a wide variety of goods such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and sports equipment as well as other appliances.

In addition to a wide variety and quality, Flipkart will serve you with amazing discounts and offers on their goods.

It is also amazing to hear that new categories and brands of goods are being added on the site and store every day, widening their variety and range to choose from.

All this plus the Multiple payment methods supported makes Flipkart one of the best online shopping websites in India.

  1. Paytm Mall.

Did you know that Paytm Mall is not only an option when you run out of cash? There is more to Paytm than just cash. You can also shop online from the site.

A wide selection of goods like electronics, clothing, furniture and other household goods are available.

Amazingly, you can also book for your movie outings and flights via Paytm.

In addition to all the above, Paytm offers amazing offers, discounts, and cashback on most of their goods.

I bet you can clearly see how Paytm Mall made it to the Top 50 Most Online Shopping Sites in India.

  1. Pepperfry.

Talk of Furniture and Pepperfry got your back.

Pepperfry is a furniture online shopping site in India, where all your furniture needs are met online.

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Do you need some quality beds, tables, chairs and the like? Then Pepperfry is your all-time companion. You will also be amazed to know that at Pepperfry, you can have furniture customized to your specific needs.

In brief, if you would like to varnish your house or office with the best quality of furniture, some of which are customized to your taste, then look no further than Pepperfry.

  1. Medlife.

Medlife is an e-health store from which you can meet all your need for medicines by ordering online.

Not most online stores offer medicines and if they do, they may not offer all or most of the medicines. And, for Medlife, it’s a different scenario because you can do a one-stop-shopping for all your meds.

What that shouts is that Medlife offers a very wide variety of medicines to choose from.

Fast delivery for your meds is also Medlife’s core mandate which they surely fulfill. This makes Medlife indeed one of the best online shopping sites in India for medicines.

  1. NetMeds.

Like Medlife, NetMeds is an Online Pharmacy in India.

Huge and amazing discounts of up to 25% are offered on NetMeds for the purchase of their medicine.

It is quite easy to shop for your meds on NetMeds.

You simply upload your prescription by a certified doctor, place your orders, and relax as your meds get delivered to your premises.

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A wide variety of meds to choose from, easily navigable platform and amazing offers and discounts on meds gives NetMeds a foothold. It makes them one of the most popular online shopping sites for medicines in India.

  1. Funcart.

Is Party after party your thing?

Then Funcart has got you covered because all your party preparation materials can be found here.

Do a one-stop shopping for party decorations, drinking games, and the like from the Funcart website. It doesn’t matter what party it is – birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding…name it.

What goes without saying here is the fact that Funcart has stocked a very wide variety of party related items. Across the various party types and all their demands, Funcart got your back.

Do you know what all that does to Funcart? Makes it indeed one of the best and popular online shopping sites for party related items and materials in and beyond India.

  1. Jabong.

You must have been looking for one online shop from which you can purchase all of your casuals, formal wear, ethnic fashion, and action wear as well as sports gear. Jabong offers all that and more.

Get a wide selection from the trendiest clothing to vintage wear all from Jabong online shopping site in India. Jabong offers such a wide selection of clothing and garments to meet the needs across all social, cultural, economic, and various other divides of society.

Fair pricing coupled with all of the above places Jabong among the best online shopping outlets in not only India but also beyond.

  1. Indiamart.

If you are a manufacture, supplier, importer or exporter, then Indiamart is not new to you. If it is, then you really need to get to know Indiamart, which is the largest link between manufacturers and businesses in India.

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Suppliers, importers, and exporters in India are attracted to the wide variety of goods and products from different manufacturers available on Indiamart.

Here, they can find and order goods and products of their choice from the wide range, at fair prices followed by fast deliveries.

That is not all for Indiamart, the site also functions as India’s largest business directory to get important business contacts.

Consider all that and you already have a reason enough to place Indiamart among the top 50 online shopping sites in India, and even beyond.

  1. Healthkart.

Healthkart is a top shopping site for medicine.

Just like Medlife and NetMeds, it serves as an online chemist.

Healthy drinks, protein packs and bodybuilding products, in addition to drugs, are offered on HelathKart.

Amazingly, Healthkart also offers expert online consultation, which distinguishes it from just being an online pharmacy to a holistic health care site. 

What else will amaze you on the site is how discounted their prices usually come, the variety of payment methods on the site among other features.

All this makes Helathkart a one-stop shopping site for all your healthcare needs. Mark you, it is among the best online shopping websites India has, which is not confined to India alone.

  1. LimeRoad.

Talk of LimeRoad and India just got the best and largest online store for apparels and clothes. At amazingly discounted prices, you will find different collections of apparel tailored to meet various trends and occasions.

