500 Small Business Ideas for Tech, Agribusiness and 10 Other Categories

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? It feels good to start your own business. Being your boss and never taking orders from anyone ever again. Having time with your family, and taking vacations anytime you want. All that is possible with a well-calculated business idea.

That feels good until it doesn’t.


Well, you won’t be able to achieve any of these things if you don’t have a business idea. That’s right, it all comes down to getting that one revolutionary business that will enable you to money, and in turn, fund your dreams.

When you hear that, you may think, huh, that’s easy, I’ll pick any idea and be done with it.

Sorry to burst your bubble. It doesn’t work like that. Why? This is because not all businesses are the same. Let’s take a simple thing like the time it takes to turn over. Well, some businesses take years to make you profit while others make a profit almost immediately.

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So, if that is the case, how then, do you pick that one idea you can hit a home run within a very short time?

That is what this article is here for. I will walk you through 500 business ideas you can start from tomorrow and make money almost immediately.

Let’s get started, shall we?

20 Small Business Ideas for Online Ventures

1. Blogging

That’s right. I know you expected this and here it is, you can start making money now through blogging.
All you have to do is build a website and start publishing articles that people want to read.

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How do you know what people want to read?


Go to social media and see what they are talking about. Better yet, use Google to unearth trending topics and write about them. Once your blog starts raking up hundreds of readers monthly, display ads, sell ebooks, and join affiliate networks.

Talking of Affiliate networks, here is our second business idea

2. Affiliate marketing

This is where you are paid commissions to promote someone else’s products or services. All you have to do is register as an affiliate, get a unique link, and share the link with your friends, on social media, or in your blog.

And when someone clicks your link and buys something, you make something out of it.

The secret here is to promote products or services that people want. Go to Jumia and find bestselling products and promote them.

3. Online courses

So there is that topic you know its ins and outs?

You can make money by teaching other people. And forget the classroom things. Here, you record videos, and audio, or write text guides and upload them onto a central location.

Then people will pay to access these training materials.

The beauty is that you have zero costs. You don’t need a professional camera, your smartphone can do it. Or better yet, if you have a laptop, use free recording software.

4. Write and sell eBooks

Writing and self-publishing ebooks work like the above. All you need is a deeper knowledge of something people are looking for. And make sure it is something that makes sense to write about.

I mean, do not write an ebook of something it would make much sense to record a video. You will look stupid.

The ebooks are downloadable and you don’t need any expenses like a publishing company and such. The profit margins are over 100%.

5. Graphic design

There are a ton of companies looking to hire independent contractors to handle their sales posters, social media graphics, logos, name it. You can be that person if you have even basic knowledge of graphic design.

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I say basic because you don’t need a degree in design to make money. Use free tools like Canva and charge at least $15 per image. Do that at least 10 times per day and you will be earning a decent income per month without leaving your home.

6. Web design

As a web designer, clients will be coming to you for help with designing their websites. A ton of individuals are realizing what they have been missing by not having a website. As such, web design is booming right now.

You can charge anything from KES 10K to upwards of 500K per website depending on how much work it needs.

The better part is, that you don’t need to be a genius to do web design. Understand how to customize themes install plugins, match colors, and write headlines that make sense.

These are things you already know and you can learn within one sitting.

7. Social media agency

Do you understand how social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter work? Do you know how to engage people on these platforms?

So many companies are looking for you. And they are willing to pay top bucks to have someone like you on their team.

Here is what you should do:

• Go to these social media platforms
• Search through big companies and note down those who aren’t active
• Drop them an email or a phone call with a plan on how you can make them more money through social media
• Sign a contract and start working.

To deliver results, you need to understand how to interpret their business goals into a social media marketing strategy. Once you do that, track results and tweak wherever it makes sense to do so.

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A social media agency can earn you at least KES 50K per month from home while working alone.

8. Chatbot services

A chatbot is an automated messaging system that can be uploaded to Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and even WhatsApp.

And no, you don’t need coding skills because there are platforms out there that can help you design a bot from scratch of use templates without coding.

This is a skill that is in demand now. If you can make a chatbot that can help companies automate part of their process, you can make money.

For example, you can create a Facebook chatbot that handles frequently asked questions. Then sell it to companies.

9. Freelance writer

Do you love writing?

Freelance writing is any form of writing you undertake for pay, of course, outside your office. It means you will get paid for the work done not at the end of the month. And as a freelancer, you are not tied down to only one client. You can take as many clients as you can manage.

Your clients will be newspaper publishers, website owners, and magazines among others. As for the payment, charge per article submitted or per project.

10. SEO expert

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Here, you will be helping website owners optimize their blog posts so that they can be found on search engines. This improves their visibility and revenue.

You need to understand how search engines such as Google work and what to do to make an article show up on Google. If this interests you but you don’t know anything about search engines, go to YouTube.

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There is so much free information out there. Do your research and start making money.

11. Online trading

You can start trading forex, Options, or binary online and make money daily. All you need is a trading platform like IQ Option, Olymp Trade, or Expert Option among others.

Once you have signed up, use the demo account to practice various trading strategies. And only invest real money once you have mastered the art of online trading.

If this is something you’d love to explore, we have a ton of trading guides on this website, go around and help yourself.

12. Hosting paid webinars

You know what a seminar is, right?

Well, a webinar is a seminar hosted online. As it turns out, you can organize a webinar and ask people to pay to attend.

That is so simple. All you need is to teach a topic that people care about, find an online platform to host your webinar, a way for people to pay, and you are in business.

While on the webinar, you can share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, and almost any other multimedia content you can think of.

13. Vlogging

This is like blogging, but instead of using written content, you are recording only videos.

All you need is a good smartphone and you are in business.

Record videos talking about something, say reviewing a product, service, or business. Once done, upload the video to YouTube.

