Start a Small Bakery and Earn 2,000/= Daily Baking Cakes from Home

Which is the most profitable business that I can start with almost no capital to earn Ksh. 2,000 daily in 2022? How about you start a small bakery at home!

If you didn’t know already, “how to start a cake baking business from home” was the most popular question featured on major Facebook groups in Kenya toward the close of 2021.

Interestingly, the demographics of commentors included youths, middle-aged (employed people) -and-or- retirees.

Most of the people comment with the same common phrase, following.

Does that communicate anything to you?

As a researcher and a curated content writer I say, these comments shout out so many social issues.

From we are helpless; to we need jobs; to I wish I was able to start my own business in 2022 for financial independence -and- fulfillment. And more.

In 2022, I want to help people start small businesses.

I really do.

But the first step will be yours to take first.

Identify any small businesses which you can manage comfortably then work on your business plan to begin making money ASAP.

If nothing from that list interests you, then how about you try this little gravy;

Start a small cake baking business from home with the little capital you can get 

We all love baked products, yea?

In fact, over 80% of families in Kenya can’t go without a baked product in 2 days.

And don’t even try to dispute that fact

Lest you want to clarify where all the bread by Festive, United Millers, Super Loaf -and- all those other major baking companies end up.

That’s why I still insist that the baking business has money in it. And you too could grab a share of that market -and- make a kill in your town.

How to Start Your Own Cake Decorating Business From Home 

Like any other real business in Kenya, you will need to get a few certifications -and- licenses to start a small bakery within your county of residence.

If you intend to make this a full-time business then you might as well want to budget for other overhead costs like rent.

But since your start-up capital has a minimum investment tag on it and you want to make sure that the business is viable before you can pull in all your resources, I say don’t waste money on any of that, instead-: –

  1. Register the business on eCitizen
  2. Get your food, hygiene, and safety certificates
  3. Get your baking recipes ready
  4. Try to use what you already have but keep the records (for charcoal usage if you will be starting really small -and- utility bills if you have a home oven/cooker)

If You Will Be Making Animated Cakes;

Get your decorating supplies from  Top Serve Kenya Limited.



Top Serve also sells all the tools and equipment for baking: – turntables, Rolling pins, Smothers, Gum-paste Modelling tools, Airbrush, Pallet Knife, Spatula, Piping & Icing Supplies, Brush -and more.

Most of these products are under Khs. 1000, in-stock easily available -and- delivered countrywide.

Safety Investment Tips For Starting a Cake Business From Home.

  1. Have a strong social presence – create a Facebook page for your business
  2. Make your first cake -and- share with your networks, friends-and-family
  3. Bake cakes on order – this gives you leverage on waste control -and- it reduces your personal cash spending per cake.
  4. Have delivery services for your baked products – clients love convenience
  5. research to find new ways of baking contemporary products

Make sure to use this code (5c2b4506d6dff) when you buy Top Serve Supplies online.

It is an affiliate code we will earn commissions at no additional cost to you if you use it.

Parting Shot 

My friends who are doing this business already boast about good profit margins.

So good that they make Ksh. 6,000 or more in a day when they get orders.

Visit Website.
  • Deposit $10
  • Trade with $1
  • No withdrawal limit
  • FREE demo account
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  1. Been a successful business person in the baking industry is my biggest goal… I’m still in the process of purchasing baking equipment…. May God make a way

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