How not to Pay Tala Loan & Still Qualify for More Money With Higher Limits

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Repay Tala Loans

Do you know that there is a way you could take a loan from Tala; not pay a coin back and still request and be approved for another Tala loan of higher limit?

Do you wish to know how to do it?

Well, in this post I will show you one simple hack for not paying back loans.

Before we proceed though, let me bring you to speed on what Tala is and how you can use it for financial benefits.

What is Tala?

Tala is an instant mobile loan app run by a California based financial company – Inventure Capital. Formerly known as Mkopo rahisi, Tala gives unsecured Mpesa loans form Ksh. 500 — Ksh. 50,000 to Kenyan borrowers.

How to get the Tala loan instantly.

  • Download the app on Playstore.
  • Fill out the loan form in your Tala loan app.
  • Verify your identity through the app.
  • If you are approved, your loan is sent instantly to your Mpesa number.

Interest on Tala will vary depending on the number of days you take to repay your loan.

Tala loan repayment terms state that: – if you repay your loan within 21 days then your interest will range between 5% and 11%.

If you repay your loan within 30 days then your interest will range between 7% to 15%.

To repay your loan, use: –

  1. The Mpesa Method.

  • Go to MPesa Menu.
  • Tap on Mpesa, then paybill.
  • Key in Tala Paybill number – 851900.
  • Enter the phone number (in place of account number)you used for registration in Tala app.
  • Type in the loan amount you want to repay – you can make repayments in bits.
  • Enter your pin.
  • Confirm transaction details and send.

How not to repay your tala loan and get away with it.

If your loan repayment is due and you dont have money to pay; don’t switch off your phone, don’t move to a different town hehe…  Or even think about selling your property to repay that small loan amount.

Just relax and when they call, explain your predicament to the agent. And together, create a flexible repayment schedule that’s easy to honor.

Chances are, your loan limit will increase when you repay your loan with the new plan.

An alternative to paying Tala loan later is not paying at all!


You can decide not to pay the loan at all and still be fine — not worrying about — negative CRB report and/or annoying calls and texts coming from tala every other minute.

But how is that even possible?

It is easy. Refer a friend to Tala!

When you refer your friends to use Tala and they make their first loan repayments, your loan is reduced by Ksh. 500.

Meaning, if you have a loan of Ksh. 500, your loan will be forgiven in full.

As a result you can take another loan of higher limit.

On the same breath, if you have a loan of Ksh. 1,000; just refer 2 people and make sure they repay their loan in full. And your Ksh. 1,000 loan will be forgiven.

P.s – Do your math with higher limits to see how many people you need to refer for your loan to be forgiven.

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