14. Open a Facebook shop

Such a business needs a Facebook page with at least 500 engaged fans. Start promoting your products and making sure fans are engaged.

Nowadays, growing a Facebook page is tedious. You have to pay to play. But there is a way around that: posting engaging content such as memes but make sure they are related to what you are selling.

Then go ahead and open a shop section on your Facebook page.

15. Domain flipping

A domain is a website name.

Did you know that you can make millions from flipping website names? Well, all you have to do is acquire a soon-to-be in-demand domain name. Wait for demand to arise then sell it at a profit.

16. Selling photos online

No, you don’t need an overly expensive camera. Your smartphone camera can do that.

Take photos and upload them to special websites where people go to buy images, such as stock photo websites.

If someone likes your photo, they pay you.

17. Email marketing services

There is a saying that goes like, ‘for every $1 you put into an email list, you get at least $2 back.’
And that is what it is, email marketing is the most lucrative venture for any business that understands what needs to be done.

All you have to do is accumulate email addresses from customers. Constantly build a relationship with them through emails. Approach businesses to promote their products to this list.

18. Internet marketing agency

Even though the Internet is a goldmine for businesses today, no one understands a thing about Internet marketing. As a result, business owners opt to hold onto traditional marketing techniques.

If you understand what internet marketing is all about, you can make enough money to retire on a beach somewhere.

19. Social media influencer

As an influencer, your work is to motivate your fans to take a certain action. Here, you need a sizeable following, say at least 10K followers on every social media platform.

Once you do, approach brands to pay you to endorse their products and services. A rumor has it that Cristiano Ronaldo makes more money from Instagram than he makes as a footballer.

20. Search engine marketing

Have you seen ads when you google something? Well, that is search engine marketing. It is so lucrative to businesses that they are looking for experts who can make them more money.

All you have to do is get the right keyword, set the campaign, and keep monitoring for performance.

21. Website hosting

Every website you see on the internet needs a place to live. This is where hosting comes in. Hosting is storing the website’s files and data on a server where users can retrieve them easily through domain names.

It may sound like a daunting task, but trust me, it is easier than you think. Acquire a reseller web hosting account and start your own web hosting company.

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22. Web content provider

Still, on the websites, all of us need constant publishing of content to stay relevant and attract more readers. But the challenge is where to source the content.

If you love writing, this could be your chance to offer web content.

23. Virtual assistant

You can be in Kenya but working with a client in the US, helping them execute day-to-day activities. How? Internet buddy!

The Internet has brought about remote working. You don’t have to be within the country to work.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in:

• Think of a skill that people would want to pay to have it, say social media management
• Approach clients to help them while working remotely
• Start working as a virtual assistant

24. Drop-shipping business

This is where you place a product image on your website and when a customer orders it, you forward the order to the manufacturer, who then fulfills the order on your behalf.

With this kind of business, you don’t need to hold any stock and you have high margins because you are dealing with the supplier directly.

Small Business Ideas for Consultancy Professionals.

25. Tuition/Coaching

So, what was your best subject back in high school? You can start making money by coaching students right from home. This doesn’t have to be a subject. If you understand a foreign language like French, German, and so on, there are a ton of people looking for you.

All you need is a couple of chairs, a board maker, and a duster.

26. Sports coach

If you are an athlete or have a degree in sports coaching, you can make money out of it.
Individuals have personal goals and you can help them achieve that.

You will need an understanding of how to bring out the best in somebody, motivation, strategies, and such things.

27. Start a travel agency

If you love traveling or have visited a significant number of countries, this is the business you can be comfortable with. Lots and lots of travelers are looking for more information about a certain destination to help them prepare.

As a travel consultant, you can help them book hotels and air tickets upfront, and make money in the process.

28. Makeup consultant

With video production soaring, people are starting to understand the importance of a makeup consultant. The last thing you want is to look funny on live TV.

29. Life Coaching

Today more than ever, people want to achieve extraordinary results and push personal boundaries, and hence the need for life coaches. You can help them unearth hidden talents and motivate them to push forward.

30. Career counseling

Just because you know what you want to do doesn’t mean we all do. There are thousands of people out there who don’t know what to do with their lives. That’s where you come in.

You can help them chart a clear path by examining their weaknesses and strengths, and then deciding on an appropriate career path based on this.

You don’t need a fancy office and a secretary. All the coaching can be done from home.

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31. Business improvement consultant

If you have successful businesses or have proven ideas on how one can make their businesses profitable, sell that skill.

32. Construction management consultant

You can be hired to help in a construction project as a consultant. And you don’t even have to lift anything, just your expertise and views.

33. Sales Consultant

Here, you don’t have to sell anything. Come up with ideas and help the company troubleshoot its own sales process, seal the loopholes, and make more money.

34. Art broker

This is not for everyone. Not all of us appreciate the ‘hidden’ beauty of an art piece. If at all you have that ‘third eye’ for identifying quality art, start a brokering business.

Bring together the buyer and the seller and pay for doing nothing. Doubting? Remember the Monalisa painting? It is one of the most valuable paintings in the world. Though not for sale, you can see how famous art can be.

35. Financial planner

If you have a good grasp of budgeting and spending planning, this is the idea you can pursue. You will need to demonstrate skills of how you can help people get hold of their finances and get hold of their money.

The truth is, that money management is a struggle most of us are guilty of. If you can help, there is money to be made.

36. Image consultant

Here, you will be helping celebs look at their best.

37. Editing services

If you have a good grasp of a certain language and its grammar, you can work as an editor. You will be helping businesses compile their content for errors and polish it.

38. Grant-proposal writer

There are a lot of grants out there waiting for someone to come looking, but the problem of writing a winning proposal.

It is hard especially if you don’t understand what to include and what to exempt.

