How to Start a Tents for Hire And Tents For Sale Business in Kenya

Last week we highlighted the most profitable small businesses to own in Kenya -and- shared the post on Facebook. Since then, our live chat system hasn’t stopped buzzing with individuals, chamaas and SMEs who want to know more about the tents for Hire and tents for sale business in Kenya. How they can start the business. And the cost of tents in Kenya – from our portfolio. To that end, we created this new post. And it is an exclusive – dedicated to the people who wish to start a tents for hire or tents for sale business in Kenya.

Read through to understand the requirements, the costs, the benefits -and- all the other basic info.

Do you want to Hire Tents For an Event, Funeral, Wedding or a Birthday Celebration?

Book your tents with us – Tom -and- Ken Tents Company.

We are located in Kisumu -along Nairobi road – directly opposite KAG Church Nyamasaria.

Tents For Hire in Our Portfolio

Tents for hire and tents for sae

100 sitter double pyramid tents – these are the modern, stylish two peaked tents. Pure white tents are available for caterers -and- themed events.

Hire Tent For Ksh. 2,500 Buy This Tent For Ksh. 99,999

Don’t mind about setting up the tent. Our team will do it for free.

Single Pyramid Tents – These are the smaller versions of double pyramid tents. They get their their name from their 1 peak. Single pyramid tents are designed to carry 80 seats.

Hire Tent For Ksh. 2,000 Buy This Tent For Ksh. 55, 000

Gazebo Tents- These are the smallest tents in our portfolio. They are mostly hired for birthday parties to shade cakes. Other gazebo tents are also hired as booths for exhibition in corporate events.

Hire Tent For Ksh. 1,000 Buy This Tent For Ksh. 35, 000

How We Started Our Tents For Hire Business in Kisumu

Tents for hire business as a start-up isn’t so hard to start.

In fact, you can buy one double pyramid tent -and- gazebo for starters; set up your physical location -and- you are in business.

But for Tom -and- Ken Tents company, we started with 6 double pyramid tents, 2 single pyramid tents -and- a gazebo. We have since added more tent in our portfolio in all the categories.

We now have enough tents to serve multiple events simultaneously?

How many tents do you need for your event? Say the number -and- we will book you in!


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Benefits of Running a Tents For Hire Business in Kenya

  1. The profit margins are good – On a bad business month if you deduct all the overhead costs, wages -and- miscellaneous, you will still make Ksh. 100,000 easily.
  2. It is easy to manage – plus you can easily project future business depending on the number of events lined up in your town, weddings, birthdays -and- funerals.
  3. There is a near certainty that new clients will return -and- bring more business
  4. You get to socialize with people from different organizations, social backgrounds -and- create more networks.

In addition to hiring out your tents, you may also want to sell them -and- make more profits.

But where do you begin if this is your biggest dream in 2019?

How about you identify your target market first?


The Truth!

In as much as we sell most of our tents to individuals, our big market share is with the chamaas.

As a matter of fact, we are currently running an incentive program where we reward chamaas for bringing business our way.

Your Chamaa could make as much as Ksh. 5,000 from any sale of a double pyramid tent that you successfully refer and Ksh. 1,000 for gazebo tents.

Find Out More About This Program

When you have identified your tent for sale target market;

Source For Tools To Use To Make a Tent

Here’s a list of all the basic stuff

1. Fabrics

Tents for hire in Kenya

While in the process sourcing material locally, seek to find stores which sell PVC tent fabrics for the lowest price in Kenya.

In Kisumu we have Gallani selling Africana PVC fabrics for Ksh. 21,000 (a 50 meter roll).

The same brand of PVC fabric goes for Ksh. 19,500 in Nakuru stores -and- Ksh. 17,000 in Gikomba Nairobi. So, where would you rather buy your fabric?

I’ll leave you to use your wisdom in making the right decision.


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2. Hot Air Welder and Tools 

This is the most important tool to a PVC tent welder. Most tent tool stores in Kenya sell the whole pack with rollers -and- different exchangeable heat nozzles for Ksh. 50,000 (original).

On the other hand, the generic blower goes for Ksh. 35,000.

You can however Get The Original Hot Air Welder Pack From Jumia Kenya for Ksh. 7,848 in a 50% limited offer that is currently running on the platform.

Hurry while stock last. The product is shipped from abroad.

Tents fro hire - Plastic Hot Air Welding Welder
Was Ksh. 15, 696 – Now Ksh. 7, 848 (50% OFF)

3. Human Labor 

After you have bought all the materials needed to make your tent for sale, the tent won’t make itself. Hire a trained tent maker to do the hard work.

Tent makers don’t have to be your permanent employees.

In Kisumu, Freelance Tent Makers (Fundis) charge an average of Ksh. 2500 and Ksh. 3000 per tent made.

This is not a bad price if you are guaranteed to make Ksh. 10,000 profits when you sell the tent.



We started the Ken -and- Tom Tents Company with a capital of Ksh. 500,000. That’s inclusive of the 6 double pyramid tents that we made at inception, 2 single pyramid tents, a gazebo, among other logistics -and- overheads of starting-up.

You however don’t need that much money to start. 

Starting up was high on our side because Tom -and- Ken Tents Company was a tents for hire business that transitioned into selling tents. As a hire business we needed more tents to make more money hence that high start-up amount.

If you are interested in pursuing this venture as a tent maker, Ksh. 150,000 should be enough.

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