In brief, all sorts of apparel from ready-made garments to home furnishings and dress accessories will be met on LimeRoad.

You won’t need to hop from site to site because the range of products offered is so wide to satisfy all your apparel needs.

Coupled with affordable prices for their products, all this makes LimeRoad your preferred online shopping site for apparels, clothes and garments. It is actually one of the best online shopping sites for garments in India and beyond.

  1. Clovia.

Clovia is not only India’s but a global brand of Women’s wear.

All women’s clothing ranging from dresses, bridal wear, nighties, panties, bras, and much other female stuff are in plenty on Clovia.

Clovia online shopping site has also expanded to stock a wide variety of women wear to choose from. Good and cheap lingerie are found here, so look no further.

Clovia becomes one of the best and top online shopping site in India and beyond for affordability and a wide selection to choose from, among other reasons.

  1. Zivame.

One of the top lingerie brands is Zivame. Zivame online store offers the best collections coupled with amazing offers and discounts, making it the best option for you.

The quality of their products is unquestionable and sizing is never a problem as they have a size finder. Returning of products for exchange or refund has never been as easy as it is on Zivame.

What else does that make Zivame, if not actually the best online shopping site for lingerie in both India and beyond? Nothing else but so.

  1. Croma.

Talk of a popular trusted online electronics store in India and all eyes will be on Croma.

All your needs for electronics ranging from laptops to mobile phones, home theatres, and refrigerators among other electronics will be met under one online roof – Croma.

Croma’s popularity and trust by clients give them a foothold over other brands, making them a top online shopping site for electronics in India and beyond.

  1. Electronics Bazaar.

This is a popular online shopping site that stocks a wide range of gadgets.

Electronics which may be new or refurbished and other appliances like laptop chargers and batteries are widely offered in this online store.

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Phones and laptops as well as other electronics are also offered on the site.

Why then would you look any further when all of your electronics needs can be met on Electronics Bazaar?

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Note that this is one of the best online shopping sites for electronics in India.

  1. Cleartrip.

Cleartrip is an online site which allows you to book flights, trains, busses, and hotels.

They actually offer the best deals on such tickets so you are sure that they are affordable.

  1. MakeMyTrip.

Like Cleartrip, you can book flights, busses, cabs and hotels on MakeMyTrip.

They offer such a wide variety for you on one site so you do not need to hop from site to site in search of different booking services.

  1. Mera Events.

Want to promote your event on a site with a huge audience?

Then Mera Events is the online site for such.

Your training program, sports program, or even coaching and spiritual programs will be adequately covered.

Interestingly, you can also book hotels and buy your travel tickets from Mera Events ticket. What a convenience offered, for both event promotion and bookings!

  1. Shopclues.

An online shopping marketplace with almost everything you would need describes the Shopclues online shopping site in India.

Low prices coupled with the top-notch quality is not something you get everywhere, but Shopclues handles the blend so well.

Discounted prices and timely deliveries make Shopclues a world-class online shopping site and actually one of the best.

  1. Just Herbs.

For your natural and organic as well as ayurvedic body and skincare products, Just Herbs got you covered.

These are offered in a wide variety like pure lotions, shampoos, and soaps, with no harmful chemicals.

Take good care of your body and skin by shopping online from Just Herbs, a top online shopping site in India.

  1. Flavors of My City.

I know you love snacks.

Like good authentic snacks for that matter.

Not many online shopping outlets will offer you such but you have no reason to worry because Flavors of My City does. Sweets, savories, namkeens, biscuits, mithai, chocolates, halwas, spices, pickles, and much more are offered.

What a wide affordable range of authentic goodies Flavours of My City website avails you in your city in India!

  1. Romwe.

Clothes collections of different brands are stocked on Romwe stores. Shop on Romwe’s website to enjoy lower prices and free shipping on minimum order value for all your clothes.

Romwe is actually one of the best India’s Online shopping sites for clothes.

  1. Ferns and Petals.

Sending of personalized gifts has never been this easy.

Ferns and Petals site will schedule and deliver those flowers, gift cards, pillows, cakes, frames, and jewelry, or just any gift. A wide variety of such gifts are available on the Ferns and Petals’ website to choose from.

An amazing thing is that in addition to ordering a certain gift to be delivered to your preferred destination, Ferns and Petals allows you to add a message to the recipient.

You want anything delivered to a person for a special occasion, just locate it on the site, place your order and add a message if any, and Ferns and Petals will execute the delivery.

  1. Chumbak.

Chumbak is a popular online shopping site all across India. It offers almost everything, inclusive of electronics, sleeves, mugs, and other accessories.