However, if you understand grant proposals from start to end, you can offer to help others, at a fee of course.

39. Lead generation services

Leads are the potential customers of a business.

The thing is, virtually all businesses around the globe are constantly looking for new leads in their sales cycle, but they have one challenge. They don’t know how to do that.

Lead generation is easy if you know what you are doing. First, understand your product and determine who would be more interested in buying them. Then look for a simple way to attract them.

40. Private investigator

Do you consider yourself more than average when it comes to unearthing things no one else can see?
Well, you can work as a private investigator. The truth is, today, no one can be trusted not even the one you are married to. That explains why your private investigators are crazily soaring in demand.

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41. Remodeling service

Here, you will be working to help people remodel their homes, or whatever they want to be redone.

Your job is to come up with a design, show them, and if they agree, you get the contract.

42. Advertising consultant

If you have a deep understanding of how sales work and customer psychology, you can start a consulting business.

You will be showing small business owners how to make more sales through advertising.

43. Wedding/events planner

Making a wedding successful is tasking and that’s why they often outsource it. Do you have an eye for detail and are very organized? You can start helping people plan their events.

Besides, events are part of us, it doesn’t matter what the economy is going through.

44. Cooking classes/coaching

If your friends always marvel at how yummy your cooking is, why not teach them how to do it and charge a small fee? All you need is some ingredients and of course kitchen equipment.

Remember, you don’t need all that fancy stuff. Start with what you have. Only scale when the money starts rolling in. Who knows, you might land a TV gig.

45. Recruitment services

This is for those with some level of human resource skillset.

With this kind of business, you can shortlist, interview, and place candidates in respective positions. Better part?

You can do this right from your living room.

All you need is a reliable internet, connections to companies, and human resource knowledge.

46. Personal chef

If you don’t want to move around with food on your hands, then you can handle a personal chef.

Some people don’t like cooking by themselves and want to maintain a healthy diet, that’s why they hire personal chefs. They can cook for them.

All you have to do is stick with whatever meal plan they are using. Make sure you are doing a great job.

Small Business Ideas for people with little or no skills.

47. Food catering business

If you don’t want to teach people, you can start a food catering business. All you have to do is book an event. And all kinds of events are all around us ranging from weddings, birthdays, funerals, etc.

For this kind of business, you will need a kitchen, and a few employees who will cook, deliver, and serve the food.

Remember, everyone loves good food. So make sure they are good because your next gig depends on it.

48. A used book store or online seller

How do you think Amazon started? As an online bookseller, and now look where they are.
Start with books you don’t use around the house. Source used books from neighbors.

49. Package drinking water

There is a soaring demand for packaged drinking water today more than ever. Those who have a packaging business are raking in thousands by just offering this essential commodity.

Surprisingly, you don’t need much because the raw materials are already available. Besides, this is evergreen, meaning, that once started, you will always be making money.

50. Start a dairy products shop

Dairy products are appreciated by almost everyone and for a good reason. Milk and its products are healthy and full of proteins among other essential minerals.

You can chip in and offer these products. All you need is a shop and a cooling facility, say a fridge, and you will be in business.

51. Jewelry and beauty shop

Everyone wants to look and smell good. They love jewelry that compliments their look. This is an idea you can start small and scale to a fully operational store. To do that, you need to get right the location, quality of products, and pricing.

If you can find a sweet spot between these factors, you have in your hands a ticket to mining gold.

52. Tea/coffee café

Everyone enjoys a smooth drink in a nice and peaceful place. If they don’t have coffee, they will love the tea.

To make this business more profitable, offer a different variety of coffee, and furnish the place to make it inviting. A place where people look forward to sipping their favorite drink.

53. Homemade chocolate business

Girls and chocolate! These two are inseparable.

And the good thing is if you know how you can make chocolate right from your kitchen. After that, distribute it to events, and local shopping malls.

Add flavors as you go.

54. Handling errands

This business requires you to have excellent time management and planning skills. Since you will be handling people’s errands such as banking, grocery shopping, handling their utility bills, and doing deliveries among other errands.

Yes, there are people too busy to do such activities. If you can help them with it, you can earn a living.

55. Food delivery service

With the rise of the likes of Uber and Lift, people are now getting accustomed to ordering stuff right from their phones. Food hasn’t been left behind. We can now see a lot of joints sprouting up to handle this emerging need.

You can join in as well, there is enough for everyone. Start by delivering food around your hometown and only expand when need be.

56. Tailoring

Tailoring is perfect for those with a love for fashion and lifestyle.

You can engage in this highly profitable business even if you have a full-time job. All you need is some sense of fashion and design, and a sewing machine.

57. Children’s play area

This is a place where children would come hang out. It is a profitable idea, especially after school hours.

Make sure it is safe for the kids, the last thing you want is a lawsuit. The only investment you need is playing equipment. Again, you can start with what you have.

58. Bed and Breakfast Inn

Do you see that empty house? You can turn it into a bed and breakfast. And even advertise on marketplaces like Airbnb. Start charging per night plus breakfast.

59. Offering tiffin services

Some busy professionals can’t afford a 10-minute lunch outside the office. If only there was a healthy and convenient way to eat lunch and not leave the office.

And that is where you come in.

Here, you can cook from your kitchen and take the food to their offices.

What you need for the tiffin business is a fresh food supply and a couple of clients. Who knows, maybe their friends will join them and without knowing it, your business will be growing.

60. Ice cream business

If you live in a very hot environment, selling ice cream can prove to be a highly profitable business venture.
All you have to do to attract more customers is sock a wide variety of ice cream flavors, which can be inspired by seasons.

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61. Car wash business

This is straightforward.

Charge different rates for small cars and big cars like Lorries. You can also offer additional services like carpet cleaning, car detailing, café, etc.

62. Hair/wig business

Do you see all these ladies with beautiful wigs? Where do you think they get them from?

Hair business is lucrative if you can import them cheaply and sell them at a profit. You need an eye on fashion and be able to identify a trend. Catch it at the beginning and you will be smiling on your way to the bank.

63. Laundry shop

Who doesn’t love clean clothes that smell nice?

You can operate a laundry business where people come to drop off their dirty clothes and later pick them clean and ironed.

As the business grows, you can hire a couple of unskilled workers to help handle the extra work

64. Soap making

It turns out, you don’t need massive machines to make a bar of soap. You can make a soap using the materials you already have in your home.

Plus, you don’t have to compete with factory soaps. You can delve into organic and herbal soaps. All you need is the right ingredients and you are in business.

65. Candle making

Candle-making may be an art and hobby for some people. But did you know that you can make money making and selling candles?

Go to a church near you and reserve an order. Come home and make the candles in bulk, you are in business.

66. Fruit jam making

More and more people are resenting manufactured fruit jams, thanks to chemical preservatives.

But their loss is your gain.

You can now make homemade fruit jams and people will thank you for it because you don’t need the additives.

You can turn this into a highly profitable business by offering a variety and taking customized orders.

67. Cleaning business

Still, busy people, don’t have time to do the cleaning of their sofas, leaving alone their whole house or clothes.

You can start a cleaning business where you handle everything or specialize in one product like cleaning sofas and carpets alone.

Walk around your neighborhood you won’t miss a gig.

68. Mobile food shop

Here, you will be selling food right from your truck anywhere.

Just prepare the food, load up the truck, and vroom to a place where people like hanging out, like a park. Make sure your food is tasty and the environment is hygienic.

69. Courier services

You can be the delivery man. And no, it doesn’t need a lorry or a car. All that comes later as your business grows.

Now, all you need is a couple of clients and a bicycle. Start small by delivering letters across town, and scale from there.

70. Custom gift shop

Who doesn’t like gifts?

No one, right? Now, imagine what a well-thought and customized gift would make you feel, over the moon!

You can start a store where people can get customized gifts for their loved ones. And you can charge premium prices if you can demonstrate that you know what you are doing.

71. Antique business

Here, you will be collecting and reselling antique items and furniture. Remember, not everyone appreciates age-old items. As such, the right customer who appreciates and understand the value of what you are selling will make this business highly profitable.

72. DJ services

Everyone loves good music and they show it by dancing to it. If you have the skills of mixing songs to come up with an exquisite sound combination, the limit is the sky.

You can go to birthday parties, weddings, and pubs. These are events where DJ services are highly demanded to pull and entertain the crowd.

Small Business Ideas for People With Over Ksh. 500,000 Capital.

73. Fitness center

Do you love working out? Do you have a good body? Well, over 65% of the whole population is below 35 years. And you know how youths are health-conscious and constantly dreaming about that six-pack or a slim waist.

If you can show them that you can help them achieve what they want with their bodies, they will be more than willing to open their wallets.

First, make sure you are looking for the part of what you are trying to sell. Have a plan and start coaching students.

Use their results to bring more clients.

74. House repair business

Once in a while, things break at home, things we can’t fix by ourselves. Something like this happens in almost every home. That is why a house repair service business is lucrative.

Just let your neighbors that they can call you when need be. Also, encourage word of mouth and within no time, your phone will be ringing throughout.

75. Producer

Help singers produce quality songs that people will want to dance to.

76. Aquarium and fish farm business

Here, you will be selling fish to fellow aquarium owners.

It doesn’t stop there, you can offer an aquarium cleaning service, the building of aquariums, etc.

Some people find watching fish swim around relaxing. Such are your target customers.

77. Market research service

Do you have a degree in business?

This is an idea you can undertake on the side or full-time. A lot of international businesses are showing interest in local markets. The problem is that they don’t understand the market well.

You can set up a service business where you help these investors understand the local market deeply.

78. Kids Daycare services

You can get paid to take care of kids when the parents are off to work. The crucial thing here is to make sure the environment is safe all the time. Talk to parents from your church, for example, ask them if you can babysit their kids.

Remember to agree on the payment, either per day or monthly, whichever fits you.

79. Landscaping business

You will be helping people keep their lawns and backyards beautiful and inviting. This can be done through the planning of a variety of flowers, trees, and shrubs.

All you need is the skills on how to use landscaping to achieve the desired end goal.

80. Moving company

This is a fast-rising business. We have seen a lot of moving companies coming up. Don’t think they are foolish. There is a lot of money in this market and you can join to take a piece.

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81. Motorcycle repair and spare parts business

Almost everyone and their grandma owns a motorcycle nowadays. It is a cheap means of transport and very mobile.

A huge number of these autos means a need for quality spare parts and good mechanics.

82. Car rental

If you have a car you don’t normally use, consider renting it out. Join car rental forums or advertise on Facebook looking for anyone who would love to hire a car for a couple of days or so.

When you get a client, agree on the rental terms things like the period and whether to get paid per day, hours, or at the end of the period.

83. Video editing and production

You will need a good camera, quality editing software (there are a ton of free tools), and know what to cut and what to keep.

84. Demolition/wrecking business

You can start by removing dirt from a construction site and move to building demolitions. The secret is to have successful bids and make sure you get paid on time. General contractors are known to run away with money once the work is done, though not all of them.

85. Mobile billboard service

You can erect an advertisement billboard on your car or pull it on a trailer. Drive around the town. This is effective because it is possible to have targeted advertising.

86. Money broker

You arrange short-term loans to people. To be on the safe side, make sure you target people with a paycheck. Also, understand the regulations surrounding this type of business.