Chumbak brand is widespread in many malls and airports in India making it a popular brand. It is actually one of the best online shopping sites in India if you ask.

  1. Forever 21.

Forever 21 is reputable for its peculiar collection of clothes together with catalogs of the most trendy and fashionable wear. These are clothes for everyone, whether men or women, child or adult – I mean everyone.

What started as an exclusive woman wear outlet has grown to be a huge collection of clothing for all genders and ages. Forever 21, indeed one of the best online shopping sites in India.

  1. Koovs.

Koovs, just like Forever 21, is a website for clothing.

What makes Koovs unique is that it is the trendiest and usually launches clothes collections with the best Indian and international designers.

Come to think of it – Disney, Hattie, Masaba Gupta, and Gauri Nainika are among the top designers that have partnered with Koovs to launch collections.

That leaves Koovs the trendiest and most popular designer clothes collection site for most celebrities and thus liked by many in India and beyond.

  1. Lifestyle.

Lifestyle is among the oldest India’s clothing and accessories outlet.

They are available both offline and online – you need to note that Lifestyle has been one of the trendiest and most popular clothing outlets even when they operated offline only.

The above coupled with the availability of the top brands of clothing on their site, Lifestyle is by far the best online shopping site for great clothes India’s got.

  1. Dineout.

Talk of Dinners and everyone is all ears.

Dineout is India’s largest table reservation site which allows you to book tables at a favorite rendezvous.

You do not need to know the places you are booking because Dineout will avail candid reviews of so many places to choose from.

Their amazing discounts are just out of this world and so Dineout becomes your all-time favorite table and space booking site in India and beyond.

  1. FabIndia.

Do you need handmade craft by craftspeople from all across the rural areas in India? Then FabIndia got your back because such are well stocked and displayed on their site.

Crafted garments, personal and home products as well as organic products, among other crafts, are available on FabIndia.

This means FabIndia is a link between the rural craftsmen and the urban trans-culture population in India.

For all your artistic products in India, FabIndia becomes the best and topmost site if shopping online for such products is all you have been looking for.

  1. Redbus.

You would never want to miss a bus simply because you were unable to book. For your timely bus bookings in India, then Redbus fills the gap and saves you the worries.

On the Redbus website, you will not only find bus timings but also how much the fares are, across all the cities in India, and I bet this works to serve you the convenience of a lifetime. Redbus thus becomes one of the top bus booking sites India has ever had.

  1. Firstcry.

Firstcry is by far, not only India’s but Asia’s biggest online outlet for baby wear.

Baby clothes and toys are available on Firstcry in plenty. All kinds of clothing from jeans to nappies and amazing toys on offers and discounts are ever available on Firstcry.

Give your little one a real taste of style by shopping online from one of India’s topmost online sites for baby wear – Firstcry.

  1. Yepme.

Talk of Yepme and we already have India’s largest collection of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

From shoes to tops, jeans, shirts, and classic watches, all at reasonable prices with amazing discounts injected here and there, all for you.

Yepme has got all you need to enjoy that stylish and trendy look you have been in a mad search for. Original and trendy collections all under one online roof of India’s best online shop for men and women wear.

Yepme – Yepyou!

  1. 2Gud.

2Gud fits the definition of an online shopping site where almost everything is available. Products ranging from electronics to clothes, household items, and furniture among other products, are available in plenty on the site.

Refurbished, near-new, and fresh new products are 2Gud’s trademark.

It is all about your choice because 2Gud, being one of India’s topmost online shopping sites, has it all figured out for you.

  1. Purplle.

Thinking of beauty and personal care products? Then Purplle is your all-time companion.

Discover affordable brands of beauty and personal care products from one of India’s best online shopping sites.

Offers and discounts on almost every product are the order of the day on Purplle.

  1. Bewakoof.

General merchandise like mugs, mobile accessories, T-shirts, notebooks, and much more describes what Bewakoof is all about.

Different collections of merchandise for all people and to meet all needs are Bewakoof’s strength, making them a popular online shopping site across India.

Reasonable prices and well-designed unique products give Bewakoof a foothold and make them the online shopping site of your choice in India and beyond.

  1. Pretty Secrets.

Pretty secrets is the most affordable and popular lingerie, nightwear, and swimwear site in India.

You not only get quality but the trendiest brands of such products.

You will be amazed at how much you will save in their discounts on most of their products.

Pretty, affordable, and quality lingerie are on Pretty secrets, India’s best lingerie and women wear online shop.

  1. Grofers.

Grofers and Groceries are one thing because Grofer’s online site will enable you to order fresh groceries and have them delivered to your home.