87. Swimming pool installations

The swimming pool is a luxury. Nobody needs it. But those who ask for it, have the money to spare and that is what makes this type of business so lucrative.

You need some capital to get started, a team, equipment, and a good imagination to come up with the designs that will wow the clients.

88. Dance/music classes

You can start a business where you teach people how to dance or make good music.

These are two ideas that require your creativity. And if you have the skills, it is easy to make a name for yourself here.

Better yet, you don’t need any huge investment because this can be from your house.

89. Data backup and recovery services

Billions of data are generated every second around the world. All of these data need somewhere to stay. You can provide data backup services by acquiring servers around the world. And no, you don’t have to actually own one, just rent it and resell the space to clients.

90. Commercial and Industrial machinery rental

This is not for everyone though. It is capital-intensive and needs a lot of management involvement.
With this business, you can lease out any machinery you have and earn money monthly or for any agreed period.

91. Used boat sales

Buying and selling used boats is a fun-filled business. You not only enjoy but also make boatloads of money in the process.

92. Furniture making

You need the skills and design ideas that attract customers. Also, pay attention to the source of your raw materials.

93. Mobile garage service

Do you have motor vehicle engineering skills?

More often, cars break down in remote places where there is no garage service. If you own a car, why not convert it into a mobile garage?

Advertise your service so that people can give you a call wherever they are.

94. Bakery

People love sweet confectionaries like cakes, sweets, etc. The better part is, that they are easy to prepare and don’t take much of your time.

All you need: raw materials and a kitchen.

95. Computer training

This goes for the geeks, who can’t do without a computer around them. There are hundreds of people out there willing to pay to know what you know and be computer wizards like you.

Consider opening a computer training center where you can impart them with knowledge. And teach things like how to use Excel, and Word, among other Office Suite.

What do you need?

The truth is, you don’t need that many computers. You can start with only one computer and scale as you go. The secret is to take on the number of students your available resources can handle.

96. Salon, Boutique, Spa

Beauty reigns in the air.

There is always the need to look better and beautiful and thus demand someone who can make that happen.

You need the skills though because the last thing you want is messing up your client’s hair or face. So make sure you are offering what you are sure you can deliver stellar results.

The secret here is to open the business in a busy location. For example around campuses.

97. Printer toner recharging

Printers can’t run without toners. You can provide recharging at an affordable rate.

98. Vintage clothing business

This could be the best business because you aren’t competing with most retailers and online stores that are selling new things. Plus, you can double the margins, after all, old is gold.

99. Nail salon

Start a nail salon around busy locations.

Better yet, be mobile. Do walk-ins to offices and attend to your clients while they are working.

100. Printing and selling T-shirts

You can buy plain T-shirts at low prices, print something on them, and sell them at 100% profit.

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Small business ideas for people who want to start without money.

101. Real estate agent

You don’t need to own a house or land to make money in the real estate industry. And you don’t need thousands of dollars to join either.

Real estate companies are willing to pay you if you can bring them, clients. So, get a license, which doesn’t cost much by the way, and start hunting for those looking to buy a home.

You will make commissions whenever you sell. And as your reputation grows, the less work you have to do, because you will be getting referrals.

102. CV writing services

Thousands of job seekers flood the market daily looking for that opportunity to be employed. Most of them have whack CVs and you can help them if you understand what a perfect CV looks like.

The better part is, that you don’t have to charge thousands per CV. Make it affordable and deliver quality work.

103. Public speaker

If you have good communication skills, you can be a public speaker and you can be hired to offer speeches, training, and workshops.

104. Advertising copywriter

Copywriting is the process of writing a sales message aimed at convincing customers to buy a product or a service.

Businesses that understand the value of copywriters pay a lot of money to get a good one.

105. Interior designer

You don’t need a degree to be an interior designer, but one wouldn’t hurt. All people need is a pretty-looking room that helps them relax and rush home while away.

If you can do that, they are more than willing to bet with their wallets.

This is for people who know their way of playing with colors, furniture, shapes, lights, and such stuff.

106. Concert promoter

If you enjoy partying, you can work as a concert promoter. Start with small local venues, and within a few years, you’ll be booking and partying with the rock stars.

107. Comedian

The highest-paid comedian earns over $60 million per year. If you think you are funny, this is your lifetime chance to come out and do comedy.

108. Business plan writing

You can start helping people come up with a quality business plan they can take to the bank and source funding.

109. Songwriter

If you have the best lyrics writing skills, go ahead and sell the songs.

110. Hobby class

In a hobby class, children will be exploring more about their hobbies. Parents will thank you so much for such classes.


Because the last thing they want is to see their kids roaming around and the next thing you hear is the crying.

With a hobby class, you can offer things such as arts and crafts, music and dancing classes, and other classes depending on the skills you have.

111. Yoga class

The wellness industry is booming around the globe. People are starting to appreciate some alone time away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

You can start a business where you teach people how to lead a healthy life. All these from your home.

112. Insurance agent

This works like that of a real estate agent. Here, you are paid for every client you bring.

As a result, you need good communication and selling skills because your income depends on the number of clients you can bring.

All you need to do is specialize in a type of policy you understand and find easy to sell, say motor vehicle insurance.

Build your contact list by constantly networking.

113. Accounting and record keeper

If you are good with numbers and have an understanding of how accounting should be done, then this is for you.
Accounting is a time-consuming undertaking that requires you to be alert and every step. If you can show that you have what it takes to get the work done, then so much is waiting for you.

Talk to companies, both small and big, and inquire if there is anything you can do to help them streamline the record-keeping process. And in return make something out of it.

114. Software training

Are you an expert in one of the prominent computer languages such as C++, JAVA, and C among others?

You can teach people how to create software using these languages.
You can make money through brand endorsements, AdSense, or affiliate marketing.

115. App development

App development is the process of creating computer or mobile programs that perform specific tasks. Such apps come in handy especially in business because of automation.

If you have an app idea, go out and pitch it to business owners. if you can do a great job of selling your idea, you can get several people to invest in your app idea.

Wondering if that works, how do you think Facebook became a billion-dollar company?

116. Appliance repair business

At some point, appliances at home stop working. It does so at a point where maybe you don’t have a budget to buy a brand new one. That’s where the repairman comes in.

You need an understanding of how the appliances work. Avoid working on appliances you don’t understand.

117. Create animated videos for businesses

It’s been predicted that in the coming couple of years, more than half of the internet traffic will be from video. Why do you think companies like Facebook are investing in live streams and video shows?

On the same note, videos work, especially for businesses. People are engaged and love watching videos. Look at how Vloggers are popular. Even with this knowledge, most companies don’t know what to do or how to do it.

If you can help them come up with quality videos, you can get paid top bucks.

118. Marketing Agency

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without marketing, the business doesn’t exist in the eyes of the target customers.

Business understands this fact, and that is why they are willing to dig deeper into their pockets to reach their customers. All you have to do is come up with a perfect strategy and implement it. Sign a contract and you are in business.

119. Game developer

With the rise of smartphone invasion, people are spending at least 3 hours per day on their phones. What do you think they are doing? A huge percentage of them are playing games.

All you have to do is come up with a fun game idea, develop it, and upload it to Apps Market where users can install it on their phones.

120. Computer animation

Watched Tom and Jerry? I bet you have and loved it!

Do you know the worth of the richest cartoonist? It is $5 Billion, yes, with a B. Get an idea, and animation software, and get to work.

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121. Network marketing business

This type of business allows you to make money from your network. As such, the bigger your network, the more money you make. You can grow your network through referrals.

Online trading business ideas

If you love online trading, here are some business ideas you can try now.

122. Forex affiliate marketer

Did you know that you don’t have to trade to make money with Forex? Look at your favorite broker, they must have an affiliate program.

Here, you get paid every time you refer a trader to their platform. So, all you have to do is sign up with their affiliate program, get the unique link, and start sharing online.

To succeed, you can use any of the following strategies:

  • Start a YouTube channel where you teach people how to trade or review trading platforms. Include your affiliate link in the description and encourage your viewers to click and sign up
  • Start a blog where you post reviews, trading strategies, and guides. Within the content, slip in your affiliate link

You don’t even have to choose one. Why not do both? They work well together.

123. Forex trainer

This is for those traders who have expert-level skills and have been making money consistently. You can start training new beginners on how to trade successfully. In return, they pay a small fee.

The catch here is that you will never run out of trainees. There are thousands of new people trying out online trading daily. All you have to do is make sure that you are teaching proven strategies.

If your students are doing well, you will never run out of trainees.

124. Trading analyst

Do you have good analytical skills and can easily predict a trend before it happens? Traders are looking for you. They need someone who can help them identify impending trends. This way, they can only put buy and sell orders and wait for the money to roll in.

If you can do that, you have a special place in their hearts. You need to demonstrate that you can make a consistent market prediction.

Create a forum or a membership site where traders pay a small fee to access. Once inside, give out trading charts, predictions, and analysis.

Small business ideas for people who love agriculture.

125. Vegetable farming

Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, etc are always in demand. This is because almost everyone needs them around the world.

As such, if you are passionate about agriculture, consider starting a vegetable farming business.

126. Mushroom farming

Mushrooms are delicious. Yummy!

If you are looking for a profitable farming venture, then you got yourself a winner. Within three weeks, your mushrooms will be ready for consumption. All you have to do is approach restaurants around you for the market.

127. Transportation service for farmers

Not all farmers have private means to move their produce. If you have a vehicle lying around, get to business as a transporter. And the cool thing is that most of the farmers will agree to join hands and give your business.

128. Livestock feed manufacturing

You don’t need to own livestock to reap the benefits that come with this kind of farming.

Consider manufacturing animal feeds and supplying them to farmers in your local area. Soon, the whole state will be looking up to you to feed their animals.

129. Growing fruits

Today, almost everyone and their grandma are all talking about eating healthy. Junk food is fading slowly by slowly. And fruits are replacing them. If you have a small piece of land, consider cultivating a variety of fruits. When the time comes to harvest, the market is ready.

130. Nursery operations

Everyone farmers want consistent and ready seedlings to plant. The challenge is that they do not have time to tend to the seedlings themselves. That is where you come in.

Operate a business where you supply different types of seedlings.

131. Dairy farming

Milk is the main source of protein, not to mention a wide array of other products that come from milk.

In short, milk producers will never lack the market. Sure, prices may never be stable, but it stands to be one of the evergreen business ideas.

As such, if your space and ability to take care of milk-producing cows, is the business for you.

132. Poultry farming

Think of eggs and chicken meat. Where do you think all that comes from? A farm somewhere of course.

And let me tell you something, that farmer is making a lot of money from a few birds. Luckily, you can copy exactly that and start making money too.

Don’t overthink it though. You only need at least 1 chicken and you are a farmer. Grow from there and within a few months, you’ll be having a flock.

133. Fish farming

Fish is so sweet. It is also so expensive.

All you have to do is find a space, dig out a bond, fill it with water, and enclose it for security purposes.

134. Rabbit raising

Rabbits are also in demand. Join the farmers by erecting a few pens and raising rabbits.

135. Beekeeping

Honey is the sweetest thing ever.

Erect a few beehives in a flowery space and you have yourself swarm of bees. Once you have them, what do you do next?

136. Honey production

Once you have a few beehives, start the honey harvesting process. Then, sell the product in the market or seek honey processors.

It doesn’t end with the honey.