The store delivers groceries to doorsteps in more than 25 Cities in India.

Get all your fruits, vegetable, and cereals, all fresh and healthy, from India’s topmost Groceries online outlet, and Grofers it is.

  1. UrbanClap.

UrbanClap is an online site synonymous with all housekeeping services. Pest control, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical installations among other services is all UrbanClap enables you to order.

Do you think that is all?

No, it isn’t, because you can also order for repair of your gadgets like laptops and mobile phones, salon services, home spa services, yoga services, and musical instruments among other products and services.

Doesn’t that leave UrbanClap the top most online site for housekeeping plus many other services in India? Of course, it does.

  1. Licious.

Have you ever bought meat online?

I know you wonder how they sell meat online but wonder no more because Licious does exactly that.

Beef, chicken, mutton, prawns, fish, and the like, all available on Licious site, and timely delivered upon order. Spreads and exotic meats are also available.

Licious currently delivers in New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is among India’s best online shopping sites for meats.

  1. The Souled Store.

Want to look cool on comic and pop-culture fascinations?

Then the Souled Store got you covered.

That Iron Man suit, Bat Man symbol and much more, whether it is to do with your favorite Marvel, DC or Cartoon Network character, you will get it all on The Souled Store.

Youngsters are so much fascinated by the comic and pop culture and this leaves The Souled Store by far, the best site for most India’s youngsters.

  1. BookMyShow.

Must you stand in wait on long queues in a bid to book for your movies, shows, and other entertainment shows?

BookMyShow says that you mustn’t, and so they enable you to buy online tickets on their site, at the comfort of your home.

This is the convenience BookMyShow offers you – picking the seat you like and reserving it all for you, as well as offering you various payment methods.

That is not all because, in addition, BookMyShow keeps you updated about the latest events in your city.

Indeed, if India has got the best online booking sites for shows and events, then BookMyShow is it.

  1. Urban Ladder.

Are you looking for an online shopping site that has everything? Then here is the Urban Ladder. Mattresses, tables, sofas, electronics, accessories, and much more are all available on Urban Ladder.

Get almost everything from your home and office furniture to the minutest of products from India’s best – Urban Ladder.

  1. BigBasket.

BigBasket is an online food product and grocery shop.

Are you too busy to physically visit a grocery or food product outlet?

Then worry no more because BigBasket vows to deliver such products upon order. Bread, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, oils, and potatoes among many other groceries are all available.

Save big on BigBasket by utilizing their offers and coupons as you worry less about quality because it is indeed ascertained to be top-notch. BigBasket has grown to be among India’s best online grocery stores today.

  1. Nature’s Basket.

Apart from BigBasket, here is another popular online grocery store.

You only need to use your PC or mobile phone to order your fruits, vegetables, oils, cereals, and other groceries.

Such fresh groceries will then be delivered to your doorstep by Nature’s Basket – one of India’s best online stores.

  1. Snapdeal.

Snapdeal is an online electronics, fashion, and accessories store.

All of your mobile phones, laptops, men and women wear, home, and kitchen appliances among others, are available on Snapdeal at favorable prices.

Offers and discounts coupled with some free and fast deliveries make Snapdeal exactly what it is today – one of the best online shops in India.

  1. Nykaa.

Talk of the Beauty and Fashion destination of India and Nykaa it is.

All your luxury products and simple other products are available here. Cosmetics, personal hygiene products, toiletries, skincare products, and much more, all of which come at discounted prices.

Nykaa’s collaboration with international brands to launch beauty and fashion products makes it even more popular. Additionally, Nykaa has a blog and a YouTube channel where it garners a huge follower tally making it a reputable online shopping site in India and beyond.

  1. TataCliq.

TataCliq is another definition of an online store that stocks almost everything. Electronics, furniture, clothing, accessories, and much more, is all available on TataCliq.

TataCliq stocks the best brands of products all selling at reasonable prices, and this has served to make them one of the best India’s online stores.

  1. Decathlon.

Sportswear and sports goods is all Decathlon does.

All gear and goods related to football, skating, swimming, cycling, skiing…name it, are all found on Decathlon.

Given all the above coupled with extremely affordable prices offered, makes Decathlon the largest and best sports retailer not only in India but in the whole world.

  1. ZopNow.

ZopNow, like Grofers, is another online grocery outlet.

It offers a wide range of groceries and food products to choose from. Additionally, prices are fair and affordable.

A wide selection at affordable prices makes ZopNow among top online groceries across India.

Final Thoughts.

For all your shopping needs, you now know where to go. A whole list and description of the top 50 Online Shopping Sites in India.

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