137. Processing of beeswax

Honey isn’t the only product you can get from beekeeping. Harvest and process beeswax. This product is so essential in candle making and other such products. Your target customers are individual consumers or companies dealing with beeswax as a raw material.

138. Produce foodstuff in bulk and sell wholesale

Foodstuffs such as rice, and corn, can be produced in bulk and sold in wholesale to companies.

139. Producing weed killers

You can offer a service to farmers as a weed killer.

140. Fruit canning

This is two-sided:

You can produce, process, and can the fruits. Or buy in bulk, process, and can them.

Sell canned fruits to consumers or companies.

141. Florist business

Here, you will be growing your flowers. You can use them for different purposes as well as arrangements.

142. Producing spices

If you know how to combine different types of plants to come up with edible spices, consider this business idea.

All you have to do is to plant different plants. Get down and process the plants to create spices, then sell them.

143. Selling potted plants

Grow a wide variety of plants in pots. Sell them to gardeners or individuals looking for house plants.

Small business ideas for people who want huge profits.

These are business ideas you can depend on to generate a steady stream of income. These may not be the most glamorous businesses you’d want to see, but it doesn’t hurt to have a surefire money source.

Some of these businesses are low-risk. Meaning, you won’t be risking more than you have to for results to come. However, be sure to treat it like any other business.

144. Offering alteration/seamstress service

A seamstress business is a great way of generating a steady flow of income into your pockets. It is easy to start and you can run it on the side. As the business picks up, you can consider quitting your job and running the business full-time.

Promote it to your family and friends. And charge per job undertaken.

145. Aquarium Servicing

The secret here is to score those commercial aquariums, but you can also get private aquariums cleaned.

The thing is, once you get started with their aquariums, it will be easier to build trust. The clients will come to view you as the go-to guy for everything aquarium. And soon, you will be selling them new fish species and other accessories.

146. Association management service business

There are a ton of organizations out there that are still growing but with lots of administrative work to be executed.

Since they cannot hire full-time employees to handle the workload, they resort to hiring association management services to help with the work at hand.

Here, your work will revolve around things like processing membership payments, and events fees, administering field questions about events, welcome new members, among other easy tasks.

You will be paid a monthly retainer.

147. Boat cleaning business

If you are next to a lake or a substantial water body where people own boats, this is the business for you.

Boats get dirty easily and that is why there will always be demand for boat cleaning services. And to get started, find the concentration of boats in one area. This could be a town, a dock, or a harbor.

Once you get the job, do great work, and don’t sell on price. Make sure you are dependable and see customers throng in.

148. Offering commercial plant watering service

A lot of offices around town have potted plants that require regular watering and pruning. But since almost everyone at these offices is busy with their schedules, they resort to outside help taking their plants.

All you have to do is pour water and prune it once or twice a week. This is easy and anyone can master the skills.

149. Fabric covering business

Nowadays, instead of buying brand-new sofas and chairs, people are looking for ways to save money such as replacing the sofa fabric and introducing new colors in the process.

This way, they can’t spend money on new chairs. If you are offering this service, customers will be coming to you. Once the job is done, you are sure they will come back sometime in the future.

As the business grows, consider upgrading by offering re-upholstering services.

150. Watch/Jewelry/Clock repairing business

When high-end watches like Rolex need repair, you have two options: go to the manufacturer who may charge thousands of dollars, or seek the help of a local repairman and pay a fraction of the cost.

Most people choose the latter. And not the locals alone. Some technicians are so busy and even service overseas clients.

If you understand how watches, clocks, or jewelry work, you can make a steady income by offering repair services.

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151. Offering lawn maintenance services

Yes, some people may laugh at you, but who cares? There is a lot of money to be made by offering lawn maintenance services.

You don’t need expensive equipment to get started. Use a second-hand lawnmower. As your business grows, get machines like riding mowers, and landscaping business.

Remember, once you get a client, he will call you back soon. As such, do an excellent job.

152. Locksmith service

So many people get locked out because they lost keys or the faulty lock system and now they have to pay a lot of money to get it fixed.

Be the guy on the other end and offer locksmith services. Once you get the work done, upsell your clients’ things like new and safe lock systems and stuff.

153. Office cleaning

Many small companies find it hard to hire someone dependable to handle the office cleaning at night.



If you can build trust with them and demonstrate you are dependable, there is money to be made here. You can earn a decent living doing this and without employees.

154. Pet grooming

You can run this business either by offering full grooming service and visiting the clients’ homes or starting a storefront.

Another way is to offer a do-it-yourself pet grooming facility. Whichever you choose, remember location is a huge success determinant.

155. Property management business

If you are looking for an easy way to get started as a real estate tycoon, this is it. Besides it being a good source of steady income, you also get to learn firsthand the ins and outs of owning and managing a property.

The best part? You may find excellent properties that are on sale before they hit the market.

156. Open a sandwich/snack business

I’m not asking you to open another restaurant. The sandwich business may be already receiving competition from big brands, but if you stay focused you may end up coming up with a delicious sandwich.

For this kind, if business is to thrive, consider locations like next to offices or next to industrial areas.

157. Storage facility

You can offer a storage service to both individuals and companies.

158. Television repair services

Folks don’t want to throw away computers at the first sign of trouble. Additionally, you can branch out and offer related services such as computer monitor repairs and selling accessories.

159. Uniform service

Some companies that offer uniforms to their employees also make arrangements such as cleaning and pressing every day. You can specialize in one area here like leasing out the uniforms to the company, cleaning, and pressing them. Better yet, you can sell the uniforms to the company and offer to handle the cleaning and pressing.

160. Owning a vending machine

Owning a vending machine is a prime candidate for a steady source of income. The challenge is getting the location right. With this business, you need a place where the machine can make enough money daily to be worth your investment.

161. Tailoring business

When someone gains weight, instead of throwing away their suit, they can take it to the tailor to let it out. The same applies to someone who has lost weight, the tailor pulls the suit back.

Have trousers, not your size but do you like the design? Go see the tailor.

The thing is, you won’t lack work as a tailor.

Small business ideas for those who are into manufacturing.

If you are looking for manufacturing business ideas so you can start a small business, here are some of them.

I know when you hear manufacturing, your imagination flies to a big warehouse with huge machinery and hundreds of workers running up and. You will be surprised to find that some of these ideas won’t even require more than 2 people to produce the final product.

So, relax because I won’t ask you to sell your soul or get a loan to get started.

162. Toy manufacturing

Do you know how kids like playing around with toys? Well, it turns out you can start a small business and specialize in producing them.

Remember how they are very small in size? This means that you can manufacture using any number of materials. The importation or such stuff is unnecessary.

163. Manufacturing smartphone accessories

Think phone covers, chargers, and earphones. They are very popular and require little skills and capital to start. All you need is a starting capital to secure the materials you need. From there, the sky is the limit.

164. Plastic container manufacturer

I bet you have at least one plastic container in your house. Besides being the consumer, you can be the producer.

You need some equipment to process plastic into different shapes. Here, you can manufacture bottles and other materials used daily at our homes.

165. Producing textile

Raw fabric in itself is a raw material sought after by companies who in turn use it to produce the end product.

You can start a small business specializing in producing this type of fabric.

166. Furniture producer

All of us rely on furniture to make our homes more comfortable and beautiful. Some of this furniture costs thousands of dollars to acquire and when you look at the production process, you will be amazed. Nothing special about it.

All you need is a little imagination and make something someone would love to have in their home.

167. Producing candy

Oh, candy!

Open a small business for making and packaging candy for sale.

168. Making bread

At least 8 in every 10 homes take bread for breakfast. That is a huge market size you can tap into and carve out your empire.

Focus on producing a healthy and delicious product and soon they will be flying off the shelves.

169. Producing Olive oil

Olive oil is another essential food product you can manufacture. Start on a small scale and grow with the demand.

To do that, you will need a few equipment and ingredients and you are in business.

170. Producing canned food

Things like canned jam, jellies, beans, and meat can be canned easily without the need for special or expensive equipment.

The secret here is to source the product cheaply to guarantee attractive margins. Sell the finished product directly to the consumer.

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171. Making shoes

Do you look at Gucci’s shoes and think, huh, I can make an even better one? Get into the business.

At first, focus on a few shoe styles. To boost the production process, consolidate the assembly line.

172. Producing belt

Almost everyone depends on the belt to help them wear their favorite outfit. It sucks when the one thing you depend on lets you down when you need it most.

Hear our cry and give a simple belt. It doesn’t have to be fancy with weird shapes and stuff. Just make sure it is quality and lasts. Sell it to the consumers or wholesale to clothing lines.

173. Processing leather

Get raw leather and process it. There are a ton of companies relying on it to produce shoes, bags, and belts.

174. Making wigs

Yes, wigs sell like crazy. And those who know about this are smiling to the bank at the end month.

You could join in and produce wigs with different styles and even top it up with hairpieces. Then sell the product to consumers or hair salons.

175. Manufacturing hair products

If you feel like producing wigs isn’t your thing, then making other hair products like shampoo or hair spray could excite you.

Make sure the end product is safe to use. Package it and sell it to consumers.

176. Makeup producer

Still on the beauty, did you know that makeup manufacturing has made several people millionaires and even billionaires? Think of the Kardashians, they produce and sell their makeup brands, don’t we all love them?

You can produce a different variety of products. Better yet, focus on one product to get the foot in the door. Once in, scale-like crazy.

177. Manufacturing tech devices

Wait, don’t skip this thinking it’s a mistake. Have you heard about how Dell Computers started?

You can do it too. Manufacture small tech devices and ship them directly to consumers. Make sure they solve actual problems, easy to use. Do that and soon you’ll be the next Bill Gates.

178. Producing electrical fittings

Think light bulb holders, switches, and other simple electrical fittings. We don’t have to rely on Fortune 500 companies to give us the product, they are expensive anyway.

Why not produce them right from your garage? You don’t need all this fancy stuff, maybe later.

179. Making musical instruments

I have always wanted to play guitar. Do you know what that means? I can’t learn one till I get a guitar.

You could start a small business specializing in producing musical instruments such as guitars, drums, and accessories. Who knows, I may end up in your shop.

180. Watch manufacturer

I know ‘watch manufacturer’ sounds big and it intimidates you. Well, don’t be. It is so easy to produce mechanical watches and other clocks.

Focus on certain styles and sizes.

Did you know that Rolex is assembled by hand? No machines!

181. Making eyeglasses

Simple eyeglass goes for at least $2. When you look at it, it is nothing but a plastic molded into shape and fitted with dark glasses.

You can do that, right?

182. Producing air fresheners

Sniff! Sniff! Mmmh…

Who doesn’t love fresh fragrance in the morning when you wake? Air fresheners come in varieties. And with basic equipment and ingredients, you could make your own.

183. Making jewelry

You’ve seen really beautiful jewelry made from simple materials readily available at home, right?

You can make ones like it and sell them at any price you want. No special or expensive equipment, your hands can do the job.

184. Manufacturing picture frames

Even with this digital invasion, we still fancy hard-copy pictures and more so, framed and pinned to the wall.

You can make customized frames as per clients’ specifications. Use any materials you can get.

185. Making carpets

You don’t need expensive fabric to make carpets. I have seen gorgeous carpets made from simple and inexpensive materials.

Once you have the product, consider adding unique decorations to highlight its beauty. Take pictures and post them on your Facebook profile.

The list continues…

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